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My experience with NMJC, is one I will never forget, the teachers are amazing and the friends you make here are forever!
There are a variety of career paths offered, especially when considering the small community where it is located. The price is unbelievably affordable.
New Mexico Junior College is an amazing college to be at. They treat you like family and there is nothing I would want to change about it.
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There are several reasons that I have chosen the NMJC. One of them that stands out the most to me is the smaller classes and one on one time between professors and students. Another reason is the affordability of tuition and books which fits my current financial situation.
Teachers at New Mexico Junior College are always willing to help. Classes aren't so difficult to keep up with and also teachers are always willing to help when you are falling behind or just need help. The campus is located in a good area and the campus itself is always clean. The counselors are great ladies and are always available to help with anything and to set up the best plan for you.
I am working on my Associsates in the arts and it is a great stepping tool towards a 4 year program or bachelors degree. Many credits transfer which is helpful.
the new mexico junior college is good school to go too. too many college are more money for your but new mexico is a good academics school to go too
the athletics is high for my school
My experience at New Mexico junior college was the best experience. The people are good always help you when you need help.
The professors are great and the campus is the best and beautiful best for the 2 year college and the classes are good.
All the teachers I have had are amazing and really help learn the material correctly. There is nothing I would change because I could access my prefessor any time and receive a fast response.
I love how each professor is really their for their students. The staff goes above and beyond here. Could have asked to go to a better school.
Great have a job already
It's very good and will help me succeed in life and in work
This school is quality and has great cost.
Flexibility in the nursing program is not very high. It is a set course schedule and missing even one class can put you far behind. Transferring credits was no problem at all.
I have only taken a few online classes, and they do differ greatly. I think the courses and educators themselves are great, I just don't have enough discipline to keep myself accountable for online.
Job prospects for the nursing program graduates are endless. For the other programs, such as welding, it is in such a demand for welders that they have no problem either.
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Sizes are small and it is a very intimate classroom size. It is a really hard program, but it will be worth it in the long run. The professors are good and when you are having a nursing school break down they really listen to you.
Graduating from NMJC as an RN is extremely valued in the community. A lot of hospitals and clinics come to recruit us for jobs. There isn't really a career center on campus, however if you talk to your advisor they will guide you to where you want to work.
Our program here is very fast paced, no one ever said nursing school was easy though. The workload is enormous, but we are learning a lot. The curriculum is good too, but it is new so I think some of the professors are not very accustomed to this new one. The facilities are a little outdated, but in 2017 they are breaking ground on a brand new nursing building with new interactions and new clinical settings. There are a lot of clinics and hospitals surrounding the area, so job opportunities are not slim.
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