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As a 3rd year student, I feel I have a sense of the university. It is an experience that people might confuse, but that also goes for all colleges. If you don't participate and branch out you won't be really capitalizing on your overall college opportunity. I feel I have used these resources the school offers to benefit me and I continue to still use them along the way. NJIT is a great platform for greatness, you just have to believe in yourself. They challenge you in levels that you won't really see coming, but it's all a recipe for individual development and will. They even copy the curriculum of many colleges like, Stevens and MIT, helping students to compete at one of the highest levels. As a NY resident, I know that it would have been easier, as well as cheaper, if I didn't go out of state. However, the promise and potential that I saw NJIT to have on me helped me make one of the best decisions in my lifetime.
Everything is organized. Everything is new every year; there is always something big like new soccer feild or new gym or else being built.
This is the best school in the world. There's a state of the art multi-million dollar makerspace right next to the brand new $100,000,000 gym. The Professors are extremely intelligent with a lot of them having patents. There are plenty of Easter eggs hidden around campus, like the BOWLING ALLY in the basement of campus center.
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Although the major I was pursuing was very tough I had a great time at NJIT. I met my husband on my first semester. Being a transfer student took some adjustment but I am glad I chose NJIT versus CUNY which would have been a longer commute from home and my long nights of studying in campus may have not been possible.
Amazing professors who not only teach you whats required, but other things you should be aware of. Study heavy atmosphere with students who work hard.
NJIT is a really interesting place to learn. It is located in the middle of a growing city so there is always something to do. And small size allows for the occurrence of small and close friend groups.
NJIT has a vast and diverse society that come together to help each other. It has a very beautiful campus as well that neighbors Rutgers - Newark.
NJIT has a very easy to navigate campus and many diversities but the cooperation between students and professors in the courses should improve.
Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. Campus is also very updated. The new Maker lab is also a great addition to the school and to the learning experience. The tuition fees are also very reasonable for in state students.
I'm a CS transfer student from a community college. They've credited all my classes however GPA won't matter even if you're a 4.0 or a 2.5, you can start from a clean slate when you transfer here. Students can also cross register at Rutgers.
NJIT has a lot to offer. All that is on a student's end is to explore and avail what the college has to offer.
I like the campus and diversity. the fact that the professors are there to help you out. the number of jobs and doors you ope for yourself after you graduate from njit are tremendous. i really love the fact that it is 20 mins away from new York and we can have fun with our friends whenever we want.
Overall I learned valuable lessons at NJIT, most of their courses are well taught and the professors are always available to help dedicated students. However, life on campus was very displeasing. Students had very little school spirit and hardly anyone participated in events hosted by the school. There is a ton of construction on campus and housing is very expensive for the amount of things wrong with the buildings. Water mains have broken leaving buildings without water, cockroaches and rats were found in dining halls and residence halls, and many things were broken by students in which you have to pay. There is not much to do around campus in Newark, and the food quality was horrible. I now have gastritis and gastroparesis and I fully attribute it to NJIT's poor nutrition and environment.
The best part of NJIT are the students, the whole campus is tuned to the same frequency. The community of STEM students is very close and motivated.

Hard facts: average 35k in DEBT in loans post-grad. Extremely low job placement statistics (for anyone who is not graduating with an engineering or design track accounting degree.)

IF YOU ARE NOT AN ENGINEER, they will not get you any on campus interviews besides commission-based sales with Enterprise, or some "financial insurance agency" that will, still, only offer commission.... THEY WILL email you continuously to leave feedback on their career placement service 3+ yrs postgrad . All of which will be SKEWED QUESTIONS to support their own agenda in stats, and increase FRESHMAN YEAR APPLICANTS.

I graduated with a BA in '16. About 3 years for NJIT to prove they have an "in". Result? YOU HAVE TO HOUND COMPANIES (on your own) FOR THEM TO EVEN CONSIDER YOU. 5/100 HELP FROM NJIT Career Services.
My favorite things about New Jersey Institute of Technology is the calm atmosphere with students who genuinely care about learning and enjoy networking with other students.
Institution could use more campus locations around New Jersey. Dorms can use an upgrade in terms of having facilitated kitchen space as the neighboring hall does. Most halls share one kitchen per six hundred students. Ideally dorms should look like the rooms in the Honors College. Most of the time facilities is not proactive when things such as HVAC systems break down. Student life is fairly well in the institution as it is known to be a geek school. What can improve is the department of Career Development Services: it should be implemented within the program of study that a student must take a minimum of two internships in order to graduate while at NJIT. Looking for internships is a hassle: and being located in the Greater New York area it shouldn’t be a problem for the institution to form partnerships.
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I enjoy the downtown area. Broad Street has a diversity of shops and restaurants. The new athletic center is great for working out. They have billiards, bowling and a bar above the campus center.
Amazing school and prepares you for your future . As a freshman I've contacted many companies about future internship opportunities . Also the best priced engineering school in the northeast and the school is extremely diverse . Professors are very experienced and caring toward the students. Campus building are are well updated with the best technology and one of the best groups of public safety Ive ever seen .
My experience so far has been really good. As a freshman this past year I was able to get in touch with a lot of people that gave me great opportunities to volunteer and participate as an active student. The professors I had this year were very helpful and were fair in their grading. I had fun making friends and was really pleased with my dorming experience. It is a diverse campus, so you'll definitely come across a lot of different kinds of people. The dining hall's food is not the best, so students get tired of it pretty quickly and you find yourself eating pizza all too often. It is a small campus and that means that you have to get creative when it comes to finding things to do. A student's best bet is definitely going downtown, which is a two minute walk from the campus.