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I am a freshman at NJIT, I was also in EOP so I started my college in summer vacation. If you can survive in NJIT EOP program for six weeks you can definitely survive in regular college. For me, math classes at NJIT are the hardest to get a 90 or above as your final grade. I like NJIT because I made some friends during my EOP program which are like my family members now because we all are always together doing homework or studying. They also have so many activities on campus for commuters. There are about 50 clubs that you can join and also you can make your own club with 5-6 people. Once you make friends you will never feel going home.
A great college for engineering.The New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) is a public research university in the University Heights neighborhood of Newark, New Jersey. NJIT is New Jersey's Science & Technology University.[10] Centrally located in the New York metropolitan area, its campus is within walking distance of downtown Newark. New York City, 9 miles (14.5 km) and under 30 minutes away, is easily accessible from campus via rapid transit.[a]
I have visited a few activities on campus, and have heard a multitude of extremely good things about the university from friends, family, and colleagues, so as a freshman, I am extremely excited to start this spring!
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Overall, I really like it here. In addition to technology, the school has music and arts programs. The people are generally very welcoming and helpful. Its a competitive scene in your individual major but there are tons are people to help you succeed.
good academics. A friend of mine graduated from here and described to me that he had a good experience attending this school. Their standards of admission are up to par from what i have heard about it.
Most professors here should not be teachers. They don't have a proper method of teaching. Curves are crazy. You can get a 35 as your final grade and walk away with a C for the course in some classes
A small environment, and students can connect with the community very easily. A very safe campus because of all the security.
It is a very underrated college and provides great opportunities for everyone. There is a lot of room for research on campus.
Recently, I transferred to NJIT from William Paterson university. Thus far, the school has provided me with the many opportunities it has to offer. NJIT definitely a great return on investment.
The classes are can definitely be challenging but almost every teacher that ive had was a really good teacher. It is a small campus but definitely expanding and overall enhancing the student experience which is a bonus.
I am a transfer student to NJIT the education is top quality I would recommend this school to anyone !!
The New Jersey Institute of Technology is a good school. First and foremost the EOP program there is one of the toughest but will help you out tremendously so I recommend that above all to any student planning to go there. The campus is beautiful, and the people are friendly. Campus food isn't half bad, there is always a security guard around so you feel safe as well, and you can even ask to be walked to a certain place on campus if you don't feel comfortable walking alone. NJIT has alot of Diversity and their Athletics are pretty good seeing as how we have a division one basketball team. Something I would definitely want to see change is the professors. Don't get me wrong some are very good at what they do, but on the other hand you have professors that have no clue what they are doing. I guess it balances itself out in the end since you can always check and choose which professors you want, but you don't always end up being that lucky.
I am currently a junior at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. I am majoring in Concrete Industry Management in the engineering school. Thus far, I have had an amazing experience at the school. Every professor that I have taken so far has been outstanding. They have been clear with their material, made themselves available, and genuinely care for the students. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the classes I have been a part of. One thing that I would change, however, would be to provide more parking spaces for students. During class rush hour, it is sometimes difficult to find a parking spot, resulting in tardiness to class. In conclusion, I would rate my experience at NJIT as very good so far.
So I was enrolled in the EOF Program as a low-income student and I was supposed to dorm there for approximately a month and I did dorm there. But the food they provided was not so really good because I'm a vegetarian guy and I don't eat meat or eggs so I didn't really have a choice to eat piece of bread sometimes.
It's a very good college which is well connected by NJ transit. The education is tough, but it has a good reputation.
Really good college. Great things going and also many plans to improve in the future. The academics are focused on STEM, and they offer many different majors and minors for students to choose from. There is a good level of diversity. The campus is big, many resources available.
Some would say that the fact that this is a relatively small school detracts worth from it. I would beg to differ. The nice thing about this place is that there is a reasonably low student to faculty ration. As a result, professors are more approachable and actually remember you. In my experience, professors have been genuinely interested in my success and have generally been available outside of class hours for questions. While not all students are motivated to learn, people are generally down to earth and easy to talk to. Overall, this is a great school where students can ultimately get out what they put in. One last thing to mention. While it is situated in Newark, not the safest city in the world, the campus safety does a good job keeping students safe. As long as you don't go out past a reasonable hour and stay on campus, safety is not a concern. Also, every city has its good and bad parts. The downtown part of the city has a nice selection of Portuguese restaurants.
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I liked the fact that my professor's were very helpful and were willing to spend extra time with the students outside of class to help them understand the material better. The fact that the school has a bowling alley in the campus center is great as well. I think that some of the older dorms should be renovated and the dining hall should be open later at night.
For a university that has a lot of diversity of students from all types of ethnic background you name. All the lectures and lab courses has a lot to offer where you're giving real world problems, giving that professional experience in your actual classroom. There are many on campus clubs/organizations that anyone can get involved with creating a experience for to students to become future leaders in the workforce. NJIT is ranked #1 on tuition/salary ratio in the whole country, meaning you your college education really worth it. Our University offers career services and a large network for many employment opportunities. NJIT really has a lot to offer to, possibilities are limitless!
I love the diverse community that make up the student body on campus! There are so many people from different towns, states, and even countries. On top of this, each person sports a myriad of interests, classes, and work experience. Students are very ambitious at this campus, which allows you to surround yourself with people who strive to be the very best at whatever they apply themselves to. Ultimately this pushes you to challenge what you know, defend what you believe in, and in the end, make you a better person.