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NYU has offered me stellar opportunities and a high-quality education in my two years so far there. I have been able to study abroad, explore my various interests in an interdisciplinary setting through Gallatin, and learn from experts in their fields both in and outside of class.
I loved how all the people interact and it gives you a huge net of opportunities. NYU gives you the chance to study abroad if you like to and it opens up new doors. Also, its main campus is in the heart of NYC which gives you a chance not only to study but to explore. It is sure an experience to be in the heart of the city where you have a million things going around.
New York University is a university that has encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone in terms of picking classes, joining clubs and being a part of entrepreneurship and innovation. It is challenging almost to the point where I am forced to figure things out on my own, allowing me to grow as a person in ways that no other school can.
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New York University could be considered one of the top "dream" schools in the world. It's not by coincidence that so many people want to go here. NYU offers an incredible location in the heart of NYC, top rated professors, and amazing internship and networking opportunities that you can't get anywhere else. While the dorms can be a bit small, and the financial aid less than stellar, NYU is totally worth it.
NYU is a place that forces students to face their weaknesses head-on. We are taught to deconstruct our own ways of thinking with the goal of strengthening our ideas and our ideals.
NYU is a wonderful school with great professors and wonderful services to take advantage of. You have free gyms, free counseling, very low cost psychiatric services, and it genuinely feels like there are people there to help you. On the other hand the administration leaves something to be desired. They truly feel dis attached in a way that is incongruous with the rest of the faculty. That and attending is very expensive with little chance for significant financial aid.
NYU has excellent teachers and is a beautiful campus. There are lots of offices that support students, like healthcare, global services and employment. However, these services are often difficult to navigate, and they fall short when serving international students. The school also lacks rigorous diversity and inclusion practices. However, the campus is safe, student life is lively, and the local area is a great place to go to school. Academics and professors are top notch.
Very good school. Prepared me for future studies. Very unhelpful with financial aid, though. I did really well in school, but I wouldn't recommend it to financially disadvantaged students because they really only care if you're rich.
NYU has a great atmosphere and amazing programs. There may not be a campus but the opportunities make up for this. There is always great places to eat!
Although I've only been here for a year, I've been loving it so far. I spent my first year abroad in Florence, and it was an amazing experience I can only thank NYU for. The campus is great, the teachers are lovely, and the overall feel was awesome. I'm really happy to be studying here. Only bad side is the cost, of course!
NYU has given me opportunities to dive into all my passions. Although I'm a business student at Stern, I've been able to devote ample time to my more creative/artistic hobbies.
Being in the heart of New York City, NYU puts you at the center of endless opportunities and it's up to you to take advantage. It is unlike traditional colleges and is truly a unique experience. With a wide range of course offerings as well as student organizations on campus, the one downside is the high cost of tuition.
New York University has been an amazing experience. It is a well-rounded education as well as a place where you are not limited to just a college town, but surrounded by learning experiences. Most of the professors you come across are passionate about what they teach and are helpful in your learning experience. There is a wide pool of ways to meet people and join clubs based on lots of different kinds of interests. It's a vibrant place perfectly settled in a vibrant city.
I had a great experience at NYU as attending college in NYC was an amazing academic and cultural experience. It was beneficial to get internships at firms in the city. We were also able to enjoy the NYC restaurants and bars. However, there is not much sports team pride at NYU and the city is quite expensive to live as a student.
New York University was my dream school and in the 3 years that I've studied here so far it has beyond exceeded my expectations. I love that the campus is part of the city but there is still a strong sense of community within the student body. Being in New York City, there's always something exciting to do and these events and activities are also very accessible through the student resource center, clubs, housing programs and more. The professors I've had here are all very esteemed professionals in their field who are extremely passionate about what they do and always willing to provide help for students. Attending NYU has been an amazing experience for me and I'm so glad I came here to study.
Of course, I am an NYU Shanghai student so my experience overall has been vastly different from an average NYU student but my semester at the New York campus was the best of my college experience thus far and I wouldn't change it for the world. It was everything I could have asked for.
NYU is the experience you make it. The academics are above institutions all over the country, the school boasts a diverse student body that it stands up to. The school has good athletics, for a D3, but you don't come to NYU for athletics, you can if you want though. Dorms are the best in the country. The campus is in the heart of the greenwich village which is beautiful, social life and experiences are what you make of it, but there are tons of opportunities to excel.
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I enjoyed going to school in the city, it was an enriching and educational experience getting to live in New York in the first place so it added a lot to my overall educational experience.
I would like to see more options for students with learning disabilities like myself, the Moses center was nice and they were very good about sending emails to their students about events and help available but for students like me with ADD I would like to have seen more communication between the moses center and our academic professors.
Through the Global Liberal Studies program's Core Program I spent my first year abroad in Florence, Italy living on a bequeathed estate! I was accepted to this program because I showed an interest in the Humanities, and checked the box on the application rating my preferences for the global academic sites which also include Paris, London, & Washington DC. The best things I love about the campus is the Office of Student Life staff who are peppy (especially Jillian) and super helpful whenever you have a question. In addition, they also host all-expense paid trips all over Italy, so I highly recommend. Lastly, the campus has La Pietra Dialogues which hosts leading minds across a wide array of topics. Last semester I was able to meet the US diplomat to Italy, the head of Bloomberg News, and Angela Davis! Need I say more?
Great diversity. Big school. Excellent program in filmmaking. Great faculty in Tisch. Living expenses are very high.
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