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I had really good experience at NYFA. Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable in their field. They are also very helpful. I wish they did have career placement program. Program is very demanding and you get to learn a lot specially if you like learning hands-on.
The NY Film Academy has given me more opportunities than I have ever expected. And can't wait for what's to come!
New York Film Academy is the Life Experience I was waiting for my whole life. I never thought I will wake up every morning with so much enthusiasm to go to classes. I've been there for two semesters only, and I already learned so many things I can't even believe it. I love it, I couldn't be happier!!!
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I would not recommend New York Film Academy for any program longer than 8 weeks or so. Really, I would not recommend New York Film Academy for almost anything. It is a for profit school that preys off the obliviousness of foreign students looking to come to New York for the "experience" of New York...without knowing that the school has a garbage reputation in NY and charges about double what other schools charge. It is only useful for the 60% or so foreign students who do not have a film school to study at in their own countries possibly so for those people it MIGHT be useful. For anyone from this country, actually trying to direct or act in film in NYC or not, do not, do NOT go to NYFA.
In acting, it's all about getting hired. The whole reason for attending NYFA is to perfect skills in order to land auditions. They are very good with helping me pursue my individual goals by shaping my individual techniques as an actress.
I am a very hands-on, learner, so the New York Film Academy is perfect for me. While there are traditional classrooms, the majority of the work follows their motto: "learning by doing."
As soon as I asked for more information online, I was assigned a personal admissions representative to walk me through the entire application process through housing, the essay, auditioning, and every other aspect imaginable. He called me every few weeks just to check in and was always friendly and happy to answer any and all of my questions.
I have had great luck with the New York Film Academy! I was mostly trained as a live theatre actress my whole life, but they're doing a great job of honing in and sharpening my skills to work for film and television.
Truly a once in a lifetime experience I will not waste! I love this school and all of the instructors!
At first I was told it was gonna be a very easy and light schedule to be able to pursue other projects, a job, internships, etc.. So I was given the estimate of an average class being from 9 am to 3 pm. They were very very wrong. Most days of the week it's 9 am to 7PM!! That's not enough time...for anything. Especially if they want us to wake up on time for classes the next day.
It's not actually TOO bad...just not your money's worth. It's easier to understand that you're mostly paying for the use of equipment, but it's still a lot of money for such little information.
A few good teachers but overall they're very aloof. Classes almost always end early because the teachers just said what they needed to say, didn't elaborate, and just dismissed. There's quite a variety of courses, I'll say that. And my class, personally, was gorgeously small. HOWEVER! It's pathetic that most equipment we needed was like...not available. Or they just didn't have it. You'd think a film school would have either enough props/camera/sound equipment/other stuff for AT LEAST the filmmaking program. But nope!
Gosh it's so horrible. It's a free-for-all. It's literally just a luck thing. No one's out to help SINCERELY. They'll help to the extent that they need to to keep their job, but...they honestly don't care. No career center. No employers on campus. No alumni network...
I personally have 3 friends from the whole school. That's THREE out of HUNDREDS. The students here are very angry all the time for unknown reasons. They're very competitive in the stupidest aspects. They're always trying to one-up everyone. Questions about things that were already discussed are frequently asked. Fights erupt out of the silliest things. Everyone is non-engaging and always is in a rush to get out of class and just go home. It's so bad.
*sigh* it's not all that great but not horrible. Teachers are fine, but get distracted easily and most are people who are still trying to break into the industry themselves. They'll teach you what THEY believe is the best method, even if it's something that would only work for them and not really anyone else.
It feels like you're paying for high school. Teachers are there, and most of them discuss what they need to but very VERY easily get off track. It's also a lot of work for just on person to be doing, and the facilities don't help. Equipment when THEY say, not when YOU need them. And very little internship opportunities.
Not really much to review....Literally the only thing you'll find is film-related activities. But even that is scarce outside of the classroom...
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best class, not to big or small.
Still working on get an acting job
I always think about if we could have more cinema history studying class, student will know more about history during the film industry has been developing. Like French New Wave. And I hope we could have more good teacher to teach us the film theory. And the details about film history. Also I hope basically, they can develop the library being formal.
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