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It is a pretty good school. Very small with less distraction compare to bigger school. The teachers are average for the most part but are always available. No student life. Most of the student commute to school and are not around on the weekends
Great School and Great Professors! Good school for anyone interested in Engineering, IT or Computer Science. The school has a tough curriculum but in the end, prepares students for real world.
Just finished my first Year in college.Classes are hard and professors don't help much but the diversity of the campus is awesome and there a bunch of events to network with companies so that a plus.
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The university gives fair chances for all students to grow in their desired field and attain jobs through the Career Development Services. Professors and office workers are cooperative and willing to help the students. The campus is not as big as many universities, which makes it easy to get around and make it to your classes on time. It is a safe environment despite of the rumored danger surrounding the campus. I would like to have more options on the food selections in campus.
The professors at NJIT really push their students to exceed their limits. I've had a lot of great artwork to add to my portfolio thanks to their art programs. The technology here is free and hosts a ton of expensive applications, so I take advantage of them whenever possible. I don't see what could be improved about NJIT, except for maybe the bathrooms.
Worst experience EVER! This school ruined my son's life. Rude staff, especially the housing director was nasty and disrespectful to us. Made us pay $750 housing fee after we opted not to dorm. Walk a block or two in either direction off campus, and be prepared to get mugged. Language barrier made it difficult to understand many of the professors. I spoke with a student on campus who said he hated it, but was only there because he was getting paid to go. Stay clear of this place! Horrible!!
NJIT is what you make out of it. They offer various extra curriculars and there is a place for everyone. You just have to look.
I love NJIT everyone here is great, hardworking and determined, there is a lot to do, and a ton of resources. I recommend NJIT to anyone that plans on making the most out of their college career and that wants big opportunities in the future!
I like NJIT's academic programs and its prestige in the area. I know that my degree will be valuable when I graduate, and my ROI will be amazing because I have a generous scholarship from the Honors college. The campus itself is very safe, despite being in Newark, NJ, and the city is a great place to explore on the weekends. I have made amazing friends here and found and made dozens of opportunities for myself in the last few months alone. I only wish the school would upgrade some of its buildings and provide better food in the dining hall.
NJIT keeps things simple when it comes to applying and attending classes. There are advisors for every aspect of college life. There are clubs and many different events that happen on campus. The school itself is never overcrowded with people. There is nearby food. Parking is really hard to find on the streets. Dorming is actually pretty fun.
Great school for engineering students. Great faculty, infrastructure and facilities available. Friendly staff. Well stocked library. Dorms available. Food plans available. Good shuttle routes to all nearby places.
Academics are great here and it is a hard, rigorous program that many students unfortunately do not get out of. Athletics are below average fro a Division 1 program, but this is more for how student athletes are treated rather than their performances. Plenty of opportunity for whatever you want to do, whether it be party or study or research or athletics. Biggest disadvantage of the school is how the grounds look and are maintained. Many foreign professors, but all professors hold the highest degrees in their fields.
NJIT has come a long way from back in the days. The diversity level in this school has blossomed and attracted many people from all across New Jersey and other States. I like going to this school and getting a chance to see what my future competition will be like and how i can improve my self to do better. I enjoy the career fairs, which allow me to see what future employers are expecting me to know. Although this school is great, it needs a little improvement in the way they hire or appoint professors to courses. I have been unfortunate and have experienced taking a course where the professor reads and writes everything from a handout. This school needs more scholarships and needs to invest in more state of the art technology for the engineering departments.
NJIT has very good diverse community that embraces every individual in the college. Also, there are many clubs that everyone can find and join. I personally like the URI, undergraduate research and innovation program that lets anyone to propose for a research and get funded to do the research. This school is truly hand-on learning style school. In the labs and technical electives, we learn basic programming and computer language which is very helpful.
I like the fact that I am in a program where the professors are supportive and accessible for consultation. I also like the rigor of the studies. Some things that I would change is the physical appearance of the campus due to the construction. I know that the campus will look better once construction is completed.
I honestly learned nothing at this school I couldn't have learned by just reading the textbooks. "Professors" don't care about you, neither does faculty. Some TA's were helpful. Told my advisor I was having difficulty and was told I should just drop out and try Essex County College instead. I'm so glad I left this place behind and went to a good college instead.
I am a freshman at NJIT, I was also in EOP so I started my college in summer vacation. If you can survive in NJIT EOP program for six weeks you can definitely survive in regular college. For me, math classes at NJIT are the hardest to get a 90 or above as your final grade. I like NJIT because I made some friends during my EOP program which are like my family members now because we all are always together doing homework or studying. They also have so many activities on campus for commuters. There are about 50 clubs that you can join and also you can make your own club with 5-6 people. Once you make friends you will never feel going home.
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I have visited a few activities on campus, and have heard a multitude of extremely good things about the university from friends, family, and colleagues, so as a freshman, I am extremely excited to start this spring!
Overall, I really like it here. In addition to technology, the school has music and arts programs. The people are generally very welcoming and helpful. Its a competitive scene in your individual major but there are tons are people to help you succeed.
good academics. A friend of mine graduated from here and described to me that he had a good experience attending this school. Their standards of admission are up to par from what i have heard about it.