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Is an Excelent College, all the campus always very clean, the personal and profesors are Excelent. Academically is number one and atheletic department too. They help all the students and motivate to do the best.
New Mexico Military Institute is an outstanding school to have on your resume. The real test getting through the military aspect of the school, if you are not one for the military system that is. The school teaches many helpful tools such as; time management, cleanliness, organization skills, preparation of a uniform, and leadership. The surrounding town of the institution is Roswell, New Mexico, not the most exciting town to be in, but it has the necessities and all the wonderful small businesses that serve excellent cuisine.
This Military College is one of the best colleges out there. You get to learn leadership and have fun opportunities to do. The atmosphere is good and you get to learn how to be a leader. New Mexico Military Institute is one of the best military colleges out there. I recommend this college to people who what to pursue a career in the Military.
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New Mexico Military Institute (NMMI) is an excellent way to challenge yourself in many different ways. You will be challenged mentally, physically, academically, and much more. You will polish you time management with the strict and demanding schedule and balance your academics on top of Corps events, positions, and responsibilities. Your academics and Corps activities will be demanding as any other affiliation you have whether it be sports, SROTC, or clubs/activities. I have learned much about myself and the people around me and how I react in multiple stress level situations. I have grown as a person, leader, and academic achiever. I have kept my grades and been invited into Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) which also provides excellent scholarship opportunities for my future academic endeavors. I came to NMMI for the SROTC early commissioning program (ECP). NMMI is an excellent opportunity to challenge yourself in multiple ways.
There are many great things that I have learned at NMMI, but one of them is very special. One of the most important and influential things that I have learned here at the Institute is how to be interdependent and work with people. Before I came to this school, I was very independent and I enjoyed doing everything on my own. I did not want to work with other people, I was not a good team player. Just few months after I came to NMMI, things started changing. Slowly, but surly I realized that if I want to be successful in everything I do at this school and later life, I must achieve interdependence, because interdependence is always more successful than independence. I would not change anything about NMMI because I love this challenge.
The student teacher interaction ensures success in every student that is willing to put the effort forward.
New Mexico Military Institute is one of the most intense and memorable experiences I have had in my entire life and I can say that it has made a great impact on who I am going to be in the future. Not only have I gained incredible experience with the leadership but I have also received a higher education. Attending this school has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.
-Sucks as a RAT (someone who is there for the first time)
-Gets better but still sucks as an old cadet (simply because the environment is draining).

There are power hungry cadets that could be 5 years younger than you, (remember you are going to school with tiny freshman kids at the least), and just as well cadets that are chill and could care less about the military environment, (people such as me).

Food is mediocre. Rooming is ok (hopefully you like your roommate). Teachers are cool, I haven't had a teacher that I've particularly "hated".

Other than that if youre a try hard kid who doesn't like life outside of NMMI, then this school is for you. Other than that, this school sucks, its not fun 90% of the time.

I liked that it challenged me to mature in a faster pace. It also taught me how to voice my own opinion and gain leadership skills.
Dumb right-wing nuts, confederate apologists, and nationalist military hardliners.
Psychologically repressive environment led by sadistic cadets and faculty.
I get scholarships for ROTC and being in the National Guard which is nice.
So far it has been a great experience and is one of my best choices I have ever made in my life. By coming here i have learn many leadership skills.
You HAVE to pay for all of your uniform stuff which puts quite a dent in your pockets. They charge unnecessarily for a variety of things all because it's a military school. They charge you to pay for your own drug tests that they administer randomly. If you're paying for school yourself, don't go here. Go to West Point or Air Force or whatever service academy you want to enter. Those places are so much better than this school even if it does take you 4 years to commission.
There is no online courses at this school. So good luck trying to take an extra class that your schedule won't allow.
You go into the Army of your next 4-year school. There really is no other options.
Most teachers don't like having more than the allotted number of students in class and will kick kids out. Absences are counted as marching tours and some teachers won't allow you to get out of missing a class regardless of the reason.
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Most teachers are cool. There isn't a variety of classes to choose from and you're very limited, but odds are you're just there to get your AA or commission early anyways. Class sizes are small, but there's no such thing as an easy class or a work free class.
I'm getting an AS with a mathematics concentration and I'm planning on pursuing a degree in Math so it lines up nicely. As do most of the AA and AS's offered at NMMI.
The Library is never open when you need it to be so better bring your own printer. I don't even know if there is a student center because that's how often it's used. Athletic resources and facilities are great though. You have to participate in a Campus Sport. IT'S MANDATORY. If you don't your put in this workout activity that you are required to go to.
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