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I signed up for a tour at NYLaw school with an admissions staff member. When I arrived they said there was no one available to give me the tour. I had come in from LI. I can’t speak to the quality of the school, but the admissions office is poor.
The professors, Deans and staff are usually there to lend a helping hand. You just need to ask. The difficulty ranges from class to class, but if you sit down to work then you will do fine.
My school had a lot of opportunity but doesn't advertise well to students. Some students are very engaged while others are more laid back.
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The dorm is located at the St. George Hotel in Brooklyn Heights which is about a 10 to 15 min subway trip. The campus has a fully operational dining hall and the dorm has a huge kitchen. Both the campus and the dorms have the basic amenities even though the dorm's rooms are small. As it is in New York, the cost is a bit expensive, but that is the price of living there.
There are not really any parties on campus. There are "gatherings" where affluent employers and donors intermingle with students while sipping wine and other beverages.
The campus location in Tribeca gives the students access to all sorts of entertainment including pubs, bars and restaurants. Also the stations for the 1 and 2 subway lines are within walking distance.
There are gyms all over the place, however, the law school itself does not have any sports teams. They do have Mock Trial team that competes nationally.
As it is Manhattan, security is top-notch and there is a police and fire department about 1 block down from the campus. There is really no fear of crime in this area.
There is not really a Greek Life as it is a Law School, but many use that past connection to make friends.
there are lots of career services and recruitment functions on campus
great course selection and amazing professors
sexual assault is not an issue on campus
I am happy here. faculty and staff are great and care about their students and their success
As it is located in Manhattan, NYLS has a very diverse community and many foreign (non-US) students attend the school. There is a diversity of different clubs that relate to ethnic backgrounds, but many are mixed. NYLS draws from all kinds of economic background and does not show a predisposition to favor any one type of background. It rather focuses on the nature and character of the candidate. Although it does not state outright, the political atmosphere of the school is definitely democratic/liberal leaning. Cannot say that there is a religion that dominates the school, but if I had to state one, it would be "Law." What I mean is that there is no time nor need for religious leanings, because once you enter the school, you are engaged/married to the Law and its enforcement.
Focus of the school is Law so the curriculum focus is law including the Federal and State laws and regulations. The Staff and professors are retired or semi-active lawyers who spend their time teaching the next generation what it means to be a successful lawyer. Like any law school, the workload consists of reading, understanding and applying case law to a variety of situations.
As it is a law school, everyone is highly competitive and the policy enforcement greatly controls any such drug issue. I personally do not do drugs or drink alcohol, but I know that many in year are anti-drug use.
Although not ranked highly in the "Best Law Schools of America". New York Law School's location gives it's students access to a wide variety of potential employers plus the Supreme Court and Appellate Divisions are a short walk away.As it is located in lower Manhattan, almost all of the employers are highly ranked and have sent recruiters to campus weekly.
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Although the course load is heavy, NYLS offers a wide variety of fields of law and specialties. The class sizes depend on the topic but usually range from the smallest of about 10 to 15 and then up 80 for lector hall classes. Different teachers have different teaching styles but the vast majority lecture or infuse application exercises.
NY Law provided me with free preliminary courses.
My school has been declared as one of the most diverse and accepting school in the country. There is a lot of minority teachers and students.
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