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New Mexico State University - Grants Reviews

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I am also in Student Government-ASG-I am a Senator and I love being involved in matters that count.
The very best of the best!
My experience has been great. I've met new people from with different cultures and values, and the diversity is awesome.
Review New Mexico State University - Grants
I occasionally had uploading document problems. The computers would crash in the middle of my tests. The internet connectivity was good on wifi but the network was slow.
I was met with people who seemed to be well oriented with the school and knowledgeable. However Im still in the Financial Aid process and still trying to understand the program.
At first i was worried that my financial aid would not go through. But after a little persistance I found that it was helpful.
Being in my specific major at this time hasnt really taken into effect. I personally have yet to experience what my major is about and to take the main courses of interest.
As with most rural community colleges the academic's offered at the school are limited with the available professionals. However we work with what we can receive and try to get all teh basics covered.
The libraray was a great resource to me as well as the student success center. However the reliability of the network was shaky at best and the internet connection was so slow.
As expected with all older buildings. Renovations will improve over time and with available funding.
I really wasn't among the student body this time around. I took all online courses but had to travel to campus occasionally to study. While there the general student body seemed businesslike and no time for fun. Which is what I expected in a campus.
Im just starting off again with College and I want to be a bit more ambitious this time around. The coursesw were great and the teachers were very understanding with that I already have a career and family and worked with me. I enjoyed my schooling experience this time around and I really wish to continue my education.
online is a bit easier. You can work at your own pase but you also have to follow the deadlines.. I think it is great if you know what you are doing and if you know how to do your online classes..
It is so worth it!!
Everything is ok. Sometimes its a hassel to send work but it gets sent
All the resources on campus ae exellent!! Everyone helps out with everything! i have no problem finding out things or looking up what i need to. All is fantastic
I really can not say how it is different from other schools this is the only college I have ben to. I like coming to school. It's my alone time to think about what I have to get done and what I can concentrate on. As I said before the math teacher for 120 is great i couldn't ask for a better teacher. He is very good at explaining problems..
Review New Mexico State University - Grants
NMSU- Grants is a great school. Everyone helps you when you need help even the other students not just the staff. The success center here is very good the staff help you get to the point of what you are looking for. If they can not provide the answer right there they will find it for you. The math teacher for 120 is excellent!!! I enjoy coming to class.
The student body at my school get lots of help when they need it. The staff are willing to help in many ways. Its a smaller campus than others so they get a lot of one on one with the professors. There are very little clubs.
I do not know anybody who is on the student body, no events are made available to the students rarely receive any emails about what events are on campus
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