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I love NYU! I'm a film and television major at NYU Tisch, and I am having the time of my life. All of my professors have been so inspiring and they actually take an interest in you and what your strengths and weaknesses are. Tisch has given me so much valuable experience on student sets and in class that I am sure I could not have received anywhere else. There are so many classes to choose from in every aspect of filmmaking, which gives students so many skills that can be marketable when looking for a job after graduation. The internship coordinator is amazing as well, as many of my friends and I have found our internships through him. NYU is amazing!
I love NYU's campus because it's literally just the city, it's in the heart of Manhattan and everything is so exciting. It's perfect for networking and it's location provides so many opportunities for EVERYTHING. The faculty are also very helpful and intelligent and lead interesting classes. NYU was my number one school so I love pretty much ev
Great University with world class research professors; with famous alumni who occupy various key managerial positions across the globe; excellent marketable course programs as well as superb academic facility.
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wonderful education. very challenging and intellectually stimulating. professors are doing great research
NYU campus is an amazing campus that is visually breathtaking. The dorms in the university are some of the best which are in great condition and have ample room for students. The food, the professors and the diversity the school offers is amazing.
Amazing location and education. You can meet a diverse range of people, but there isn’t necessarily diversity of thought. School is very expensive and independent. Definitely helps you grow as a person but if you’re looking for support, it may not be the place for you. Can be great if you are self driven.
New York University is truly a university like no other. It is a university where you will start your life as an adult and grow more than you can ever imagine. While the academics at the school are top notch, especially if you are studying fine arts or business, I find that the location is what really gives NYU its charm. I believe that one of the most invaluable thins NYU can provide for its students is the opportunity to gain outside experience, especially when being located in such a great city. The outside experience not only aids in your learning but will give you an edge up when you exit university and look towards your future whether that be in a more advanced education setting or if you are looking towards entering the workplace.
I love the area and the university so much. It has everything that I can dream of in a school, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is considering applying there next year! It has top knotch academics, great professors, great student life, diversity, a beautiful downtown location, and impeccable student resources! Go NYU!
The environment at NYU is very inviting and I'm very excited to attend to it in the fall. The experience of a being at NYU is a full one, there's is too much to do on campus as well as off campus.It's really what you make of it and no single person's city adventure will be quite the same! Last but not least finding your community on campus has been one of my most treasured experiences. There are too many clubs and people to meet. F
Worst college experience I have had. My teachers were unsupportive, overly opinionated, and boring. I would never take another class at NYU. It is the epitome of an overrated university in a good location.
New York University has been a dream of a school. If I were offered an acceptance letter again, I would accept in a heart beat.
Good education overall, although quite difficult at times. They have incredible professors who do groundbreaking research in relatively new fields like social neuroscience.
I love NYU, it is exciting because of the city and there is plenty to do. The school itself is difficult academically but it helps you develop more thorough study habits. The student life is fun and there is tons of diversity.
NYU is a very good college, and honestly if there was just a little more emphasis on schooling and not so much as partying, it'd be great.
It took me a while to warm up to NYU, but once I did, I fell in love. It's in a great location and NYU has such great opportunities, both academically and socially.
I am attending as a student to New York University's Tandon School of Engineering. I love how the Brooklyn campus is small and tightly knitted while still having access to a large university at the same time. New York City is also a place full of new opportunities for me. Everyone should visit New York University as a school for sure.
NYU is not a typical college experience, but it's also probably the best one you can get! I was super anxious about attending a school so different than my small, private high school but NYU is amazing and I'm so happy I chose it.
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New York University offers a unique college experience. There is no consolidated campus and many students opt to live off campus. As a student, I was forced to gain independence very quickly and I was very much in charge of the direction of my four years at college. NYU has possibly the best study abroad program of any U.S. college, owning amazing historical campuses all over the world.
The writing department, the core classes, the Tisch faculty are excellent and care about their students closely. The psychology professors are great too but be careful if you are a premed student this school is not the best option for you.Premed classes are huge consisting of 200-700 students. Individualized attention is lacking and the General Biology Class has new lecturers every week who travel outside of the country and cannot devote time to their students.
I go to Stern and the professors are great, very knowledgeable and experienced. However when you have to take courses from the general NYU school the profs arent as good and tend to force political opinions on you. Also trying to get anything done via any staff there is impossible. They take weeks on end to process any paperwork and then lose it. Prepare to be ultra frustrated. Also if youre on the meal plans expect to be treated rudely by food workers and then receive poor quality food. I dont think any staff at NYU is capable of being useful.
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