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New Hope Christian College - Hawaii Reviews

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I feel safe all the time, but am still cautious (because it's Kalihi). Also, I don't think I have ever heard of any safety incidents.
Compared to other colleges, campus housing isn't super spectacular but for Hawaii, it's pretty average and convenient.
Now called Pacific Rim Christian University; I have made great friends here and even with the profs. Very friendly people, of course you have your few unfriendly people but overall good community. As for the academics, fairly easy, some classes I honestly felt was a waste of time and money. If one is looking for a more rigorous education, PRCU may not be the best option. Although they have a good tight attendance policy of dropping a student if they miss more than 9hrs of a class. Theologically they lean slightly more liberal or emerging reconstructionists. They are a school branched out of the foursquare gospel denomination, so they quite dogmatic on pentecostal and or charismatic doctrines. As for church philosophy they are quite pragmatic, straying from a biblical model of ecclesiology. They are very dogmatic on egalitarianism where they intentionally teach it to the students and put up a strawman for complementarians.

Overall my experience was okay, the people are great, just not the school I was looking for. I find it dangerous and worry for the ones who do not have a broader understanding of the theological spectrum. Clean slates will have a tendency to be indoctrinated without weighing out the reasons for other theological views.
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I am able to immediately apply what I've learned
It's fun, classes are good and the people are nice.
we have softball, soccer, and flag football.
It's great I feel safe and it's always fun.
Its always warm and sunny though it sometimes rains.
Plenty of Room! Getting a space is easy, considering the campus is also a church! There are now 4 parking lots, 2 of which are where students must park to make room for church goers. Those two student lots are also open to church goers, but are huge enough for everyone. Getting to class on time is only dependent on you and the reliability of your car. Carpooling is highly encouraged for students without cars/licenses, or the bus!
You'll find people from all over the world at NHCC. Each one has received a calling from God to be here, even if only for a season. Each person loves God and we discuss things about Him that you couldn't normally talk about in other circles without being bashed in the head. Everyone serves in at least one ministry at their churches, and everyone helps each other. It's a really awesome spiritual and academic support group. The staff and students pray for each other, and everyone loves to hang out in the lounge and go out and have some good, clean fun.
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