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I love the hands-on approach, they teach not only how to create architecture with current technology, but also teach us how to draft the "old-fashioned" way, pencils, pens, watercolors and the like. Almost all of the faculty are (or were) practicing professionals in the fields they teach, so their knowledge is very helpful.
It is a fun school with small campus. All the staff is nice. Climate is awesome. I am architecture atudent and the program is pretty nice. The only thing is quarter system is quite a rush.
I haven't taken online courses
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Many students in third year are working in firms
Architecture is very challenging and the teachers make it hard on purpose. In studio, they want us to learn together
To graduate, students must complete an internship. The school has many connections.
I had a new instructor the first quarter who could have tried harder to grasp what the other professors were teaching
I love the school and its size. You have to be professional about what you do in class. The teachers prepare you for real life's challenges.
24/7 access to the school is a great campus resource.
More computers in the labs would not hurt. And faster network connection for internet would also be great.
Very nice, fun, and helpful.
NewSchool is a very diverse environment.
24/7 to a reliable computer or WiFi. Counts with all the programs to be successful in college.
NSAD does not count with athletic centers but does provide students with gym passes. Library has everything you need for your intended major.
Registration process is very easy, advising center will help you right away and get you registered in an instant.
To be a CM in NSAD is a great opportunity because you interact with architecture students which we will work together in future careers.
What makes newschool unique is the great instructors, we have a variety of interaction with architects, construction managers and engineers.
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Career center provides us with a ton of internships and help us obtain them.
The network allows students to quickly download and upload at an excellent speed. The also provide WiFi everywhere on campus.
We have a wide variety of amenities. They provide printers, copiers, 24/7 security, access to work stations and computer labs and other resources that we need to work anytime we need.