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It's a very unique school. Professors and academic programs are superb and job/internship opportunities prior to graduation are incredible. However, it is a difficult transition to make.
being in the city, the people, the environment, the ambition and motivation/ classes are fun, professors are mostly great/ many opportunities and experiences
NYU's New York City campus houses ten schools with a wide variety of majors and minors to chose from. The classes are very interesting and the professors challenge their students, in a unique way, to do their best! NYU has several gyms to get a good workout from; it also has many clubs, club sports, and intramural sports. NYU's Athletics are Devision III. Having many international students, NYU is very diverse and multicultural. Safety should be no concern since there are security guards at the entrance of almost every building and the blue light system is pretty much all over the campus! NYU has many dorms buildings with beautiful rooms that are very spacious for sharing with others. There are at least three dining halls located on campus. The local area has a great vibe to it and is filled with a variety of restaurants, delis, food carts, and fast food places to eat from. A vast majority of students love NYU and everything it has to offer!!
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A lot of pros, like the amazing faculty and resources, but a lot of cons as well, like the price tag and lack of unity between the various parts of the school.
It's very very very good. I love it so much. Everyone is smart and nice there. The study abroad program is great.
I think New York University is pretty neat, honestly. I'd love to experience even more of it than I already have.
NYU has afforded me many wonderful opportunities. They fully funded my master's degree, provided me with a living stipend, paid for my health insurance, and gave me a research fellowship to spend 3 months abroad working on my thesis. The university has an abundance of academic and professional resources that are actually worth taking advantage of. I wish there was a little more diversity in my particular cohort and faculty, but otherwise had an ideal experience.
The professors and staff are amazing, genuinely. I will miss the fantastic lectures and panels that can only happen at a prestigious University.

The students are always at this internship or that job that they're going between. It's a fast-paced energy that many would love. It can make it difficult to find friends.

The problem is that everytime you leave your apartment you have to encounter New York City, and everything that goes along with that: catcalling, mystery liquids, cigarettes smoke, and of course people pushing and shoving. I've found it very difficult to relax. I can't just take a drive or go on a run.

The people here are usually from the area, and very well off. Although of course they can be very nice people, sometimes I find it hard to relate to them even though I'm from a white middle class background. The students are the children of the 1%, there's no getting around it.
Overall, the professors are very knowledgeable about the subjects that they teach. The core requirements get a little annoying because you have to take a lot of prerequisite classes to satisfy your graduation requirements. Especially since you're in the middle of New York City, it is definitely a once in a life time experience. The students are very independent though and you have to really pursue opportunities for yourself.
New York University is full of diversity. It is a really good university in the United States of America. It is my dream school.
I love the setting of the campus in the vibrant heart of New York City, and the diversity that comes with studying in a global metropolis. The teacher are excellent and very international, while the athletics are rather weak due to the missing space for pathetic facilities.
New York University is an amazing college. The diversity presented allows the student community many different opportunities.
The best thing about NYU is the fact that I'm learning from experts in the field. For my philosophy classes, I'm learning from some of the top philosophers in the world.
New York University is one of the most diverse universities you can ever visit. There are a lot of people that can help with your visit (both students and faculty).
There are also a lot of programs here for students (educational, recreational, etc.).
The only downside is that there is no "closed" campus (lack of a better security). However, a lot of students here tend to think of Washington Square Park as their campus.
They made me feel at home and eager to learn. It became my top school not because of the location which was a plus. (who wouldn't want to live in one of the greatest cities in the world) But the program was jaw dropping, tisch school of the arts regarding dance was one of the greastest things I've seen, nigh will forever be my favorite school
I knew it was an urban school and didn't anticipate the rah rah I would have found at suburban schools. I was looking for an experience that a city University can give. Greenwich village is unique not available anywhere. I am sorry to read though that anti white sentiment exists, it hope that is wrong. Don't go to NYU if you're looking for a traditional "between the hedges" experience.
I would like to see more diversity within the students. I believe its an amazing school and I would love to be apart of it
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If you've never been depressed in your life, you better buckle up because you will feel it at NYU. The professors do not care about you, and you get what you make of the entire experience. Making friends is incredibly difficult and life is just generally unforgiving. Fabulous opportunities and some good classes, but overall definitely not worth your time.
I felt the faculty student interaction left a lot to be desired. I was in Gallatin, the smallest program at NYU and I still felt indifference bordering on disinterest from both my professors and advisor
Wonderful faculty, students, and environment. Attending Abu Dhabi campus. Highly competitive, world class facilities, incredible peer-mentor support and extracurricular opportunities beyond classroom
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