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The experience of a being at NYU is a full one, there's is too much to do on campus as well as off campus. I would not trade my city life for anything else. Imagine taking art classes in Washington Sq Park, studying in a library that overlooks the famous bussiness school, having the opportunity to live in Union Sq, Chinatown, Greenwich, and Soho, and then spending a semester abroad. There is a reason NYU is one of the top 5 dream schools. It's really what you make of it and no single person's city adventure will be quite the same! Last but not least finding your community on campus has been one of my most treasured experiences. There are too many clubs and people to meet. Finding incredibly talented people to share your passion projects with, that has been the best part of my networking and college experience at NYU.
So far the process has been really smooth everyone on campus is also really nice. The school is located in a great area near a lot of trains.
NYU is a fantastic school for someone who is independent and ready to get involved in as many ways as possible. There is no real campus, which some people will love, but is not for someone who wants the "traditional" college feel. Social justice and conversations about culture are very important in the NYU community, which is great. As a grad student, I feel incredibly well-supported by the faculty.
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I've loved my experience at NYU. I'm getting a fantastic education, better advising than I ever had in high school, and unique opportunities.
Great if you're dorming, but not so much as a commuter. They try to create a sense of community within the commuter society but it's almost impossible.
The atmosphere of the campus was welcoming, the students and teachers were helpful also. the restaurants surrounding the campus are all student friendly in that they'll give you discounts on the whole meal. I took a summer course and I'd never been to NYU before and anyone I asked whether it be a student, security guard, or teacher they gave me the best directions to my class or to the building I needed to go to. NYU has many resources especially English wise, if you need to have someone proof read your paper the writing center is very helpful.
I will be attending New York University (NYU) in the Fall of 2018. NYU, just from touring, has shown itself to be an enriching school. The campus is spread out throughout Manhattan along with its Engineering school located in Brooklyn. When I took a tour of the school, I was pleasantly surprised with how friendly people were and how intimate the campus was, despite how spread out the school is. I think this feeling came from the fact that the students were well connected despite the various schools people were put in. Additionally, I liked how the campus was surrounded by several companies' buildings; I enjoyed this because it proved that NYU could greatly help students with earning internships and jobs. New York University, overall, is an excellent school and I am looking forward to attending in the Fall.
I'm completed two semesters as a graduate student here and I absolutely love the experiences I've had. Everyone from my classmates to the dean have been instrumental.
NYU is amazing. I would highly recommend it for anyone looking to broaden their world view or study the arts.
NYU's reputation speaks for itself. My former professor said it best, the clout and prestige of New York University's academic excellence will add gravitas to your status in business and service industries. Also, the network you will become a part of will serve you well on the east coast, nationwide, and internationally.
NYU exposed me to mid-career arts professionals who offered in-depth experiences and knowledge of their field.
I am currently taking online classes at New York University. So far. I haven’t had any problems and the faculty answers all of my questions promptly. They even call and check up on me to make sure I’m comfortable and confident with their online programs. The only issue might have been with the Practicum Placement team. They weren’t that familiar with the school district in my area. So far so good.
New York University has a truly diverse campus, which is what makes it special. The student body is composed of people from all over the country as well as the world. At NYU, students can make valuable connections and learn not just from professors but also from each other.
It's a very unique school. Professors and academic programs are superb and job/internship opportunities prior to graduation are incredible. However, it is a difficult transition to make.
being in the city, the people, the environment, the ambition and motivation/ classes are fun, professors are mostly great/ many opportunities and experiences
NYU's New York City campus houses ten schools with a wide variety of majors and minors to chose from. The classes are very interesting and the professors challenge their students, in a unique way, to do their best! NYU has several gyms to get a good workout from; it also has many clubs, club sports, and intramural sports. NYU's Athletics are Devision III. Having many international students, NYU is very diverse and multicultural. Safety should be no concern since there are security guards at the entrance of almost every building and the blue light system is pretty much all over the campus! NYU has many dorms buildings with beautiful rooms that are very spacious for sharing with others. There are at least three dining halls located on campus. The local area has a great vibe to it and is filled with a variety of restaurants, delis, food carts, and fast food places to eat from. A vast majority of students love NYU and everything it has to offer!!
A lot of pros, like the amazing faculty and resources, but a lot of cons as well, like the price tag and lack of unity between the various parts of the school.
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It's very very very good. I love it so much. Everyone is smart and nice there. The study abroad program is great.
I think New York University is pretty neat, honestly. I'd love to experience even more of it than I already have.
NYU has afforded me many wonderful opportunities. They fully funded my master's degree, provided me with a living stipend, paid for my health insurance, and gave me a research fellowship to spend 3 months abroad working on my thesis. The university has an abundance of academic and professional resources that are actually worth taking advantage of. I wish there was a little more diversity in my particular cohort and faculty, but otherwise had an ideal experience.
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