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4,751 reviews
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I like how it is integrated in the city. All students receive a great education here but are also exposed to so much more than just the academics.
Going to NYU is great because you get to live in the city which always has something to do. You also gain a sense of independence being that you are living on your own.
I love the location, class sizes, and faculty at NYU. The location, in the heart of New York City, provides a unique and amazing college experience. The class sizes promote stimulating discussion, which is led but not overpowered by the knowledgable and invested staff. Every faculty member I have encountered has been friendly and knowledgable.
A great lively city to challenge oneself and become independent. City full of resources to help each individual student and become who you want to be.
New York University is a phenomenal private institution with global campuses around the world. Here, studying abroad becomes common for most students. Before my senior year, I will have lived in New York, London, Buenos Aires, and Shanghai. I can truly say that I am a global citizen.
If you want the typical college experience, go elsewhere. This is a place for city dwellers. If you're in love with the city you'll be in love with the school. An NYU ID is really like a key to the city.
I found this school to be really nice. The staff is wonderful and there are a lot of resources you can use such as 3D printers, computers and etc. I found this school to be a little expensive but overall, it's been so far a great experience. The professors give out a lot of opportunities to their students such as research opportunities, teaching assistant jobs and has a large alumni network that helps out students in need of jobs and internships. There is an extensive number of majors to choose from and minors as well. There is also an opportunity attain your bachelors and masters as an undergraduate which I find is very helpful, saves money, and time.
My experience so far has been nothing but pleasant. The programs and courses at NYU force me to think and act out of my comfort zone, and really push me to contemplate about subjects that I care about. The people are caring and friendly, and so are the professors. The only downside would perhaps be the lack of variety in the food available in the dining halls, but the city makes up for this by being, well, New York City.
The campus is small, which allows for a tight-knit feeling. The students are intelligent and motivated, creating a supportive environment in which to study. However, many professors tend to be just mediocre. My biggest complaint is that many of the benefits that come with being an NYU student seem not to "apply" to Tandon students. Because we are in Brooklyn while the rest of NYU is in Manhattan, we are often overlooked. Many club meetings or school events are at the Manhattan campus, so Tandon students are forced to commute if they want to participate.
It has a unique location that allows you to be part of the real world while still experiencing college. Fantastic facilities and faculties.
I love how there is literally every single type of activity available at NYU. If you're into it, there's probably a club for it, and if not you can create one if you get enough supporters. Being in the middle of NYC and a train ride from Central Park and Broadway makes it so easy to do anything your heart desires. The school definitely needs to work on its financial aid packages, but has already come up with ways to increase affordability.
So far, I've been at NYU for one semester. I must say that if it is your dream school, go for it! The ambience of the city is magical and the diversity both of the student body and the academia are unparalleled.
NYU was my dream school and I am forever grateful at having the opportunity to study here. There is a college within the university for almost any major you are interested in studying. The faculty/professors are top notch. The dorms and dining halls are amazing as well. The only thing I wish would change is the fact that sometimes being at NYU can feel isolating because of the lack of school spirit or community. However, at the residence halls the staff really tries to foster a sense of community through organization of events. This university is for independent students who want a refreshing college experience rather than the "traditional" college experience. I love this school and would still decide to attend here would I have the chance to go back in time.
I am a freshmen at NYU since last August. I am enjoyng the classes, the debates, the writings, the Professors. Francisco
New York University truly cares about its' students. Despite its large size, the University does an amazing job ensuring that each and every student is receiving the attention they need, academic or otherwise. They offer more study abroad and internship opportunities than any other university I've looked into. The location is perfect because it gives students a taste of the real world while still being inside the safety of the NYU bubble.
Limited humanities courses which puts a strain on those who do need to take them. There is support for women in computer science but it is very passive. Other than humanities professor I feel most professors don't really care about their students especially the larger classes.
As a prospective New York University attendee, I enjoyed getting to learn about the university and visit the campus. Its motto, stating that the university is "in and of the city, in and of the world" is truly accurate. The university is one of the best for obtaining connections around the globe, and it truly provides its students with a complete education.
New York University has become my second home. From my first day here, I met amazing students and faculty who made the first few weeks adjusting to college life incredible. Downsides to NYU include the expensive tuition and housing and also the cost of everything in New York City! Food at NYU is great, but sometimes wanting to get a bite to eat outside of the University meal plan can be annoyingly costly.
It is a lot of work but it is worth it. You are imbedded in the city and there is always something to do. The resources here are endless as well, there is always help when needed. Everything is right at your fingertips and that is not an understatement.
I am in love with how motivated the faculty is and the ability to connect to such a dynamic sphere of global learners.
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