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This University has mastered the concept of homing in on curricular and education. I do like the school because I think that they have a lot of opportunities for the students. I am a freshman this year and so I don't know everything about the school or if this will be where I had census day for my last six years of college. However, I do think that this college does not Focus on building relationships and friendships. I think that people are more focused on going to class and getting good grades rather than building life long friendships .
I like that you recieve a quality education that is inexpensive. I love the diversity of the students and professors. I also enjoy that the campus is small, so its easier to build relationships with others.
I would have to say that my years spent at NJCU were great! NJCU was very diverse and quite affordable. They have many different opportunities to make their students succeed. Go Gothic Knights!
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What I liked most about New Jersey City University is that it is diverse. It is great to connect with so many different people and attend and support so many different cultural events and how the University is welcoming to all race and genders.
What I like about New Jersey City University is the diversity it has on the campus. It's filled with almost every ethnicity at the college and that is what I was looking for when I applied to NJCU.
The school is very accommodating and works with the students very closely to help them achieve their goals!
I love the fact that Art professor at the Visual Arts Building are very talented and social awared becuase many of them are not just teaching us graphic design or Ats, but also to apply our design skills to help to bombat social issues. I just love it because in actuality we are facing many polical and social changes, and we have to be available to help in some way.
I am not a college student there but I do go once in a while just as a place to hang out since my school is literally across the street, it's very pretty especially in the winter and spring time, the flowers are such a beautiful scenery.
My experience at that school is usually cool, I don't really have any trouble there but if i did it would probably be because of the professors but otherwise, it a great school to learn and experience new things . They do need to change the food , they have a GSUB, it make you either sick or it be cold.
Very diverse school, with several clubs and events going on every week. The professors have worked in the field that you are majoring in making it easy to learn and understand the class better
Great School! Very Friendly staff and students! Very easy to navigate, Some class are tough becuase of the professor but they teach very good.
When I was in New Jersey city university I learned all these great ways to interact with people.i enjoyed learning different cultures but also enjoyed meeting many peopl of the same culture as me it was very exciting. I also learned how to balance school life and campus life I learned how to prioritize what's is more important and what's not.
The new dorms are great but expensive. The food isn't great but the staff are very friendly but it is hard to understand most of the professors but English isn't most of their first languages.
What I most like and adore of New Jersey City University is the diversity and friendliness of the students on campus. Often times, when I am inundated with work and home responsibilities, I am distracted positively because of the students and faculty who always without fail, provide a conducive atmosphere of learning and social interaction.
What I think could be improved at New Jersey City University, is the Music/Dance and Theatre department. I am a violinist who plays 1st and 2nd violin for the NJCU orchestra and would like the department to stage more opera productions or larger productions for that matter. I hear stories from faculty about how NJCU used to stage large opera productions encompassing so many musicians, singers, actors and tech crew alike. Operas such as Don Giovanni, The Magic Flute, and the Marriage of Figaro to name a few.
I had a great experience on my first semester . Professional staff and couserlors. My class was very intended and the Profesor made it easy to understand and flexible to archive a high Score.
The campus is beautiful and is very diverse The school is good in academics. However, Because it is a commuters school It lacks in students life. There are clubs and activities on campus to do. But the campus itself is dry. Most students just want to go to class and then leave.
Very diverse school. Small class sizes so you can interact with the professors more. The only thing I would request is to make more clubs and activities. Not many people take part in the activities the school provides. It's an okay school.
Review New Jersey City University
I like that NJCU is a academic based school, oppose to being focused around sports. I would like to see the organization and time management of the facilities changed and enhanced so that students may get information on time.
Because this is my first I can answer that but I know couple alumni who have shared with me that it was fairly easy to get jobs after college
I like my course work it's just the right amount my professors are great they care about the well being of students and the success of each and every student
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