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I like the staff, very friendly people. I also enjoy having small classes. This helps me create a better relationship with my teachers. I like the campus itself. Very beautiful, however, the dorms that are on the SUNY Old Westbury Campus are horrible.
I like how flexible and accommodating the schedules are. I would like to see a change in the dorms, for it is not up to par with how high the cost is to live on campus. The professors are not top notch teachers, students are primarily teaching themselves. The cost of tuition students have to pay isn't displayed in the quality of the school at all.
Nice campus and professors are helpful.
Only downside is the price and continuing education there doesn’t give much financial help. Overall, good university and nice location.
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There are many majors there that are very beneficial. Architecture and Technology is very good in the college to study for
NYIT has a great campus and all the students are very welcoming. Everybody is there to help you do your best and try to put you on the right path. There is a ton of resources available, and over all it is a great tech school.
Faculty and staff are generally very nice, but there is so much red tape when trying to get things done on-campus or when trying to get help from the Bursar/Registrar/Financial Aid.
When I close my eyes the university that comes to my mind is New York Institute of Technology. Just by doing a small research, I was mesmerized by the achievements of the university and, moreover, by the success of the graduate students from this community. Its historical background, the ability of reflection upon a varied range of goals, traditions, cultures are things which can make any individual rest assured about the place they study in. Moreover, the wide range of faculties, the high-level standard of classroom facilities, creative, initiative, collaborative community and lessons are always dream of every student. I think New York Institute of Technology can make it come true.
I'ts only worth it if you dont dorm or if you have alot of scholarships. This school is too expensive for what you are getting.
The classrooms are small, which allows students to connect with teachers better. Even though it is in the city, they have many events to get students involved, and they offer many job opportunities for students in the school , an internships outside of the school.
NYIT is a small school on a beautiful campus. Classes are small and it's not that hard to get the classes you want, but working with different departments and financial aid can be a pain at times. Food is better than people may think, it certainly isn't bad at all. As a commuter, social life seems rough, many students are friends with people from their dorms or have gone to school with classmates from high school. There are parties, but word does not spread, you have to be in the loo[ which is also frustrating. Sometimes they can be across the island too. There are a good amount of extracurricular activities but they do not cater to all. Recreation is definitely lacking.
I graduated from NYIT with a BFA majoring in computer graphics. I have to say the school was a bit mediocre at the time. The computer labs were good but the teaching philosophy was lacking. I did not feel prepared for the world of animation. Guidance was extremely lacking and ultimately faculty didn't go out of their way to help their students succeed.

I learned most of what I needed to from my peers. Also the labs were not always open at the times I needed it to be so I could get projects done in a timely manner.
This private school has a lovely little campus with great professors who really try to help you when you have trouble. Small classes allow for individualized help and many classes have reasonable to easy difficulty. The food here is delicious, the SAC has excellent food!! Best pizza place and fresh chicken and pasta! It is fairly easy to get classes you want and administration is willing to work with you. I didn't dorm so I can't tell much about that, but as a commuter student I found it easy to make friends and didn't feel left out. The area around the school is fun and lively, many buses are around campus to take you places. On campus they have nice events like Tuesday bingo nights that give out flatscreen tv's, and fun events like 'stuff your own pokemon.' Excellent school for a good education and price!
Will not do anything to help the student experience. Poor library, terrible student activities center, lousy facilities.
I think NYIT Old Westbury campus is a great school. It's safe to be there, also they have great professors that are eager to help you. The diversity is great. Also, the Academics is fit for anyone that wants to do a career in that specific major. This school is great.
Professors really care about their students.
The school offers many career fairs for students to meet job employers from various backgrounds.
Amazing school for Architecture. An experience worth living.
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At the Manhattan campus, athletics is essentially nonexistent. As for student involvement and school spirit, they're both lacking at NYIT.
This university has failed to help place me in an internship program within my area of study. Considering the amount of money I pay for tuition, this university should at least be helpful in preparation for my future career. I had to reach out to a development program outside of school for guidance and help. Also, the fact that there aren't enough professors at the Manhattan campus is absolutely ridiculous; the school of management is an absolute joke.
Just beginning, but the process has been great so far
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