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One of the best parts of NYU is the local area. I enjoy walking through Washington Square Park and feeling I am apart of the campus. In the park, there are often students reading, playing music, and gathering together. As a graduate student, I feel NYU is not affordable and struggle to see the return on investment considering my extremely high student loans. NYU's campus feels secure even though it is open with no distinct campus boundaries.
Love the diversity and melting pot of people and cultures. Top education in which students are challenged.
there's no other school like NYU. what New York University can offer just by being in the middle of New York City can't be compared with other schools. With the livelihood of the city and driven to success minded students, this school is perfect for someone looking to grow and to be independent.
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Great city. (Mostly) Great professors. Tremendous tuition cost -- I would not have gone here for undergrad if I had had to take out loans. Nursing program is good though.
While NYU is centered in one of the the largest cultural melting pots in the world, the quality of its facilities do not reflect the cost of attendance. From rats, to roaches, to roof leaks, the dorms of NYU leave much to be desired in terms of efficiency, safety, and cleanliness. Furthermore, while NYU has the most diverse student body I've ever experienced in my academic career in terms of race, ethnicity and culture, it is lacking in a diversity of ideas. Many people here subscribe to monolithic thinking where liberal is right and conservative is wrong. This creates a societal pressure to be more liberal and therefore adopt the same school of thought as ones peers. This has fostered a degree of collective close mindedness, while individual students may be more open minded themselves.
Lots of resources, well-trained and available faculty. However, the school does not give enough aid to in-need students and does not prepare well for postgraduate life.
I've had a great experience at NYU so far! The community is amazing and the faculty is really supportive. There are tonnes of resources to help you at every stage. Most professors are also very involved in their students careers and are willing to talk to you outside of class. Living in the heart of New York City is not for everyone but I've loved having an open campus.
As a transfer student at New York University, I absolutely love the school. The administration was extremely accommodating with my transfer credits, and helped me figure out which courses from my former university would account for which requirements within the College of Arts and Science.
New York City is an amazing and engaging location for school. Professors were incredibly helpful and supportive and I was able to make many connections and friends through my program.
This highly renowned institution has been nothing but wonderful and accepting. The administration is helpful and always there when you need them.
Great academics, professors, class sizes, student body
The board should be more transparent
Pride themselves on diversity but could do much better to accommodate socio-economic diversity
Fantastic facilities, resources, food, housing
I am a business student at Stern. I love the city. There is everything in the city. The food is great and the campus life is amazing. NYU has a phenomenal career system that allows you to easily get a job and find internships. Overall, NYU is a excellent fit for me.
I enjoy the freedom of the East Village and not being confined to a campus or to a particular building. The dorms are comfortable and most of the professors will treat you well and with respect.
NYU is a school that is located in one of the busiest cities in the U.S. and that's what makes it so endearing. It's very easy to assimilate into and grow to love. NYC offers so many opportunities and NYU students can definitely utilize this. However, like any big university, it is hard to get an ideal class size-- some people may prefer large classes, but I personally prefer smaller classes than what NYU offers for certain courses.
Living in the big city is an experience! It has been 8 years since I have attended college and the anticipation is exciting. I know that I will be encouraged and pushed to excel in every way in order to provide for my future classroom.
The campus is very much urban, which is exactly what I am looking for! Its boundaries lie around Washington Square Park and extend a few blocks beyond the park. The facilities are highly advanced, including state-of-the-art technological accesses, as well as brand new furniture and decor. The academics are outstanding, with a multitude of well-known figures that are currently attending the university or are apart of the vast alumni association.
Attending NYU has been an amazing experience! NYU is somewhat diverse because there are many international students. But I feel that it lacks in more Latino and African American students. NYU is not big on athletics, but they have two gym locations that have various types of equipment and courts. The dorms vary based on the location some of them are really modern, but others need some repairs and renovation. Campus food is alright. I recommend going to Kimmel, instead of Weinstein because it is less crowded. Freshmen living in dorms have to get a meal plan. Overall, the campus is in the center of the city so there are a lot of events and locations to go to on the weekends.
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Going to NYU was a waste of my time and money. It's a bit elitist for no good reason, but if your daddy helped you get in, he can help you get a job.
NYU has been a wonderful place to study theatre. Being in the heart of Manhattan, the resources and facilities are unmatched, in my experience. My roots as a relatively lower-class individual have made the class divide hard to navigate, and racial diversity is severely lacking. The course load is quite heavy, and there is not enough emphasis on mental health, though there is a positive trend in that area right now.
New York University has some of the greatest, most accomplished professors there are and the city itself is fantastic, with everything from food to entertainment within walking distance making the school great when it comes to academics and student life.
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