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New England Tech has been a wonderful experience. Lots of activities to do and great programs. People here are nice and friendly, especially the teachers and staff. I love here and wish the school will only improve.
I love the nursing program! I love how fast it is! Great when it comes to help. You will always have someone there to help; we have the academic skills center. Free touring! And the school catches your eye. Very attractive looking.
This college is great and I’m proud to be enrolled. The professors and faculty are always willing to help and push students to try their best. The curriculum is very constructive and effective based on courses of study. The brand new campus is beautiful and architecturaly attractive. Lastly when finally looking to get hired the school does a great job of setting up networking nights so students could possibly start a career with companies assosictaed with the school.
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I love working with other classmates. The teachers are awesome and they even work within the same field you're studying in. Amazing 1 on 1 time of student and teacher.
I found NEIT very helpful for me with application and financial aide. Everyone made this process easy, especially since I am going back to school after 10 years from High School Graduation. The courses are specific in the field of study I am interested in. I am very excited to get started.
As I have just applied to New England Tech, it is difficult to give an honest review. I can say that are a variety of programs to choose from which makes your choice either easy or difficult
What I like about New England Institute of Technology is the convenience that is provided for students, The accommodations and kindness that all of my professor and teachers have offered to students. New England Tech is certainly a school that caters to the needs of the students rather than private interest and is an amazing university to attend.
I love NEIT. I graduated from here in 2017, and am planning to return here for a second degree. If you are focused on getting your degree and furthering your career and not wasting time Gen Ed's, this is the best school for you. New England Tech is a technical university and is very hands-on, and you earn your associate's degree in a year and a half or your bachelor's degree in three years. This school lays out the classes and paths you must take in order to graduate, there is so much help between councilors and tutors and advisors. You have smaller classes, which helps professors focus on you and your style of learning. I recommend this institute highly.

The only issue I've had is that tuition is high, due to it being a private university.
NEITs mechanical engineering program is very resourceful between the vast course selection and adjunct professors that have real world relateable experience. I was referred here by two other mechanical engineers. It is definitely a challenge but all in all they get you ready for your career.
Students and staff create a welcoming atmosphere that invite you in and want to be apart of the school.
Very high tech!!! Always improving different things. Up with the latest things and will accommodate for Mac or pc computers. They help with every aspected of the process and are very involved
New England Tech is great. All of the teachers are very knowledgeable and actually want you to succeed.
Very professional and teachers are always very helpful. I would highly recommend New England tech . The staff at New England tech all go above and beyond to assist you in any way they can
New England Institute of Technology is a great school for anyone who is passionate about the career of choice. I had completed my associates here in the OTA program and am back to complete the OT program to earn my masters. The professors are incredibly knowledgable and help build your clinical and professional skills.
NEIT has a lot to offer a student. Free tutoring and open labs to practice away from the classroom. The staff is very friendly and very helpful.
This school is absolutely beautiful. The campus is newly renovated! The staff is so pleasant to deal with. They want you to graduate!
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New England institute of technoloy has state of the art nursing simulation labs that train individuals to become great nurses!
Although I don't attend the school YET, I went for an interview today and the experience was amazing. My admissions advisor Brian was wonderful, he laid out everything I needed to know and didn't sugar coat anything. Coming from a young teen whose been around the block with schools and health care jobs, I was thrilled to hear about reality than painted fairy tales.
Everyone is extremely personable, you are not just a number here. I recently moved from England to be with my wife, and everyone has made me feel like an American and like I belong here.
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