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If you care about integrity you will choose a different college.

I filled out a pastors review in the Spring of 2017 for a student applying for New Hope and recommended the student be accepted.

The student was living a lie (morally) and so lied to me and on their application to New Hope. The student was accepted to attend.

When the truth came out late Spring the administration WOULD NOT remove my recommendation from the students file or remove their acceptance of them. Their reason why? "The student might sue us if we did."

So, New Hope CHRISTIAN college fears man MORE than they FEAR God.

Also, to be accepted you have to have a 2.75 GPA from high school. This student barely graduated from high school and DID NOT meet this requirement.

DO NOT even consider this college if you are looking for a school that holds the name and honor of God high.
I love the community at New Hope Christian College, professors and students alike, it's a wonderful place to be!
It's limited. There are two dorms: one for males and one for females. There are also on-campus appartments.
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The resources on campus are limited for athletes, however all students are given a membership at International Fitness which is a high quality fitness center.
I love classes and the school in general because the staff and faculty are focused on pursuing the will of God in the way they do things. There's a heavy emphasis on Bible teaching especially in my major, but I enjoy that. For those not interested in ministry there are few options as far as classes go.
Few places, but wide variety of ethnic and American food.
There could be more parties, but the ones organized are fun and eventful.
Social strictness is appropriate. Drug and alcohol usage are not permitted on campus following Biblical standards.
I wish there were more scholarships, but the ones available were easy to apply for.
Hit and miss with the meals. Though usually satisfying.
I am completely satisfied with my college's forming system. I have been impressed since I started living here.
I do not live on campus but all the students seem very happy. Everyone has different chores to keep the dorms clean and everyone shares with each other.
Our campus is extremely safe. There's 24 hr security. There are no assaults or attacks or rapes.
There's men's and women's basketball and volleyball but not too much else.
I love it! My college has been lifted up and Jesus resides on campus, in the teachers and staff and transforms all the students as well.
In addition to the application, you need a referral filled out by your pastor, a referral filled out by a personal contact and a video submission.
Safe, beautiful, great for bikers, walkers, busers and drivers.
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You get fed good. The food might not be the greatest and you might not have as much as you would like, but remember that you are getting fed.
Two main dining places that are very popular in the New Hope world: Taco Bell and Starbucks. On occasions, if you have a little bit of money, the school goes to apple bees and packs it out.
The student life on campus is phenomenal. It's like one huge family. People are caring and encouraging and so loving. If you are doing something wrong, you will be called out, as you rightly should. The ITL's are there to invest in you and they do a very good job of that. The professors truly care about you more than just a student. There is only one hang out spot and that is the student center. Really, every where besides the dorms are hang out spots if you make it. Going to school here is honestly what you make it to be. If you come here with a bad attitude and complain about everything, you're king to have a bad time. But if you come with a positive attitude, you're time here will be great. God knows what is going to happen and what will happen. So worrying and getting frustrated does no good to the body, rather take joy in the hard times and glad times in Christ during you're time here at New Hope Christian College.
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