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NEC has average classroom and way below average dorm buildings. The school takes money for absurd reasons and doesn't seem to care about student's actual needs.
I would recommend this college to someone who is looking for an education but want a personable atmosphere and small college life. It is 245 for our drive. Close enough but yet far enough to get that college experience. Their athletic department is fabulous coaches work with the students to maintain what they need to stay on track and be apart of a great team as well. I am glad I picked this college gives me a sense of independence as well.
New England College is a wonderful school. The staff and Professors are all amazing. They are very nice and super helpful in giving insight to the students. The local area is beautiful. It's right in northern New Hampshire so every season is a sight to see. The only con is that tuition is super high here, not really sure why for such a small school with not many majors to offer.
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Attending New England College was a great decision. The small classes make it easier to get one on one time with the professors. The small campus makes it easier and faster to get to classes. My biggest complaint from my Sophmore year, this year, is housing. The class of 2021 was too large and made housing difficult. Not only were upperclassman kicked off campus and forced to find their own housing, but the living halls were not built for the number of people living in them. Also, the cyber keys used to enter two of the halls have given my roommate and I a difficult time. When trying to get them fixed campus safety has done nothing to help us. They would only tell us to e-mail the quad coordinator. The only good thing I have to say is academic wise.
This college has been a wonderful experience. I have been in other schools that didn't care about the students just the money. If your looking for a great school this is one of the best ones.
Small town college equals small town entertainment. However, there is plenty of money within the school to distribute it properly to student run clubs to fund programs to entertain students rather than waste it on useless renovations and intercollege expenses.
New England College is a private College located in a small town. If you're someone that's shy like I was and don't want to be around too many people, it's the best for you. You can get to know most of the people around you.
Open minded people, very diverse group, challenging professors. Overall education helps to prepare you for the future.
So far so good! I am taking online courses and I really enjoy the curriculums that nec offers. The advisors are helpful and teachers are great! They use bisk which is a great online source.
New England College is a small school with a great atmosphere. You really get that small school feel. You get really close with your professors and they are all awesome.
I really feel like choosing New England College was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The faculty and student body are amazing. I am receiving a great education there.
Every class has the same structure, one post to a short discussion question and a response to two classmates. This is the most mindless exercise ever because you can post anything and get credit. Unless the post is the introduction, where the adjunct professor says, "welcome to the course" their is absolutely no feedback to engage students and promote learning. Each course is seven weeks, that means seven discussion questions. I literally had the same discussion question for three straight courses. The insane part is, without professor feedback the students in the three courses never critically answered the question. As long as an assignment is uploaded a 100% score will be assigned and the feedback is very canned. This is a degree mill, if that concept is attractive to you this college and online platform is for you.
There is a small hill in Henniker, NH that posesses a house full of 5 men who throw the best parties ever. These parties express all sorts of races and deny no one. They welcome everyone with open arms and really show people what a good time is.
If you are looking for a school where you want party all the time, then New England College is not for you. This is a college where you can play a sport and just focus on what you want to study. Small classrooms, and great professors that work closely with the students.
Over all New England College is a good school. The professor here are amazing. They try to help their students out as much as they can. The professor care about their students and want them to succeed in life. The people who work at New England College helps their students out. They want them to do good in school and graduate.
There needs to be more shuttles on the weekdays and the food needs a lot of improvement!! The dorms are terrible!!
I am an online student with New England College and am half way through my first course. My initial experience has been a good one. The admissions counselors and student success advisors were/are extremely helpful. The online classroom is very user friendly and easy to navigate. Student academic resources are on point. I feel like I have made the right decision, one that I am truly happy about.
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New England College is a very good college to attend , the teachers and staff are very helpful and the students are friendly , everyone gets along . I like the school because the course I was looking for was offered here , it's not a big school and everything is within walking distance .
Not much crime happens here, campus safety likes giving out parking tickets to make money.
They need new athletic facilities, very old and outdated.
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