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At the beginning of the pandemic they paid for everyone to have the programs on their own computers since we couldn't come into the school, now that we can use their labs and programs they don't do that which is not as great, it would nice to get my projects done at home seeing as I only go to school once or twice a week.
This college is very hands-on and cares about your education with them. They make sure you learn as much as possible in the best way possible. They give you everything you need right at the school, free to use whenever you want. Attending here was the best decision I ever made.
My experience at NEIT has been great. As a Senior in the Architectural Engineering program I have been set up with a foundation that will help me to further my career exponentially.
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Being a student here during the current Covid-19 pandemic has changed my education greatly. I went from being a strictly on campus student to fully online then continued to a hybrid of both. The teachers never changed the way they help is however. We were still given the opportunity to ask questions if needed and to get as much help as possible. They transitioned easily and they online classes were thorough and they explained everything to set us up for success.
My experience at New England tech is a great one, wonderful teachers who put you first and wonder student support. If you want to go to a school who cares about you go here.
With a accelerated program it is extremely difficult to handle school work and work at home. It even is hard as deadlines creep up on you fast. I’m not as fast as a learner, so I feel behind quick when it came to online classes. At times I wanted to wait out the pandemic and go back but I will never give up on my dreams no matter what.
I would like to see the Credit Transfer process change. Money is only given for Technology classes and not general education classes. This means ultimately if you transfer in a lot of credits your tuition doesn't decrease, you just get to take less classes per trimester. The education is on par with other schools I believe but it is very expensive to come here.
I think the online learning process went very well. I have taken two or three online classes and will continue to take them because they are well done.
Online classes do not feel virtual, the professors and entire faculty are just messages or phone calls away, even on weekends.
The nursing faculty is the best in the whole East Coast or even in the country, I dare say. They truly care about your total well-being and success after the program and not just their graduate passing rates. I was truly blessed to attend here. It changed my whole world view.
NEIT is a wonderful school. They gave me a chance to accomplish my dreams when other did not. They also have a great hands on school work, to build our skills.
I normally would be on campus, but due to COVID-19 I am doing online classes. From going to classes in person to online my teachers are doing an amazing job. In the short time they where given to set up the classes.
My experience so far is very good! I am currently getting used to the building and where to go for what. I am applying into the nursing program because it is my dream to gain a career as a doctor in the future. I love the staff and teachers who have already helped me along the way so far. I am truly blessed and excited to begin the next step in my life here at this very school of my choice. The architecture and the way the building is made is amazing. I was so surprised to see a beautiful water fall in the middle of the entrance walkway inside the school. Everyone was so welcoming and always smiling. I was going in the wrong direction and asked for help and was immediately pointed in the right direction. The students I passed seemed very nice and eager to further their education which is very motivating in my opinion. As I said before I am so excited to start and meet many new people to gain friendships with.
This is the worst school I could have picked. I am in my associates for Nursing and am desperately wanting to leave this program. DO NOT COME HERE! I was living on campus and got injured by another student, saw multiple holes in the walls from students, and couldn't go to sleep before 1am ever. I am moving out and, hopefully, can continue my education without further injury.
With what I have seen of the College, they have a very broad curriculum for students to dive into and learn about. The tuition may be a bit pricey, however there will be a pay off by them being able to help students receive a job of their choosing.
It’s amazing the support here is just so great one main reasons why I came here cause there so supportive and want help you to succeed they just don’t wanna take your money. I love it here
Great teachers for plumbing but horrible system. I went there for an associates and have spent the last two years battleing with there 3 seperate loan systems. During school on a busy day they would send a guy around a pull you out of class to tell you that you missed a payment. Intimadating and embarrassing. I got injured last year serious neck fracture i let them know i was going to be out of work and could not pay she said she would put that down. I never recieved any phone calls even tho they said the repeatedly tried. They accually issued a warrent for my arrest for not paying! I highly recommend finding a different school. I know how great there academic and teachers are but its not even close to being worth it with how bad the system works
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I plan on attending NEIT this coming fall. I have visited the campus multiple times throughout the summer and i have to admit i am very impressed.
This "school" is a joke. They take your money and RUN. And if you even think in the slightest you'll be okay, you won't. They are going to run you dry. The teachers are also a joke. To be an "established institution" is another joke. The degree is not worth it here. There are so so many issues, especially with how they handle things.
I have not started attending classes yet, however I was recently accepted into the Nursing Program for this upcoming fall semester. This good review is based on how nice and helpful all of the admissions and testing center staff is. I have attended other colleges/universities in the past and have never received such good service.
The campus is beautiful and clean as well.
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