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The poor treatment I received by one of NYSID's professors and an academic advisor, Judith Gura and Katie Tomko, was enough to make me shun this school for good.
I had a minor and temporary medical disability and found Judith Gura and Katie Tomko to be both inflexible and unsympathetic to making any reasonable accommodations in coursework (after I paid full tuition, naturally).
As a continuing ed student with a BA and MA in Art History I had an absolutely horrible experience at this school.
The atmosphere of this university is just awesome. ...............................................................................................
The only thing I like about this school is how easy it is to get in, almost anyone applied can get in. I've seen my classmate got in with a portfolio that is just a bunch of terrible quality jpg files not even laying out on pages, and the overall student work quality are just subpar comparing to other NYC design schools. There is no peering learning at the school, the physical buildings' locations (uptown and midtown) and interior layout (sarcastically it's an interior design school) does not incouraging peer learning, and their policy of accepting anyone they can does not help with peering learning either.
The thing that annoyed me most is that the school does not assign students with a .edu email address, which is very inconvenient for us to have to mix our personal email with school emails, and having trouble registering student software licenses and student organizations.
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It's a good school but small. The classes get canceled sometimes because of under-attendance. Tuition is too high!!
They only open classes for 6 people and don't tell you till very late which is VERY annoying!!!!!!!
Worked out fine with canvas!
They should have career fairs and more help helping you find a job/intrnship
They need more direction in internship planning
They need more classes options and more more times that the class is offered.
My school only offers one major, so everyone understands what you are doing. Classes are fun, and professors are helpful. I would choose this school again if I could do it over.
Graduate school campus is great, designed by the famous Gensler firm.
NYSID offers a lot of opportunities outside of class for students, but they don't have a better way of connecting with students outside of emails. Focusing a career in interior design, my favorite experiences have happened outside of the classroom, being involved in organizations such as the Contract Club and IIDA Representative. These experiences have proved invaluable in networking and meeting professionals in my field.
I have not had much interaction with the career center or alumni network. As a graduate student I think there should be more interaction with valuable alumni that could give direction to soon-to-be-graduates and recent grads.
As a graduate Interior Design student, I feel I am supported by my professors. There's always one person that is difficult, but I don't blame NYSID for that. There are opportunities to grow and learn a lot, but we don't have time to really explore them. Facilities are great, however it would be better to have doors on our studios for more privacy. Workload is extensive, it would be nice for professors to have more interaction so that projects could be intertwined as opposed to jumping from class to class and minimizing "busy work."
Graduate School Only

Curriculum - demanding, classes are pre-defined

Class registration - a bit confusing and muddled as classes are not clearly defined at times

Workload - heavy; difficult to maintain part time work, full-time would be impossible

Special study - N/A

Interior Design - NYSID's reputation is impeccable
Graduate School Only

The diversity is minimal, with a large portion of the population being female. Most ethnic diversity comes from international students.
There is not a lot of deference given to individual needs/knowledge. The curriculum is extremely demanding and limited based on the functionality of being a masters program for individuals that may have the needs of working to support themselves, parenthood, and specific personal needs.
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Tuition is pricey with not a lot of direction provided as to how much you will need to spend outside of school to function. The first semester we spend almost $1,000 on materials we never use again. Computer programs are expensive as well and must be purchased as individuals, however, there are a lot of free student trials offered.

Financial aid is not covered in mandatory summer classes (graduate school only).
Computer programs should be updated to the latest versions; also facilities should be open 24 hours as our work takes many hours to complete. Finally, computers should be fitted to maximum RAM output to avoid crashes and faster usability.
Food selection - graduate campus - is limited to non-existent with one vending machine.

Most facilities are located on the larger, undergraduate/administrative campus, which is sorely in need of updating as opposed to the newly designed graduate center.
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