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I love Newman University. At this university you feel like you are right at home. Everyone person tied with this college deeply cares about you. The one and only thing I would like to see a change in is tuition cost.
I love Newman, and I would recommend it to just about anyone! The instructors are caring, helpful, and extremely knowledgeable. The campus is clean and well-maintained. The other students in my concentration are all focused and helpful, as well. The only problem that I have run into was that the Office of Disability Services is not as knowledgeable as perhaps would be preferred or expected for a university.
Newman is a great place to study especially if you are a science major, but one of the most important things to me have been the connections I've made with faculty and the long-lasting friendships I've made. I've felt encouraged to try new things, like the fall musical and swing dance club, and in that branching out, I found a home.
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Overall, Newman University is an excellent school. Since the university is so small, Professors are able help each student outside of class. People are friendly for the most part, there are plenty of events on campus to stay engaged, and the faculty and staff (for the most part) seem to care about each individual student. No university is perfect. There will be issues wherever one chooses to attend. For example, it is, in my opinion, extremely expensive to attend Newman University. There are numerous other issues, but it is a great school and I would recommend others to go here.
What I like about Newman University is that someone is always there to help you with questions you may have.
Price on here is actually only per 1 semester. It’s actuslly $28,000 and raising each year at newman. They have good teachers and they care about their students though
My experience at Newman was and is incredible with everyone being super friendly.I love Newman and that is my number one Choice for college its environment is clean and safe .Since my senior year I've been able to know my Admission Counselor. She is smart and has helped me along the way. I love Newman and feel that it is an incredible school since the moment I stepped on that campus. I've been to Newman an estimate of about six times throughout my senior year. It is an excellent school with great opportunities.
I really like the welcoming atmosphere. Everybody there really makes you feel like family. The music program is a lot of work, but the fun and bonding time really makes up for it.
I am a high school student, however I believe that I am able to comment on Newman University, as I have been taking college courses from Newman. In my high school career, I have thoroughly enjoyed taking my college grade classes from Newman University. The professors have been helpful in every class, and their educating styles are easy to follow. I have not seen the campus, so I have no authority to judge on any on-campus facilities or activities. However, as I stated previously, the education has been helpful within my career path, and it has set me up for the types of courses that I will be taking in college.
Newman University is located in a very pretty and convenient part of Wichita. The campus is very pretty and has a sort of rustic appeal in some areas.
I really enjoy the teachers I have, they’re very knowledgeable and do a great job of teaching their subject. The only thing I would change is making the program a semester longer because they have way too much packed into one semester. But otherwise it’s great!
No serious complaints as of now but the food could be better. Always have events on campus that are fun and get you involved in the community.
Newman is a wonderful place to obtain a college degree. So far in my education, it has been nothing but great. The professors truly care about students' education; they hold review sessions before test and put in a lot of extra hours outside of class. Newman has a very strong science program, so if you're looking at going to graduate school to become a physician, dentist, physical therapist, etc. I would strongly recommend Newman. In addition to its science program, Newman also has a very strong Nursing program, school of education, and Criminal Justice program. If you're looking for a big college environment Newman probably isn't the school for you; it's pretty small.
The campus is small and compact, so getting from one side to the other only takes a couple of minutes. The small atmosphere makes it so you know your professors well, and they know their students by name and not number. Commuting is the only downside because a lot of students do it, so parking can be a bit of a hassle sometimes.
I am just ready to enter Newman University in the fall. They have been very helpful and accommodating to help me get enrolled and ready. I am transferring from a community college. The staff have been very kind and helpful. The campus is welcoming and beautiful. I am eager to get started and earn my bachelor's degree at Newman University. I want to be a part of their community and be a valuable asset to their program.
Newman University is a great college for those who like a tight-knit community. Everyone feels like family and your professors all know you by name. We all watch out for each other and I have not encountered a mean person there
Very good school, with knowledegable teaching staff and interesting courses. Great class dynamic and size, which allows you to have great discussions. High cost of tuition is a drawback. No school scholarships if using VA benefits.
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Great college to take college credit through. I have at least 10 credit hours already completed and I am only a Senior in High School.
As a freshman coming from a high school that prepared me for college. Newman's academics were slightly challenging. However because this is a catholic campus there are some limitations on what the administration and faculty can allow which hinders the amount of fun students can safely have. Funding is also a problem, and lastly there isn't a lot to do on campus.
The classes are overpriced for the quality. I have a professor who canceled class by not showing your times throughout the semester and did not show up to the final at all. There is no waiting list for classes despite the limited choices and small class sizes. The dining hall provides bad-mediocre food. I am very disappointed that I chose this school and am transferring after one semester.
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