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My experience at New River was one of the most challenging ones. My first semester, I overwhelmed myself with classes and wanted to drop out, being a lot more difficult than high school. New River's resources was the main reason that I kept going and pushed through, the tutoring center GREATLY helped me almost every semester I have been there. The professors also listened to em when I needed help, letting me come by during office hours to go over lessons again that I didn't understand, let me make-up and re-take tests, and they were even a great friend who I was excited to see everyday. The Advisers there also helped me! Anytime I had a question, they were there to answer it, and if they couldn't answer it, they would go through everybody they could until the answer was found and I am beyond thankful for them. If it wasn't for New River's resources, I don't know where I would be today! I am happy to say that I was a part of the New River Community College Family.
I am so thankful that I chose to attend New River Community College. I have have a great experience here. As I have gone through my past two years of education here, I have been very unsure of what I have wanted to do. New River has allowed me to test out so many options, as well as provided me with a great counselor to assist me along the way. I am also very pleased with the locations of this college seeing as there are two. These include the main campus and the "Mall Site," I mostly attend the mall site. There is not much I would change about this school at all.
New River is a WONDERFUL school, the teachers are always willing to help and extend their knowledge past a test. Great starter school with a warm and inviting environment.
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The professors and equipment are all amazing. Especially for where I live, it's only $2,000 a semester which is amazing especially when almost every college in Virginia will do a guaranteed acceptance agreement. Would recommend to anyone
NRCC is a great college with many opportunities. Small classes make learning easier. Many choices to continue your degree after community college.
I love the class sizes at New River Community College. The professors and all the staff are very nice and they will help you if you ask.
While some classes at New River Community College are a joke, others are very informative. It is really what you make out of it. If you go into it with the mindset that you want to learn something new or gain a new skill, you will.
My classes are pretty much all in the same day which is great because I can work both of my jobs in my free time and do homework on my free days as well.
The online courses are easy to understand and the professors make it easy to chat with them if you need help.
Getting degrees at this school can lead to amazing job opportunities.
The professors always make time to help you with anything and really care about our education and success.
This degree will lead me to big things in my life and I think it will help me to be very successful.
It is a lot of hard work and takes a lot of time and effort but the end result will be worth it.
I love New River and am glad I started here. It has really helped me to achieve my goals.
there are advisors that come here from different colleges to give information about transferring and what courses they have to offer or if you can further your degree at their college. I haven't had the time to look into transferring to a four year college. I'm still undecided.
There isn't a big variety of classes offered here at NRCC but the classes that are offered have wonderful Instructors that are very experienced in the course, always very helpful and understanding. The work load is never overwhelming and there's so much help offered here at the college.
The value of your degree is how much you put into it. Your Instructor and student advisor is always willing to help any way they can and always point you in the right direction.
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I believe the flexibility with my courses have always worked out pretty good. I only had to change my schedule at work one time in the three semesters I been here. The college offers day & evening classes and on-line classes to work with your schedule.
I have never had problems with on-line courses. The Instructors get back to me promptly if I have any questions. The work load is not over whelming and there is a lot of tutoring help at the college and some Instructors post help links in our class syllabus. If you need to meet with your Instructor, you can either e-mail, call, or or Instant message them to set up a date and time.
The career connection center here at NRCC posts various job openings into our student e-mail accounts throughout the week. They also, have Internship options and listings of temporary jobs in the area for students that cannot work full-time. The college also offers volunteer work and work-study. I'm currently enrolled in work-study and do volunteer work for the blood drives here at NRCC.
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