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New York College of Health Professions Reviews

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Best education system with less workload.
I always enjoy being in college. Professors of this college was very helpful when ever needed other thing is the healthy environment of this college.
I had an awesome overall Experience in this college, I will must comeback if, I ever get a chance to join this college.
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Staff member of the New York College of health professions are Nice, Warm and Helpful.
One of my favourite thing about New York College of Health Professions is meeting students from all walks of life. Here, you can be in classroom with a recent high school graduate and seasoned medical professional all at the same time. If you are looking at New York College of Health Professions, I suggest scheduling an appointment to better understand the environment that the faculty, Staff and student create.
They are sometimes very unorganized and you have to call and contact them many times before you get things done.
Most of the professors and the courses are great.
Not really there. Can't give any information about this.
Acupuncture is an interesting major, tons of workload. Facilities are ok but not great.
Heard a couple positive feedback about the staffs and the education system.
Computers work pretty fast and there are enough of them for students. There are only 2 printers available but they aren't used frequently .
My education is excellent for many reasons. My myology professor knows everything he is teaching, makes the class simple and straight to the point since the course can get difficult. My education is worth the money I'm paying. Financial aid helps a lot.
I didn't expect to be taking a lot of classes that I am in order to become a massage therapist. An example being anatomy and physiology. Now that I have been taking these classes though, I have realized how important some of this knowledge is to my major. The professors are very knowledgeable, they answer all my questions and relate the information to my major.
The tuition is high, but it is worth it. I was able to get financial aid, which helps. I had really clear instructions on how to apply for financial aid and I was happy that the school was willing to help and made it easy for me.
The most unique thing about my school is the clinic and herb dispensary upstairs. Massage and acupuncture treatments are available at a low price. Not only is it a helpful stress reliever, it also is a learning experience. While students are there learning about massage and acupuncture, they are also receiving a demonstration on themselves.
There is a comfortable student lounge where students can study, talk, nap and research on computers. For those students who want to study in a quiet environment; there is a library, with all textbooks required for classes. There is a cafeteria that is always open and has plenty of seats. There is a clinic on the top floor, where students can get a massage or acupuncture for a low price. During finals week the clinic is a great stress reliever.
The class schedules are very flexible. I you cant make morning or afternoon classes, evening classes are available. It's convenient that classes are spread through the week, so if you miss a class you can make it up another day.
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Massage therapy is very one on one, you have to be prepared to get into close contact with your classmates. It's a lot of pressure to perform well, but you can one day make a difference.
I pay a lot of money to go to a run-down school with few professors, and fewer professors that are good.
Couldn't Be More Satisfied – I am very glad I picked this school. Not only are the students friendly but the professors are also friendly and very knowledgeable. I feel very comfortable coming to class. I always feel prepared for a test. Students can use classroom that is not in session to practice. Free tutoring is available. There is a lounge for students to hang out and study. There is a library with almost all recommended textbooks in case students cannot afford to buy their own. Overall I would recommend this school to anyone looking for a career in massage therapy, oriental medicine or acupuncture.
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