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I love the buildings as well as the friendly stuff. The city itself just brings me a lot of happiness
2nd best college for film and photography, but we would be number 1 if I could GET A PICTURE OF SPIDER-MAN! Parker, you're fired! RIP Stan Lee
I vividly enjoy the New York University because of the opportunities and environment. It is very diverse which is very important to me and there are many programs such as oversea ones. Also, it is in an ideal location for me being it is in middle of the city which makes me feel at home.
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This university is very diverse and allows for people to become their own individual beings. I would recommend this college to any incoming students.
Environment is very pleasant and everyone respects each other because of maturity. Being in the heart of New York City, NYU's campus allows students to live in a fast paced life but also provides a sense of serenity by having a park nearby.
New York University is one of the best schools in the U.S.A. and also in the world. The undergraduate program is highly competitive and very demanding, but the level of education is rewarding. I feel I earned my degree and it was not just handed to me. It required long study hours and dedication but in return it prepared me to face a rigorous academic curriculum for my Masters of Advanced Medical Sciences.
NYU can be an amazing experience or a terrible one. Sometimes it's both. When I first started all I could think about was going home. I had terrible roommates and little help dealing with them. However, it forced me to leave the dorm more often and to meet people I now consider some of my best friends. Now I am very happy to call NY a second home.
I am currently a Film and Television junior in Tisch, and I adore NYU. However, I spent the first two years of attendance considering dropping out greatly due to the restricting course schedule from freshmen and sophomores. Incoming film and TV students have their schedule practically made for them which I genuinely find to be beneficial in helping the freshmen gain familiarity with their new surroundings, the basics of film, and what the university has to offer. However, I find that enforcing this into sophomore year is detrimental to the progress of students, and I personally feel that my first two years at NYU were a waste of time because of this. However, junior year offers a lot more freedom in course selection and I have finally been able to work on what I love. I now understand that the suffocation I once felt was not due to the quality of the academics but rather the timing and enforcement of certain courses.
NYU is an amazing school if you are looking for a college without the campus vibe. The city is incredible, but it is definitely not your usual college experience. As someone living off-campus my freshman year, it is hard to meet other students in the dorms. Also, it is very School-oriented, as in the specific school of study that you attend is where most of your friends will be. My professors are incredible and the education is great.
I love this university! It has great professors and staff, even though it might not have an official campus, there are many things to do around (I recommend Chloe's, great vegan food) The only thing is that it is in New York and safety could be a issue but it is usually fine.
NYU is in the city and its location made the college more appealing to me. The academic and the school is very well known but the fact that the school doesn't have a traditional campus also made the college much more appealing than any traditional campus. The application process and very easy to follow and finish. As long as all the materials that are required are ready, the application process is very simple.
I have done a lot of research on this school, and I really want to go here and everything I have researched has lead to good things!!
I have visited NYU multiple times, and every time the atmosphere is simply stunning. All of the students are always welcoming and friendly, most importantly, great ambassadors of their school. I highly recommend applying, or at least becoming more familiar with this university as the students and staff are world-class!
It's an expensive school. The advisors can be hit or miss and the professors are tired and uninspired. Once in a while, you will find yourself in a class that is extremely stimulating and exciting, but they are hard to come by. I feel that NYU can feel a little more like a business than an education-providing establishment.
I cannot explain how lucky I am to attend this university. I love NYU and wouldn't change it for the world. It is expensive and some of the administration can be difficult but I love it.
amazing university, amazing teachers, great people to work with and learn from!!! As an international student I felt at home immediately. New York is a huge city, but you feel at home in NYU. I've has the greatest teachers, everybody is very helpful, dorms are great, food is good, diversity is great, everybody is respectful of who you are, I've made great friends among students and also with teachers, they also have great health program for students. Campus safety is also great, we fell well taken care of. I just love NYU!
The diversity was very comforting especially for a student of color. The classes were very modern and fit my style of learning. New York City is basically the campus and it's very engaging.
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When I had gone on a college visit to New York University, I was amazed at the culture of this college. Everyone appears to be working on something and actively chasing after their dreams. The overall aura of the place is motivational and an inspiring place for students to nurture their true potential.
It's awesome school with a lot of opportunities and free goodies. Lots of networking and make long time friends
I liked the diversity in the university. Students were very nice and welcoming, so was the staff. The campus was lively. The location of the campus was very convenient. Even though it's a modern type of university, it also has history integrated.
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