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The computer labs are the best part of the school. Wireless is not always available which is fine because the computer labs compensate.
The necessary resources are readily available. The library is open to all students who may need it.
There is a lot of variety when it comes to the student body. It ranges from different ethnicities as well as different age groups.
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The curriculum is straightforward teaching you exactly what you need to know and what you will be using. The professors go above and beyond to help students both in and outside of class time.
As a court reporter building speed is essential. Once you get to 180 per minute you get the opportunity to internship and they help you find a job that will suit you.
I've had to come to fix my financial aid multiple times but they've always helped me in a quick and courteous manner.
It's a small school so there isn't many amenities so to speak but what needed is there such as the computer labs.
At this school they push you to get the results you want and if you are having trouble moving forward they give you didn't strategies to get the results you want.
The classes are flexible. The only problem is that there might not be many classes available on certain days and multiple classes for the same time slot on other days.
It's a small school which makes information more readily available and the staff always comes around to try to help students move forward in the field that they are studying.
The financial aid experience is not that hard. The problem is that they are the most expensive school in manhattan maybe new york city and you pay the same whether you take one class or 3.
Only once in a blue does the computer system go out.
Stenotype Machines – They have all the technology available for practice.
Few Students – There's only like 300 students, but I guess that's better for the student-teacher relationship. It's boring, though.
They told me they start helping students fill out their Financial Aid apps in June which doesn't make sense to me because financial aid funds are limited and June is way too late for that.
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