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New River Community & Technical College Reviews

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The princeton wv campus is really interactive and fun and most of the classes are pretty easy and you have an easier access to one on one teacher help.
I never expected the level of help and support that I would find at this school. Almost every professor I had was kind and accessible. If I was struggling with any classwork, I found it easy to get help. The same goes for the financial aid department, business office, and registrar. This place has an excellent staff and they do everything in their power to help you succeed.
My experience with this school has been rough. They would send me account statements saying my classes were covered by my financial aid, and every semester I would be purged from their online learning system and they’d demand money. I’ve ended up with student loans I didn’t need just because they want to make money off of whoever they can. The campus never closes for bad weather, so I would either have to miss class because of the West Virginia winter weather or be forced to drive on bad and icy conditions. If it wasn’t the only school close to me that offered my program, I would have transferred somewhere else. However, the instructors of my program were awesome, helpful, and very knowledgeable in my field. As great as they were dealing with the other staff and school still made out for a horrible experience to me.
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New River Technical and Community College has been an excellent choice to expose me to college life. It is a small community school that offers one on one assistance and is not as overwhelming as a larger University. Also, because I am responsible for paying my own college expenses, it is much more affordable than what a larger college would be for the same basic courses.
i still owe money even AFTER my financial aid pays. how ridiculous.
its not really uncommon .
i love how they treat me! its like i have known then for years!
I didn't like the online classes. I think they are harder to learn no one on one and less help.
Lots of work but it will be worth it in the end. There's always someone to help if you need tho.
professors are all really nice and helpful. I like the one on one environment.
very helpful and friendly. There is always someone there to help if you need it.
The tuition is not bad at all, because the quality of education received is just as good as a four year or more popular college. The minor fees such as technology and orientation are more than expected or they should be but that is the same at most colleges.
I have not dealt with transferring credits yet, but in one year I will see first hand. I have not had any problems with scheduling or overlapping classes. Most are offered more than once a week or online.
The program is as good as any similar program at a four year college or university. I don't know of any internships but there are a couple job opportunities. The facilities are on par with or better than other community colleges.
Most of the professors are helpful in preparing you for the real world, while still being understanding. Class registration is important to the staff and it is not complicated.
There is no athletic center due to it being a community and technical college. The library is next door, which is convenient and the school has access to two computer labs itself. Campus activities are held once in a while, such as cookouts, community fairs, and seminars.
It's very comfortable. They work with you and help you as much as they can.
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Great library near by and computer labs. Also have tutors to help with any problems
Don;t know much about this
Lots of homework but overall not too hard.
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