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I love the diverse community that make up the student body on campus! There are so many people from different towns, states, and even countries. On top of this, each person sports a myriad of interests, classes, and work experience. Students are very ambitious at this campus, which allows you to surround yourself with people who strive to be the very best at whatever they apply themselves to. Ultimately this pushes you to challenge what you know, defend what you believe in, and in the end, make you a better person.
This is a very good school for anything that involves Engineering. The people are friendly and everyone gets along.
New Jersey Institute of Technology has given me so many new opportunities to look forward too. I transferred from a community college where I was studying Graphic Design. I was recommended by many of my close friends who attend NJIT to apply. Looking into their design programs I was drawn to the school immediately. Besides their gorgeous campus which is quick to navigate, I realized that this school can offer me so much in my field. Their Digital Design program is open to every field of design and you are given a chance to get experience with several different softwares my old school was unable to give me. The professors as well have helped my experience at NJIT. Showing how much they care for each individual students success.
Review New Jersey Institute of Technology
This is a great school. If you're a hard worker and you really want to take the hard path which leads to success. Than this is your place. It's very safe although you shouldn't dwell too far away from the campus, especially at night. The roads are jam packed at certain times of the day. So, try to set up your schedule in a way that you're commuting very early or later in the day. 6-9 classes are not as bad as they seem. I like to have big gaps in order to study and socialize with people. Don't go here if you aren't going to study.
NJIT has an extremely innovative atmosphere within a diverse community of students and faculty. I truly feel blessed to walk the same path as such ingenious individuals. This is a school that challenges its students and helps them to reach their full potential.
Pretty good college as one of my best friends has attended there. Decent classrooms where talking to professors is not too hard. Transportation from one class to another not that hard. Overall, an academically and socially perfect school for your kids!
As a freshman at NJIT, I can confidently say that if your ultimate goal is to get a job when you graduate, come here. If the STEM field is something you're on the fence about, I would think about it. This school is tough, no student says its easy. You're gonna have to work hard to get past it, but its possible.

Some obstacles will probably be the professors, or the tutoring services, which aren't the greatest. Many professors have heavy accents, or are there for research, which shows in their respective teaching styles. You might end up having to teach yourself the subject; the professors don't always care about your success.

BEWARE of common exams. The ones for chemistry 125/121 and all the math (precalc, calc 1,2,3) are in the same week. PHYS 1 and 2 go the next week. The math commons are very difficult, they ask questions which make you think outside the box. The goal is to see whether or not the subject is really cemented in your mind.
The people and academic knowledge is what I like most about NJIT. However, NJIT can improve on some programs, additional electives, and campus life.
It's good and of course challenging. Campus life is fun sometime but we have to keep up with assignments and exams and stuff. It is really hard sometime when professors don't teach well and expect so much when it comes to exam. I think it's not fair. As far as we are taught perfectly then it would be reasonable
I'm a freshman athlete on campus and honestly, the school's a lot better than most people chalk it up to be. As long as you put yourself out there, and stay on top of your schoolwork, there's no reason why you can't be getting good grades and have fun. There's no disagreement here that the academics are extremely hard and a lot of professors are hard headed but if you talk to them about what they expect, it makes it a whole lot easier to get what the professor wants out of you.
I truly appreciate how the classes are small at NJIT, and how most of the teachers have office hours. Office hours are very helpful towards students in order to help them learn the information better. I also appreciate the cost of the tuition at NJIT, considering that the school gives good financial aid. I think that the campus life can be greatly improved, because many students here are commuters. This means that during the weekends at NJIT, there are not too many students on campus. There is also not many activities at NJIT to do, so it is hard for students to find leisure activities. I think that leisure activities help students emotionally, which is crucial to succeeding within academics.
Affordable, Great resources and professors, friendly atmosphere, lots of parking, lots to do if you explore
the school is very diverse but there are some needs to upgrade the facilities. the honors college is nice but not everyone can be a part of that and the other facilities need upgrades
NJIT Prides itself with its internship and career programs, they have Career Fairs and other Gatherings to help students find the career that they're looking for.
I admire the professors at the school and I found classes to have been a very positive experience.
The school has the disadvantage of being located in an urban city, so safety is always a concern for the community.
It's really nothing special especially if you're not in the Honors College. Overall the quality is ok.
Review New Jersey Institute of Technology
I don't know much about Greek life, so there isn't much for me to say.
NJIT takes athletics seriously, after all they are a division 1 School.
Overall it is a pretty good college, the education quality is excellent and everyone in the school seems to get along.
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