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New York Institute of Technology - Manhattan Campus Reviews

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The major options are very accommodating and the location is superb, but the college lacks in many other key places, and it feels as if they are playing catch-up.
The classes and professors are pretty good. However, the office of the bursar and their financial aid department are simply horrendous, and I do not recommend this school simply for that reason, especially if your family has any special or unusual circumstances.
I was being billed for the Spring 2018 semester only to find out days before the semester was over that they thought I was enrolled for part time, and therefore, proceeded to tell,
"Hey, we billed you the wrong amount, so instead of playing $13,000 you have to pay $18,000."
The staff is simply negligent, especially the people running the desk in the Advisement and Enrichment center building, as I asked them multiple times if once my verification process is done that I would not have to pay anything more, and I was told YES.
The one saving grace in the entire financial aid department is William Wall. He seems to be the only decently competent member of that entire staff and is working diligently to help me in this situation.
I expected more from the professors side of things. Since the school is in the heart of Nee York, students expect more from the school. Not worth the buck you pay for it.
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The college have good professors. The students I met there are very welcoming and answered all my questions. Overall, this college is great but I would like to see NYIT have a better campus.
Makes a good first impression for sure but you quickly realize how much this place starts to lack. Financial aid for HEOP students is excellent and for sure take care of you when it comes to academic and financial needs. But as for student life, it sucks here and lacks tons of huge clubs and events that bigger campuses may have. Very small campus and quickly run out of things to do. Not all classes are equal and not all 4.0 GPAs are equal. You can have the same math 141 classes but depending on the professor it's either a free 4.0 or a living hell of a class.
There are so many people willing to help you with just about everything, whether you want to work, have fun, network with others, they always have you covered. They don't have the greatest professors in the world, but a lot of them do have experience in the professional world, which is overall what I like about it.
NYIT has helped me become more involved on campus, it has allowed me to learn about the type of student I am. Although college is a tough road it is very important to be in a school that you feel that you belong to. I feel safe in school and I enjoy the people I encounter on a daily basis.
My experience at school has given me great confidence. Everyone is friendly. I love the military-friendly environment here.
I go to class and I go home. There is not much to do here. If you want to go to a school that is just focused on your studies, then this is the school for you. The area is convenient and theres a lot of places to eat thats around but the food on campus is not all that great. I just can not wait to get my degree so that I can leave and transfer somewhere else.
I wasn’t too keen at the thought of going to NYIT at first. It wasn’t until I was at orientation that I began to feel like NYIT was the right school for me. It’s got amazing people, all so diverse yet the diversity shapes us, rather than puts us against each other. The people I have met in my few months at NYIT have already made numerous impacts on my life.
New York Institute of Technology is a private institution that was founded in 1955. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 3,575, its setting is suburban, and the campus size is 215 acres. It utilizes a semester-based academic calendar. New York Institute of Technology's ranking in the 2018 edition of Best Colleges is Regional Universities North, 47. Its tuition and fees are $35,870 (2017-18).
For computer science majors they are very accommodating and constantly improving their system. They care about the progression of their students. Since the classrooms are small, my professors know me by name and face and when I have issues, can go to them any time I need to.
Pretty good overall experience, decent orientation, good campus, and teachers. Public transportation is hard to get used to, but it is necesary to get around in nyc.
It is a good experience. It is a good experience. It is a good experience. It is a good experience. It is a good experience. It is a good experience. It is a good experience. It is a good experience. It is a good experience. It is a good experience. It is a good experience.
I like that the school has plenty of resources to make sure you don't fail. So far it's been good service recieved from the financial aid office, and they are quick to help you. They actually recommended I start applying for scholarships here.
I hope more money and time gets invested in the the life science departments rather than mainly the Engineering and Architecture departments. The school is interesting, a lot of good professors, and lots of things to do in NYC. It's a nerd school though if you want to party go to a different school or the OW campus.
The best part about NYIT would be orientation. We've all been the new kid, and the first day of school is always the hardest, but that is what this school tries to do in orientation , its a two day event that lets us meet our classmates, and allow us to get to know them through fun activities. The first day of classes i did not have to worry about eating lunch alone because i had already made friends. Commuting from building to building to get to class was not a bother, the buildings are relatively close. The dorm rooms in the other hand are not close, you have to take a train to school and back. The classes were small, and most of the teachers i had gave great lectures, while others made the students confused. My favorite part about this college would be the library, because the library is where you will be spending your time talking, eating, or doing homework until your next class. NYIT also offers many events, broadway tickets , party events, and cruise rides.
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I like to challenge myself by doing hard courses and trying my very best in it
I did a lot of internship, every summer in my high school I always will get an internship or job
The staff is very nice and really care about us. It just have a lot of population in small area.
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