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New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts Reviews

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For all of the money you pay, they do not help the students get agents, nor guide them in anyway.

Some of the teachers are bitter they never made it in the business and take it out on the students. Omar, has no leadership skills and as small as the school is, they make no effort to get to know the students. As small as that school is—— they could care less about the students, or maybe pick 3 or 4 favorites.

This place should really reimburse their former students as most of them are struggling to make ends meet right now. They do not have a career center or at least when I went, to guide the students on how to be success in the industry- they do not teach business skills, they think they do- but not really.
All facility and staff I have met or talked to has been extremely helpful and friendly. The campus and housing are well kept and clean.
At NYCDA I feel like I am valued not only as a student, but an aspiring actor. The faculty and staff here truly seem to care not only for your development as an actor, but as a person. I'm being given the tools I need to succeed in the business now and ten years from now.
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It’s a lot of material in a short amount of time but the material and all the things you learn and are shown about in the industry is so fun and makes it all worth while! You must must must do the work to get anything out of this program, slacking off is not an option.
My experience so far has been amazing. Coming from a different country, I didn’t think it would be an easy experience and easily adaptable. However the school has taught me so much about the craft already in such a short time and has taught me even more about the industry and discipline in the same breathe. It’s been amazing to let go fully in the classes and develop a side in me that I’ve restricted for a number of years. I honestly love waking up knowing I’m going to travel there- amazing experience so far.

It would be nice to see the signing in system updated a bit and for more work on cross section social and possibly showcases a bit more often.
It's a really fun, and safe atmosphere. I love learning here and feel like I'm progressing as an actor. Some of the teachers are not the best, but that's only a few tbh. I am an international student and I feel very welcomed into the school and adapted fat thanks to the help of the staff here. All in all its a really good place to forward your learning, with only a few minae setbacks stopping it from being amazing.
When it comes to learning the craft of TV & Film Acting the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts certainly gives young actors all of the tools required for a successful and fulfilled career in the field.

The schools is outfitted with a variety of different studios for voice, movement, and on-camera training, which are also made available to students for private rehearsals during the week. Furthermore, the teaching staff of the school are seasoned professionals in all areas of the dramatic art, allowing them to not only tutor students on a variety of different techniques, but also to provide them information on the industry and give them the necessary training to be marketable and bookable after they graduate.

Simply put, the school not only provides us with the tools to be successful, but also the habits an actor needs to remain sharp and strong in their craft for the entirety of their career, and this, in my opinion, is what makes the school stand out from the crowd.
I really enjoy the overall environment and the people. The students are diverse and very social. The RAs are active in their roles and the administration stays on top of assisting the students with student life.
The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts has an excellent and professional teaching staff that will make you feel safe exploring and perfecting your craft.
Amazing school with professional staff who are actually actors, or in the industry themselves. Small school that allows for personalised learning experiences. If nothing else, you’ll learn how to be a better version of yourself for the world.
Really great. Love it. I feel very safe at the school. The people I have met are spectacular and are always willing to help whenever you need it.
I first went to the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts for their summer program. It was after their one month intensive did I truly fall in love with the craft. The professors are all either current or former working actors in the industry so they all speak from experience. The courses are all very informative and important to one’s acting training. The school is located just a few blocks from Union Square and is currently comprised of 3 floors with many studios for acting, voice, and dance. Overall, this school is excellent and works at their hardest to help their students succeed in the acting world.
I enjoy my fellow students more than anything. I can really be myself around them. The professors are great as well.
The teachers are very educated and have their own experiences. Love the program so far. I trust that they teach you what you need to know for after graduation.
The New York conservatory of Dramatic Arts is a great school, full of different people from all over. The schools focus is theatre, and making their students overall better and ready for the entertainment industry.
I absolutely love this school. The faculty is so supportive and the classes are lots of fun. Even though my schedule is super packed, I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything in the world.
I learned a lot about the craft of acting, truly being present as an artist and the discipline it takes to do this professionally as well as how to handle myself as a business
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Coming to New Conservatory of Dramatic Arts has been the best thing I ever done with my life. It has made me realize who I am as a person. It brought me clarity. I wouldn't change anything to school. The teachers and classmates are very fun and understanding.
Everything was as easy as pie. And even if you didn't know what or where to go you could always contact a staff member who were more than happy to help out.
Our school allows time in between classes throughout the week and that gives us time to get jobs and have a little extra cash to work with while we are there. It's been a very flexible schedule.