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This school's grade on here is far too high. The disorganization and lack of communication are ruining the school. The financial aid worker is only in one day a week making communicating with her impossible. Students are being told today that they owe 17,000 or 7,000 etc. by the 7th of December. So they have either pulled out massive loans or are in the prosses of dropping out. The dorms have mold in the bathrooms, and the school has removed the Gender Neutral Bathrooms which were a pro for the transgender or non-binary students attending. A majority of the teachers here are not teaching students. But the school has decided that it is a great idea to expand? The cost is far too high to be learning almost nothing as an incoming student. This school also only teaches French Cuisine. Although Internation Cuisine classes these classes focus on Europe and students, have also been told to avoid Asian cuisines because the teacher did not prefer it.
NECI is a great school if you love small, detail oriented schools. Although sometimes a small amount unorganized, it feels like a family. Every one knows your name, and all staff makes resources to succeed readily available.
NECI has a great program but I unfortunately started when they were transferring to a new president. He communication has been horrible, but my class experience is amazing! Truley worth my time and money!
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I am currently enrolled at NECI. The school is such a wonderful experience for me between the instructors, the size of the classes and everything that I have learned so far. I love this school!
I love the campus here at neci , the staff and student relationship is incredible , they really do care about getting students educated and with the internships options it helps students with real world jobs! The dorms are a clean and safe environment and housing options are great. Overall I am really blessed and excited to open a new chapter of my life starting with my education at neci!
Classes are on a set schedule and there is a specific order in which the teachers want things done. So some basic classes like math and english can transfer but most other classes do not.
There aren't many online courses, and as new students it can be difficult to get into the system. The online platform often has problems, but there's a great team of people to help with IT problems.
There's people in the school whose sole job is to help students go on to find work when they get out of school, the final term of school is actually an internship.
The classes are as varied as the teachers, some of whom have a rep for being difficult, but as long as you do what you're supposed to and treat them with respect there's very few to no problems.
As one of the top 10 schools a degree from here is very valuable, and chefs across the country are constantly reaching out to the school for interns from here. With more internships available than students to fill them we are spot for choice on where to go and finding the right place for each person.
The culinary program is very defined and set to make sure all students are work ready when they leave the school.
The schedule is busy and before you know it you'll be taking a final, but the atmosphere is great. Plus the groups are small enough that everyone is getting what they need out of the process. However, it's a small school and gossip travels fast.
I have not had any online classes yet.
Being a female in the culinary field and not baking puts me in a weird position. I feel the men in my classes look down upon me but the teachers love me, they push me harder and have never made me cry yet. All the men at the school are really tall, and I am short. I wished the non culinary classes for example tech/writing were more mixed up with students from other classes. Everybody is accepted because we all wear the same uniform in class so there is nothing to judge but personality, and all of us are there because we have a passion for food.
The school is not at fault for my parents being poor, but hearing the word financial aid just gives me a headache. I am getting what I am paying for although I wish I could have some of the money for my internship so I could go to the places I was offered jobs at. They need more workers in the financial aid office. Save up your whole life for college that is my tip.
I am going to school for my Bachelors in Culinary Arts, the workload will get larger as I continue to go through school but that's okay because I love learning all this information. The job opportunities for internships is amazing with the career fair but it really sucked turning down amazing job offers because I could not afford to go there. The facility is great with supporting you and helping in any way they can.
I do not choose my classes, they are given to me. The schedule is set and I go with it. All the professors are amazing, my teachers have so much information to tell you, they tell you so much in a day its hard to keep up sometimes but you can not hold that against them. The volunteer opportunities at NECI are so fun, I always want to sign up for so many but I have class at the same time. The classes I take all have helped me in one way or another.
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It is hard to have a steady schedule due to the often class changes, but I do not need to do other things. I moved to Vermont to get a culinary degree at a great school and fully commit myself to that. My only frustration has been loans, grants, paying for the school. Having to find co signers because my parents were denied, the school pulls you from class if your paperwork etc. is not ready in time which just flustered me because my family had to keep waiting on the loans, and it wasn't are fault it took forever.
To be completely honest I am only in my first year at New England Culinary Institute and have not looked into this information fully. I have no doubt in my mind I will find a high paying enjoyable job very quickly after I graduate from NECI.
My input on campus is going to be more difficult to answer because I live off of campus, but I have visited the dorms on multiple occasions. NECI provides each student a gym membership, the gym establishments are wonderful. The library at NECI is weak, I love to read and have gone to enormous libraries so it is disappointing but the library in town is across the street from the school building. NECI needs more activities to do that are not culinary related, other than that the school is great on resources on campus.
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