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I’m attending New Hampshire Institute of Art with concerns for this school. I didn’t give it 2 stars because of the faculty- because there’s a large a amount of them who do truly care. As a current student I can not say all of them care but I can’t say all of them don’t because I haven’t had many of the teachers yet. I can tell you how my experience has been so far and the rough patches in it. For starters NHIA promotes itself as diverse- it’s not. Manchester , yes , is a city with a growing population and cultures. But if you come from a large city or states like Miami, Baltimore, Cali, Chicago , or New York ; Manchester is the no diverse as all. If you are not white I promise you will feel like a fish out of water for awhile. Don’t let that scare you for coming but since the school doesn’t warn you I feel like someone has to.
It kind of feels like an art school for people that aren't genuinely interested in avant-garde or boundary pushing art - like a lot of the final projects I see being made by peers and alumni feels pretty kitsch. That's not really what I wanted, I wanted to be tested, challenged, and learn more about my strengths and weaknesses to craft better work. Critiques are pretty mixed here, and most of the time the challenges are just over saturation of homework and dealing with pointless projects that don't seem to be getting anywhere. Also the school is losing money so that's a plus...losing resources yet having to charge us more and more each year is quite lovely. WE NEED MORE GALLERY SPACES TOO. I could say a lot more but it'd be a freaking novella. Personally, I'm trying to make the most of my last year here, I would recommend going somewhere else closeby, there's a few good ones I here in Massachusetts.
I enjoy the small community of NHIA. Although I have a hard time adjusting to the city around us .Its a little crazy, and I see things happen that I really wish I didn't. I do live off campus though. The dorms are crammed and there definitely needs to be something done about that. The RA's and RD's should be more understanding that we are young college students. Other then that there are a lot of helpful teachers, that will go out of their way to help you with anything. Ive never felt so appreciative about registering for my classes then I do here. (I transferred) My department chair also cares a lot about my creative process and how to enhance my experience overall, and help me get exactly what I want out of my college experience.
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As a second semester sophomore the school is really good at starting your major right off the bat. Being able to get connections with your teachers to help you be the best that you can be and to also to improve your work as much as possible. Freshmen also get the chance to try different types of majors to build up your skills to put under your belt. The students around are friendly and open, it's a great atmosphere and lots of different events that the RAs created to help de-stress and allow students to have fun. The commuters get emails about the events and also dances too! This is a safe campus that doesn't have any of the typical college parties on campus so then you can feel safe while being in the dorms. This is a really good school that’ll help you be the best artist that you can be.
I am having a good experience at NHIA. Professors I've had are helpful and friendly. I am a commuter, so I don't live in a dorm or eat at the campus cafeteria. There could be an improvement in transportation and have more than one shuttle for students that especially live on campus.
An intimate group of hard working people. Still have a letter press. Strong Printmaking facilities. The art mecca of Manchester. A great place to find focus in your work. Interested in helping you with your career as well as your craft. Also a stellar writing department.
The professors will bend over backwards to help the students. They alone are the reason to go here since your art will explode in growth. The rest needs work. The dorms are pretty abysmal, I even had a RD harass me and go into my room without a warrant. The school would like to think that they are accepting and hip, the reality is that most students hate each other and have prejudices of each other. However there are exceptions, and there are lots of kind people at this school. I sadly also had a bully during my time at NHIA, and I couldn't simply beat him up, I had to take it to the school and the school did absolutely nothing. There is no party scene really, there are no athletics, and the dining hall is almost a war crime. The vibe of Manchester, to me, is very unwelcoming. Everyone looks at each other as if they have five heads on them. Also sadly the price just keeps going up and up with less help every year.
Pretty good experience. The people are great and the city is enjoyable. The instrustors truly care about the well-being of the students.
I am a first year student and I have enjoyed everything so far. The workload can be a little rough the first few weeks of the semester but, it gets better and the teachers are amazing.
I like the small school setting. All the teachers are really invested and it seems like they really care about what you're doing, what you should be doing and the helping you get the skills to get you where you want to be.
The administration needs help. The dining hall is horrid. I repeat horrid. The teachers are amazing and this place would be so much better off if they had more students and income.
This school has a very dedicated and hardworking faculty of professors/educators that strive to ensure the success of their students. They're one of the best aspects of this school. However, the staff and administration are almost impossible to communicate with and seem to not want to talk or invest any time into the students. I'd say this is probably the only fault I can find with the school. The campus is small and very easy to navigate, and the class sizes are very nice and manageable. If you're looking for a school with teachers who honestly do care about your future as an artist, this is it. Eventually you'll learn how to handle the staff and administration.
It was a great experience. I loved the classes and people I met. I learned a lot both in class and about the college experience. Really nice college and classes.
NHIA is a spectacular school if you can get passed the faculty hiccups. During my time at NHIA I found myself surrounded by several of my peers that made me feel comfortable and inspired. The professors are always willing to lend a hand and reach out to all of their students.
I love it here. The people and teachers are wonderful and it's a really personalized, small environment.
Freshman program is lack luster. They do not touch on basics but rather focus a great deal on writing which is confusing in regards to wanting to achieve an art degree.
The Institute is a safe environment in a not so safe city They provide everything possible to assure the Students are safe and happy within the problem city of Manchester The food is not on par with the usual I would receive at home, but that is something that is for the actually food company to fix and not the School The dorms and the upkeep of them area always nice and clean well monitored and a safe space for all it's students equipped with studios to help the artists at work
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super amazing. like i said. everyone supports each other. parties are known about and people get drunk. campus security knows and keeps us safe. we aren't allowed to drink on campus but we can come home safe and have a place to sleep without consequence as long as we behave. it's a good system. i never feel like I'm in danger
amazing parties, amazing vibes. Friday and Saturday nights theres never not something going on, just be respectful of your friends apartments and don't walk alone. Bars and clubs are kind of raunchy though.
everyone is the same. even social classes don't exist. it's a small school, you're friends with everyone.
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