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New Mexico State University - Alamogordo Reviews

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Everyone was so kind and helpful. The professors I had were amazing and really explained their lectures.
I transferred back to NMSU-A after a few years at another community college. The road has been a bit bumpy, but it is starting to smooth out, and I have found some fantastic people who are more than willing to help me achieve my goals!
As a dual-credit student, I appreciate this college's commitment to helping students. Great academic advisors help student find the right courses to take for their major, and help students find their footing around campus. This is a very friendly and close-knit college, but maintains professional. The professors and tutors are also very hands-on and friendly, and make sure they are available for questions or concerns. The campus is kept neat-looking, and there's plenty of places to have lunch or study. All support and student centers also provide great tutoring help and computers for use. This safe and friendly college has definitely earned its place as a community college.
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I just recently transferred over to this university. Due to this, I cannot specifically state how good or how bad this university is. From other reviews, I hear this particular campus is rather poor, but the main campus in Las Cruces is not really bad.
Everything is great at this school!! Nothing I would change about it. Great overall school and great programs.
What I like about New Mexico State College is that it is a fun and easy college to be in. My classes are fun and easy to understand. NMSUA offers tutoring for if you are struggling with your classes. The students are friendly and kind making the classroom environment fun and initiating
After going through orientation online and in person; the staff are friendly, courteous and there to help. This college is wanting you to succeed and they offer many ways to help you do that in whatever career you are interested in.
Please note, my rating is not solely based on the school's performance, but rather the location and academic offerings. It is with great fortune to have a higher education center in a remote location, but this also brings forth the lack of variety and possibilities. NMSU-A does offer a convenient means of accessibility, rather than driving 45 minutes to the main campus. Likewise, the college has professional staff and professors eager to teach and instill knowledge within their students. It is a great place to begin one's academic endeavors and to further pursue their collegiate studies.
The financial aid office is completely useless. I have to go about finding all of my own information on scholarships and financial aid. The counselors are also useless. They talk down to you and treat you like you are ignorant. They signed me up for too much of a course load at the beginning of my first semester then treated me like I wasn't fit for college when I had to drop a class. The only upsides about this school is the few professors that actually care and the fact that it is a reasonably priced college to attend.
Overall experience is pretty good, teachers are great, students are nice and campus is clean and accommodating. there are major issues with communication to students regarding internships and their signup process.
I have ADHD and the teachers don't know how to get to my level. Yeah, there are accomodations, but their not quit helpful enough/
beneficial to a busy life.
i liked them, professors are very helpful
the classes help with my future career field
very great school, not a big amount of people in the classrooms.
All credits that transferred were usable. It does take about a semester to get everything transferred. The classes offered are convenient for most schedules.
Every online classroom is set up about the same so it's easy to use each time. Depending on the professor, getting a response back may take time but it will be outlined in the syllabus. There is also online academic support center where they will video chat and help as needed.
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I haven't gotten there yet, but I have seen flyers and email communication for this.
I haven't gotten to that aspect yet but I have seen many recruiters on campus for multiple career fields.
It has been a positive experience. I have tried all varieties of classes they offer: classroom, online, and accelerated. The class sizes are small and provide more one on one time if needed. They provide a great beginning to a higher education.
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