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Small school with intense academic expectations, but really great community of students with very supportive faculty and staff.
New Saint Andrews's academic program is weak at best. Count on mandatory classical languages (no modern languages are available...) and in-depth study of a very narrow branch of strict Presbyterianism, and not a lot else. The worst part is the sanctimoniousness of the faculty: they're convinced that the NStA approach to education is the best one, and they're VERY sensitive to even the slightest criticism. The president's father-in-law (and the college's co-founder) once plagiarized a book that tried to propagate lies about the antebellum South. I am not making that up. NStA is kind of crazy, not always in a nice way.
Moscow is generally a very safe place to live.
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It's fantastic. I'm vegan and I never feel like I have to veto options because of it. Moscow is very friendly to all types of ethnicities, tastes, etc.
Because the UI is right next to my college, we do have quite a party scene, but it's mostly Greek Row. The clubs downtown are hipster and artsy, which means we New Saint Andrews students generally fit in pretty well. There's great music that comes through, especially in John's Alley, and the Corner Club is great for dancing. It's a good way to let loose at the end of the week.
My school is not government funded, so I have been struggling to find financial help elsewhere. My school offers grants and a couple in house scholarships, but I pay the majority out of pocket.
The friends you will make will last a lifetime. We are a tightly knit and honest community. We stick with one another through the good and the bad. The teachers are always there if you need them. They're the type of people who invite you over for dinner and make sure they know if you're hanging in there. Coming to college can be so hard, especially if you're close with your family. The community here makes it all worth it. On top of that, I've never felt so intellectually challenged. I love the studies and I feel like I've grown more in the last two years than in my entire high school career.
We love our rugby team!
The sports are fun, Pumpkin Rugby is one. Lacrosse is in there too :0)
There are a few small malls, local attitude is ok, there are some fun events, Farmer's Market and such.
Social events are fun, relationships are good and caring, not shallow or selfish.
The professors are there to help, the curriculum is good, and the registration process is easy.
The professors are caring, the work is difficult, but manageable.
They are are few fast food places and a few restaurants.
Pretty diverse, people from all types of backgrounds.
There is no drug scene at New Saint Andrews College.
There are several inexpensive options within a couple blocks of the campus, from coffee shops to bakeries to a natural food Co-op. Wheatberries, a bakery, has everything half off after 2 pm, and Bucer's has delicious soups, quiches, and paninis.
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My financial aid went fine, the Financial Aid director makes sure to keep things working like clockwork.
The classes here are very challenging and rewarding. Not only do you gain new knowledge, but you grow as an individual learning about foreign material.
There are hardly any Apartments close to Campus, and mostly hotels. They are also far from campus.
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