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New England Tech is great. All of the teachers are very knowledgeable and actually want you to succeed.
Very professional and teachers are always very helpful. I would highly recommend New England tech . The staff at New England tech all go above and beyond to assist you in any way they can
New England Institute of Technology is a great school for anyone who is passionate about the career of choice. I had completed my associates here in the OTA program and am back to complete the OT program to earn my masters. The professors are incredibly knowledgable and help build your clinical and professional skills.
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NEIT has a lot to offer a student. Free tutoring and open labs to practice away from the classroom. The staff is very friendly and very helpful.
This school is absolutely beautiful. The campus is newly renovated! The staff is so pleasant to deal with. They want you to graduate!
New England institute of technoloy has state of the art nursing simulation labs that train individuals to become great nurses!
Although I don't attend the school YET, I went for an interview today and the experience was amazing. My admissions advisor Brian was wonderful, he laid out everything I needed to know and didn't sugar coat anything. Coming from a young teen whose been around the block with schools and health care jobs, I was thrilled to hear about reality than painted fairy tales.
Everyone is extremely personable, you are not just a number here. I recently moved from England to be with my wife, and everyone has made me feel like an American and like I belong here.
I have ben to New England of Institute of Technology twice now, and each time I went there the faculty was very helpful and kind. I love the campus, it is very beautiful and has access to a small plaza with restaurants and a movie theater! They are just now making dorms for the students as well; however it is quite expensive to live in the dorms, not to mention you can only live there for the first year, and then you have to move into an apartment complex. That is probably the thing I would like to change about NEIT, other than that, this school is fantastic!
This is a great school for the trades. The teachers are knowledgeable and have worked in the fields that they teach. But this school is very expensive.
Worst school possible. I was falsely accused of plagiarism and have witnesses to prove it. That didn't matter to the professor they still got failed for it. So I left because I was then being forced to pay for the class out of pocket, that I couldn't pay for. Now they say I owe them money for the class I "failed" and when I tried to get my student loan information to make payments they refused to give it to me, "until I paid off what I owed the school first". If it was possible to rate them as a 0 I would. This place will ruin your life.
Great school with tons of hands on help. Great place to learn. The cons are its labs and computer systems. With that said, some technologies are harder than others in the state.
This is my first semester at NEIT and I couldn't love it more. Beautiful and up kept buildings. Professional professors who love what they are teaching and have a degree in that subject. All of the students are nice and welcoming. Definitely recommend and if you go to every class and do different things.. the price is worth it! They have so many different free services for students such as tutoring by professors, career services where they make your resume and help you with interviews, transportation etc. I LOVE NEIT!!
The teachers are awesome, however hey need to step up their sporting activities to compete with other schools.
Like I said I am a military Vet with five kids ranging from ages 4-11. My fiance' recently got offered a job that would be a big help financially. I was concerned I would not be able to continue in my major because it doesn't offer night courses due to a lack of students interested in doing nights. I went to my department head and he was more than happy to help me figure out a solution that would both benefit my education in the same major as well as allow my fiance' to take the job. I am extremely grateful to the staff for understanding the importance of my education as well as taking in the consideration of my family's well being.
Online courses were great and helped me a bit. I continued to take online courses during summer break and really the only thing missing was the hands on experience.
I may have already covered this but the professors I have worked with are always more than happy to help out with advice or if you don't understand something. I think the small classes make it easier for students to get a professors attention when it's needed. The professors aren't overwhelmed with students, they know us by name and get to know about our personal lives and we learn a bit about theirs which makes the environment more comfortable. it's easier to talk to someone when you actually get to know them as more than professor and student.
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They know that coming back to school can be overwhelming and were very informative and helpful every step of the way. I don't think the degree matters as much as the actual skills and experiences you are receiving as well as the real world advice and information given from the professors who learned from their own experiences in the field.
New England Tech was a huge part of being able to turn my life around. Like I said the hands on learning combined with academic learning really helped me get a grasp on how to work the equipment needed in my field. I learn best when I'm physically doing things. I'm currently going for my bachelor's degree but in my associates I interned at a small magazine and felt confident enough to hand the editor a few articles that I have written and they actually made the magazine. I don't think I would have been as confident if it weren't for the training I had gotten from NEIT.
I was nervous about going back to school after the military, I have five kids and the professors and head of my department have always been more than helpful and understanding when it comes to my family. In most cases it doesn't feel like we are students but more like colleagues and they are walking us through what our careers will be like. I have gone to professors for everything from registering for classes to personal problems and I have never been turned away. In fact, if they were busy at the moment they made sure to make time for me and get back to me either in person, over the phone or through email. We as students have virtually unlimited access to learning resources as well as the latest in state of the art equipment. The mix of hands on training combined with academic learning has really helped me get a better understanding of what I want my career to be...I have even considered looking to work for the school once I have my degree.
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