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NJIT is great small school with challenging academics that will prepare you for the industry of your choice.
I feel very welcomed in this school. The atmosphere is lively and it makes me happy compared to community college. Beautiful campus, and excellent clubs. Many food options.
The school has excellent programs and scholarships available to help students afford their college education.
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The New Jersey Institute of Technology is a great school academic wise. The rigorous programs are worth the money. However, the social aspect of this school is quite disappointing. Not much going on on weekends and that is because 70% commute.
So far, NJIT is pretty difficult but if you put in many hours you will be fine. Have learned valuable lessons and made many friends this couple of years. It's a very diverse college and has many opportunities due to the smaller class sizes.
I like the diversity that's on the NJIT's campus. One thing I would like to improve is the campus life for students.
I like that the school is very small and most professors are open to helping with all of their energy. There are an abundance of resources to go to should you need help with anything.
For a university that has a lot of diversity of students from all types of ethnic background you name. All the lectures and lab courses has a lot to offer where you're giving real world problems, giving that professional experience in your actual classroom. There are many on campus clubs/organizations that anyone can get involved with creating a experience for to students to become future leaders in the workforce. NJIT is ranked #1 on tuition/salary ratio in the whole country, meaning you your college education really worth it. Our University offers career services and a large network for many employment opportunities. NJIT really has a lot to offer to, possibilities are limitless!
I like the new buildings and new technology being added to old buildings. I wish they would speed up the construction process for the new soccer field so that the campus would look more open and scenic. The bowling alley in the game room is a plus. I wish they would add another gameroom so it wouldn't be as packed.
You get what you pay for. The school offers pretty great opportunities outside of coursework in terms of internships and projects to work on to improve your skills. The teachers can be lacking. The social life here isn't anything special but Rutgers Newark is across the street and with New York nearby, there are things to do off campus.
NJIT has been challengeing and has probably destroyed who I am as a person multiple times, however it has helped me and def challenged me, NJIT also is well known within the stem world I have done internships in NJ, NY and Neveda so there is a lot of opportunity, like anywhere NJIT has a lot to offer for life on campus and there’s always events happening
Great school especially if you prefer the smaller campus feel. Great teachers and advisors. Lots of clubs to get involved with and studetn life activities. A little dead on weekends.
I came to NJIT because of the undergraduate research opportunities provided, in addition to financial aid. I also liked the small college feel of the campus, but with big college money and resources.
I like that the students are friendly and helpful. I also like that all of the professor currently work in the fields of study so if you build relationships with your professor graduating with a career probably won't be so hard.
The campus is very welcoming and student friendly. All of the staff greeted me and exposed me to new majors I would not have epected to be interested in.
Upon visiting this campus, I was automatically welcomed and felted involved and included by all of the college students. Its as if I myself were already a part of that school and I hope will one day.
New Jersey Institute of Technology does a great job at marketing their school. I knew I wanted to do computer science and they advertised their computer science program well. The opportunity at NJIT is fantastic.
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As a 3rd year student, I feel I have a sense of the university. It is an experience that people might confuse, but that also goes for all colleges. If you don't participate and branch out you won't be really capitalizing on your overall college opportunity. I feel I have used these resources the school offers to benefit me and I continue to still use them along the way. NJIT is a great platform for greatness, you just have to believe in yourself. They challenge you in levels that you won't really see coming, but it's all a recipe for individual development and will. They even copy the curriculum of many colleges like, Stevens and MIT, helping students to compete at one of the highest levels. As a NY resident, I know that it would have been easier, as well as cheaper, if I didn't go out of state. However, the promise and potential that I saw NJIT to have on me helped me make one of the best decisions in my lifetime.
Everything is organized. Everything is new every year; there is always something big like new soccer feild or new gym or else being built.
This is the best school in the world. There's a state of the art multi-million dollar makerspace right next to the brand new $100,000,000 gym. The Professors are extremely intelligent with a lot of them having patents. There are plenty of Easter eggs hidden around campus, like the BOWLING ALLY in the basement of campus center.