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I've been attending NJCU for about four years now, and pretty close to graduating. I must say that they do a have a very diverse student body being located in the ever growing and thriving Jersey City. Conveniently located closely to transportation into New York City. They're professors are have knowledge and experience in their fields. They are always ready and willing to assist you reach your goals.
I love this school and the people in it. The community is so positive and friendly that you never want to leave. The art program is also amazing! I can’t wait to get my degree!
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I love the diversity of the student body and professors at New Jersey City University. Some professors get away with being unprofessional even when reported.
As far as student to teacher relationship, i don't believe the teachers try hard enough to get you where you need to be. college as a whole is an "on your own" type of thing. if you don't set yourself up with the nessesary essentials you'll never succeed
I attend NJCU solely for the scholarship. It's a really good school if you know you want to spend a lot of money on your master's or any higher level degrees. The professors are great, but the students are average. Most don't care because they barely have to pay to attend, or they're only going to say they have some college experience.
During the summer, I was in the OSP Summer Bridge Program, and I can honestly say that I had learned so much from everyone. I made a lot of friends, learned new things and had my mentality grow even bigger. It has made me stronger in some subjects, and I thank NJCU for giving me this opportunity to be in the program. It has prepared me for the school year and has made me excited for this fall and spring semesters!
A truly Educational effort Professors are very knowledgeable and are always there to help. Library hours are flexible, transportation is easily accessible classes at geared at both adult and teenagers level. it wonderful
I am in my second year here at NJCU and I don't see why this isn't someone first pick for college. I have had an amazing year in the school and have had to meet amazing people. The teachers are there to help you every step of the way. Students are friendly on and off campus. You will love the campus so much that you would want to be in school forever.
I’ve had a very good experience as a student at NJCU. I’m about to start senior year soon and I hope I end up having a great experience for my last year of undergrad.
NJCU is a diverse school, therefore I get to see different backgrounds. I learned so much in all my classes.
They are very helpful, and well go above and beyond to make sure your experience at NJCU is a great time there
My experience is still progressing. So far everything is getting better. The professors are a little difficult but maybe everything will get better in the near future. I had to change my majors because the major was not in my interest.
I loved my time ar NJCU. I had some ups and downs with Financial aid and some professors over a 6 year spam but overall, I made some wonderful people who have helped me become who I am today. I wouldn’t change of those experiences for nothing in this world.
I've only been in New Jersey City University for one year so far, and now I'm currently a sophomore. People always say that your first year of college is supposed to be your great year. My experience my first year at New Jersey City University was okay, and not my great year. The campus is a great campus, it's small, and I love how everything is right next to each other. When it comes to activities with this college, it is not that exciting. In my opinion, I feel that New Jersey City University needs more ways to stand out and to have events and activities that students and people in this generation can enjoy. That is something that they lack of. My experience is average, because of the way the school carries itself. Regardless, the college has great programs that benefit to the major that you choose.
Njcu isn’t what I thought it would be, when I can for open house , tours, and other event for I decided to come here they told us about lots of things that don’t rreally happen here I love how diverse it is the things that can improve are the dorms campus activity or events the cafe food and more options of food
New Jersey CityUniversity is a great school that provides a lot of opportunities for their students to succeed. The campus is small but very diverse and the small classroom sizes provide better learning opportunities for students. The campus is always cleaned and is beautiful!
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I took a Chemistry program. I had bad experience with the department chairman. He helped only few students, and didn't care about others. he tough most of the major classes, then you don't have the choice. Other teachers are very good, and helpful.
What I love about NJCU is the greenery its beautiful in the summer and the student body is great at the school! To whole ever wants to attend this school I highly recommend you to go, because I believe this school will keep getting better and better!!
Professor are more cordial and Library support system Is Much more developed . On the other hand campus student center is Hub of recreation
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