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i liked the class size and the fact that tutors were always available and you could also meet with the teachers during or outside of the office hours.
Newberry College is such a wonderful campus full of faculty and staff dedicated to our learning. You’re always meeting new people and making new friends.
It is a wonderful school if you want to have a liberal arts major. However, I came here for their "great" Chemistry program, and the teachers don't really teach.
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I like the diversity and culture. The instructors and staff are great to work with. The security staff keeps the campus environment staff as well as make the students feel at home

I would like to see a bigger football stadium
I love how Newberry has allowed me to schedule my day the way I want it. There are some days that I have classes in the morning right in a row, and then the rest of the day is mine to do what ever I need to. Or, there are some days where my classes are spread far apart and I have large breaks to grab lunch, hang with friends, work on homework, or even sometimes, take a nap!I love the freedom that I gained when I left home, but it does take some responsibility and a huge adjustment. But, after getting it down to a science, all it takes is a good head on your shoulders and some time management skills.
Overall I have enjoyed my time here, but if I had to do it all over again I would not have attended the College. There are so many things the college needs to improve on, and make better for the students.
I really love Newberry College. It has a great history and the campus is really small so I feel safe at all times. The only thing that I would change about the college is the dorm rooms. They need updating and remodeled really bad. The furniture is old and falling apart and some of the dorms have mold issues.
Newberry College really fosters a feeling and an environment of home and family. The administration here really goes out of their way to really get to know you and help you in any situation so that you never feel like just a number. If I could change one thing, it would be to have more modern buildings.
Newberry College offers a multitude of scholarships, challenging courses, and professors that are easy to contact. It lacks in the housing and dining aspects, as most of the buildings on campus are extremely outdated and are in need of renovations. As a small school that lacks the funding it deserves, Newberry College exceeds the typical expectations. The professors and staff are always eager to assist their students and alumni.
Its been a great experience getting to know my room mate and adjusting to my new living situation. There are lots of fun things to do and the student body tries to provide engaging activities to do every week.
Greek life creates a sense of welcome and family for some. Its a part of life for many that is like an extension of family. I feel that at Newberry College there is no separate view of Greeks and there is no special Greek housing on campus.
There is a great variety of athletics on campus. Being a small school the students come together along with the community to support all sports. The school is in the process of updating some of our facilities which will help the enhancement of our fan experience.
Newberry is very family oriented and the professors care about the students and I feel I is genuine.
Everyone seems really nice. Professors are helpful and the course work is very challenging. Definitely a place to expand socially, academically, and mentally.
I enjoy the class sizes! That just really makes me happy!
The nursing program is very intensive but it well worth it in the end!
I was wishing for something better!
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I haven't decided if I'm going to join a fraternity yet.
I'm on an athletic team and I really enjoy the opportunity!
I'm overly excited about attending Newberry College! Enjoying my first year of college here!
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