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New England College is more of a high school experience rather than a college experience. The biggest problems about this school are its campus and location. A lot of the buildings are outdated, the roads throughout the school are unpaved, and there isn't much to do on campus. Not only that but the school is in the middle of nowhere. If you would ever want to shop, go to a restaurant, or go to the movies you would have to drive over twenty minutes. The only reason you should attend this college is if you wanted to focus on academics. If you are looking for a real college experience don't come here!
I am an online learner and the experience has been great. The advisors are very knowledgeable and helpful. They stay with you during your entire educational journey. The professors are also knowledgeable and available to answer questions.
According to the students here.. This is one of the worst colleges in US..And nobody should join this college ..And people will still join this college just​because they have to get passed..And get their degree..There won't be any value for such type of degrees..
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Financial aid assistance is terrible. Made realize the reality that college is a business and New England College will not hesitate to capitalize from their students education. This is true regardless of whether that allows the student to further their education or not.
While attending NEC I experience meeting student from all walks of life, diversity and ethnicity. The classes and professors was very flexible with my busy schedule of being a full time mother of three. The professors are very knowledgeable and willing to work with the students. If you looking for a good education I would refer NEC it's regionally accredited. Very cost efficient as far getting a A+ education that will last a life time.
The classes and Professors were great, very easy to get along with. Everything you needed was very accessible.
The mentoring program provides additional support for students. This program is great for incoming freshmans transitioning from HS to college! Stay tune for suggested changes. Don’t have any at the moment.
What I like about New England College is the student to faculty ratio and the connection between students.
My experience at New England has been wonderful. The Professor's are very helpful and so is the student advisors. I would recommend this school to anyone.The advisors stay in constant contact to make sure your learning experience is going the way you want. If you call and they don't answer they return all phone calls in a timely manner.
The staff appear to be interested in my well-fair. I believe that their interest will help any student to do better.
What do I like about New England College? I like how the tutors are willing to help students out with their homework. There are tutors for every subject so you won't have to worry about that. What would I like to see New England College change? Acceptance Rate. I like how this school believes in giving people a second chance but some students do not deserve to be here? What do I mean about that? Most students are only here for the party scene with that being said, those students will not care about tjeir grades and the list goes on. There are 32 people in my psychology class and I remember only 10 people showed up. It got so bad to the point where my professor would just stop taking attendance, that is pretty sad if you think about it so I would definitely change the acceptance rate at New England College but other than that the work is pretty easy and I am doing just fine here!!!!
I’m a graduate with an accounting degree from NEC. Don’t bother coming here. The accounting program is useless. At least the online version. I succeeded because I was a transfer student and took all my major course in another school. If you are serious about your career go to PENN. I regret it and don’t want you to feel the same. Diploma looks fake too. Cheap.
its a really small community based school that offers amazing opourtunities for the students and the surrounding community.
New England College is great school for lots of help for resources and other activities. Everyone around helps you with everything you need. There’s no where you look and you can’t get help from anyone
Honestly this school was great for me. It was a perfect fit for me and really helped excel my learning. If you put the effort in and show up to class and show you care you will get good grades! The professors took extra time to help me with essay writing, to go over exams and talk one on one when I needed help with anything academically! The town is small but it’s great, it became home.
NEC has average classroom and way below average dorm buildings. The school takes money for absurd reasons and doesn't seem to care about student's actual needs.
I would recommend this college to someone who is looking for an education but want a personable atmosphere and small college life. It is 245 for our drive. Close enough but yet far enough to get that college experience. Their athletic department is fabulous coaches work with the students to maintain what they need to stay on track and be apart of a great team as well. I am glad I picked this college gives me a sense of independence as well.
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New England College is a wonderful school. The staff and Professors are all amazing. They are very nice and super helpful in giving insight to the students. The local area is beautiful. It's right in northern New Hampshire so every season is a sight to see. The only con is that tuition is super high here, not really sure why for such a small school with not many majors to offer.
Attending New England College was a great decision. The small classes make it easier to get one on one time with the professors. The small campus makes it easier and faster to get to classes. My biggest complaint from my Sophmore year, this year, is housing. The class of 2021 was too large and made housing difficult. Not only were upperclassman kicked off campus and forced to find their own housing, but the living halls were not built for the number of people living in them. Also, the cyber keys used to enter two of the halls have given my roommate and I a difficult time. When trying to get them fixed campus safety has done nothing to help us. They would only tell us to e-mail the quad coordinator. The only good thing I have to say is academic wise.
This college has been a wonderful experience. I have been in other schools that didn't care about the students just the money. If your looking for a great school this is one of the best ones.
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