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New Mexico State University - Carlsbad Reviews

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Very helpful and welcoming with my transfer, while there is a limited amount of online classes I look forward to being able to attend the classroom setting soon. I feel it is a very nice college for the community.
Working and going to college can be tough. With this college I am able to do classes online and work.
I have experienced nothing but good things with web classes. It gives me the opportunity to stay home and do assignments instead of driving to another town for a class. Peer-to-peer interaction is very important to. It is good to have a face-to-face class if possible because having a teacher right there if you have any questions is convenient.
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The quality of post-grad services is that we as students get the education we need in order to carry out our careers successfully.
I had a professor last semester who was very helpful and wanted all his students to succeed in his class as well as in other classes. The class was small and very convenient.
The value of a degree from this school is very important. Employers recruiting will know I received the necessary education needed for the job.
My specific major will be in Accounting. There will be many job opportunities when I am done with school.
I have had an excellent experience at this college. Activities when school begins and through out the semester are some of my favorite experiences. Around town discounts for being a student would make my school unique. I would choose this college again because it is close to home and offers many opportunities.
I am not to sure what the post grad services will be. I have not looked to much into it because I do work at my first choice of job already.
All instructors were very helpful. They knew their subject very well and if they were stuck on answer they would do what they needed to find the answer.
The value of the degree just seems higher than from other community colleges.
There are some classes that I don't really think I should have to take. Not that it doesn't hurt to take them, some just seem useless to take if credit is not going towards degree.
NMSU had been a joy to attend. Every staff member that I have had to encounter have been amazing. They are welling to help with what they can and if they cant they will find someone that can.
The flexibility is awesome because it gives me time to have a job too.
The online courses are great but require a lot of time.
RN's graduating here get a bigger chance of employment.
The nursing program guarantees 100% change of getting a job.
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The professors are smart and very helpful i the courses!
The nursing program is fantastic and very prestigious!
This school is amazing, helpful, cheap and recognized!
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