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Hard facts: average 35k in DEBT in loans post-grad. Extremely low job placement statistics (for anyone who is not graduating with an engineering or design track accounting degree.)

IF YOU ARE NOT AN ENGINEER, they will not get you any on campus interviews besides commission-based sales with Enterprise, or some "financial insurance agency" that will, still, only offer commission.... THEY WILL email you continuously to leave feedback on their career placement service 3+ yrs postgrad . All of which will be SKEWED QUESTIONS to support their own agenda in stats, and increase FRESHMAN YEAR APPLICANTS.

I graduated with a BA in '16. About 3 years for NJIT to prove they have an "in". Result? YOU HAVE TO HOUND COMPANIES (on your own) FOR THEM TO EVEN CONSIDER YOU. 5/100 HELP FROM NJIT Career Services.
My favorite things about New Jersey Institute of Technology is the calm atmosphere with students who genuinely care about learning and enjoy networking with other students.
Institution could use more campus locations around New Jersey. Dorms can use an upgrade in terms of having facilitated kitchen space as the neighboring hall does. Most halls share one kitchen per six hundred students. Ideally dorms should look like the rooms in the Honors College. Most of the time facilities is not proactive when things such as HVAC systems break down. Student life is fairly well in the institution as it is known to be a geek school. What can improve is the department of Career Development Services: it should be implemented within the program of study that a student must take a minimum of two internships in order to graduate while at NJIT. Looking for internships is a hassle: and being located in the Greater New York area it shouldn’t be a problem for the institution to form partnerships.
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I enjoy the downtown area. Broad Street has a diversity of shops and restaurants. The new athletic center is great for working out. They have billiards, bowling and a bar above the campus center.
Amazing school and prepares you for your future . As a freshman I've contacted many companies about future internship opportunities . Also the best priced engineering school in the northeast and the school is extremely diverse . Professors are very experienced and caring toward the students. Campus building are are well updated with the best technology and one of the best groups of public safety Ive ever seen .
My experience so far has been really good. As a freshman this past year I was able to get in touch with a lot of people that gave me great opportunities to volunteer and participate as an active student. The professors I had this year were very helpful and were fair in their grading. I had fun making friends and was really pleased with my dorming experience. It is a diverse campus, so you'll definitely come across a lot of different kinds of people. The dining hall's food is not the best, so students get tired of it pretty quickly and you find yourself eating pizza all too often. It is a small campus and that means that you have to get creative when it comes to finding things to do. A student's best bet is definitely going downtown, which is a two minute walk from the campus.
NJIT is a really good college. Sure the courses are harder and the professors expect a lot out of you. However, student life is really good and you could find many people with similar interests.
New Jersey Institute of Technology is a difficult and overwhelming STEM school. The college isn't big, but the amount of effort that must be put in the classes and at home can be extremely overwhelming, especially if students have a job. Although the work is difficult, the eventual outcome is well worth it.
NJIT is a very diverse university with a relatively low student to teacher ratio. This gives students opportunities to gain more personal attention and research opportunities from instructors.
Njit is a very serious campus. The difficulty there is higher than average especially for STEM courses. You will find yourself battling between classes and homework but it'll be worth it. Your basically finish your degree with a good basis of knowledge and a number of companies looking to hire you because of your school. Get ready for a boring 4 years though. The party scene at NJIT and student life needs a lot of improvement. Athletes seem to be favored a lot at this school which isn't an issue really but everyone needs to be taken care of equally. Campus activities are dull and ininteresting. You'll end up working a lot studying a lot.
NJIT was amazing about the admissions process making me feel comfortable throughout the entire experience.
NJIT is a great school academic wise. The people you meet are fun, outgoing and have great personalities. The food here is also pretty good. Lots of options for commuters as well as for people who want to dorm. As a commuter myself, I find this school to satisfy my needs of college life. Overall, I would highly recomend this school to high schoolers or anyone seeking a college education.
This college is still developing as compared to other universities in the neighborhood such as Rutgers. The college has potential to return to its former glory with a little funding and change in management it can be easily achieved.
Return on investments are good for local students and undergraduate students. Academically speaking there are very few practical experiences you'll have at this college.
It has a very big campus. Very neat. Classrooms have a lot tech that is helpful to students. Classrooms are big and clean. Campus has a big open area.
It is a very good university where i found a lot of good professors and good materials. It is not very expensive but it also does not have a very good ranking.
NJIT is a challenging school, a melting pot of people from around the globe and has a variety of programs that allow you to pursue the appropriate career progression. They help their students who cannot afford tuition and open amazing opportunities for foreign exchange students. I would like to have seen the same opportunities provided to American born students. Additionally, you must do your own research on careers and not leave it up to the councilors. I had to take an additional year to graduate because of the lack of proper guidance. Even though the area may be a bit scarey from most, security is always around to make you feel safe and the campus is beautiful. Campus food tastes good and you get a ROI if you purchash the meal plan but be aware that the food has a high sodium content.
During the open house, all of the tours and desks were student driven. It felt very welcoming and the people conducting the open house were friendly and did not get annoyed if you asked for extra help or an explanation. I felt that I got the full experience because the dean gave a speech/presentation to the students and we were able to meet with professors of our interested major.
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I would like to see more engagement. The courses are challenging and at a very high standard, you have to put in a lot of work into your classes. Most workers on campus are rude or not helpful, so make sure you are prepared for that.
NJIT is a rigorous school. It's tution isn't very high yet you can get a very high paying job with your degree, depending on what you major in.
It is a pretty good school. Very small with less distraction compare to bigger school. The teachers are average for the most part but are always available. No student life. Most of the student commute to school and are not around on the weekends