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New York University was my dream school and in the 3 years that I've studied here so far it has beyond exceeded my expectations. I love that the campus is part of the city but there is still a strong sense of community within the student body. Being in New York City, there's always something exciting to do and these events and activities are also very accessible through the student resource center, clubs, housing programs and more. The professors I've had here are all very esteemed professionals in their field who are extremely passionate about what they do and always willing to provide help for students. Attending NYU has been an amazing experience for me and I'm so glad I came here to study.
Of course, I am an NYU Shanghai student so my experience overall has been vastly different from an average NYU student but my semester at the New York campus was the best of my college experience thus far and I wouldn't change it for the world. It was everything I could have asked for.
NYU is the experience you make it. The academics are above institutions all over the country, the school boasts a diverse student body that it stands up to. The school has good athletics, for a D3, but you don't come to NYU for athletics, you can if you want though. Dorms are the best in the country. The campus is in the heart of the greenwich village which is beautiful, social life and experiences are what you make of it, but there are tons of opportunities to excel.
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I enjoyed going to school in the city, it was an enriching and educational experience getting to live in New York in the first place so it added a lot to my overall educational experience.
I would like to see more options for students with learning disabilities like myself, the Moses center was nice and they were very good about sending emails to their students about events and help available but for students like me with ADD I would like to have seen more communication between the moses center and our academic professors.
Through the Global Liberal Studies program's Core Program I spent my first year abroad in Florence, Italy living on a bequeathed estate! I was accepted to this program because I showed an interest in the Humanities, and checked the box on the application rating my preferences for the global academic sites which also include Paris, London, & Washington DC. The best things I love about the campus is the Office of Student Life staff who are peppy (especially Jillian) and super helpful whenever you have a question. In addition, they also host all-expense paid trips all over Italy, so I highly recommend. Lastly, the campus has La Pietra Dialogues which hosts leading minds across a wide array of topics. Last semester I was able to meet the US diplomat to Italy, the head of Bloomberg News, and Angela Davis! Need I say more?
Great diversity. Big school. Excellent program in filmmaking. Great faculty in Tisch. Living expenses are very high.
The area of NYC that NYU is in is a fantastic area. I love the way the campus is integrated into the city because it makes one feel more like an adult, more independent.
It's a big change if you're not one of the students from Jersey, Long Island, or upstate NY. It forces you to be independent very quickly what with its location in the middle of the biggest city in the nation, and the distinct lack of a campus. That said, if you love the city and consider yourself to be an independent person, the experience is extremely rewarding.
Love being in NYC, with easy/free access to museums across the five boroughs and great screenings and events on campus.
NYU is a large, tough, but extremely rewarding university. As an acting major, you have an incredible network of emerging artists in all fields to come into contact with, and that in itself is remarkable. The ability to transfer between studios through your four years at NYU is both unique and valuable, as it allows you to meet new artists and to study different techniques and hone your craft. All in all, an excellent training program to get you started in the business.
This is a wonderful university that integrates you into the city and life after college in a manner I have never seen before. I love my classes, my friends and this campus!
An amazing, diverse college that has a plethora of opportunities to take advantage of. While it's easy to commit to a major, the decision does not hinder you from looking into other fields!
I completed my undergraduate studies at NYU. Attending NYU was an amazing experience for someone like me, who is very much a city person and particularly a New York City person. Of course, the tuition is extremely steep - a factor that I seriously had to consider given that I was accepted to my state university. However, I do not regret investing in the experience. NYU is a place for go getters who want to experience diversity and are ready to be exposed to a wide variety of cultures, opinions, and opportunities. There is a club for pretty much anything. It's actually not that hard to establish yourself with professors as some think given the occasionally large class sizes, you just have to be ready to put in the effort to make yourself known. The chance to do internships and volunteer work in New York City and abroad is a huge plus.
I like how it is integrated in the city. All students receive a great education here but are also exposed to so much more than just the academics.
Going to NYU is great because you get to live in the city which always has something to do. You also gain a sense of independence being that you are living on your own.
I love the location, class sizes, and faculty at NYU. The location, in the heart of New York City, provides a unique and amazing college experience. The class sizes promote stimulating discussion, which is led but not overpowered by the knowledgable and invested staff. Every faculty member I have encountered has been friendly and knowledgable.
A great lively city to challenge oneself and become independent. City full of resources to help each individual student and become who you want to be.
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New York University is a phenomenal private institution with global campuses around the world. Here, studying abroad becomes common for most students. Before my senior year, I will have lived in New York, London, Buenos Aires, and Shanghai. I can truly say that I am a global citizen.
If you want the typical college experience, go elsewhere. This is a place for city dwellers. If you're in love with the city you'll be in love with the school. An NYU ID is really like a key to the city.
I found this school to be really nice. The staff is wonderful and there are a lot of resources you can use such as 3D printers, computers and etc. I found this school to be a little expensive but overall, it's been so far a great experience. The professors give out a lot of opportunities to their students such as research opportunities, teaching assistant jobs and has a large alumni network that helps out students in need of jobs and internships. There is an extensive number of majors to choose from and minors as well. There is also an opportunity attain your bachelors and masters as an undergraduate which I find is very helpful, saves money, and time.
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