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That I can take my classes from home and it helps me get to my goal. Starting this journey I was scared but they made it easy to get started . The counselor where very helpful. I can’t wait to keep going but I just need to get more money to attend so I can finish what I started . I’m focus on getting my degree. New England gives me the best chance at getting that . The classes are very hands on and classmates are helpful.
I am having an awesome experience with NECB. The advisor and financial advisor are always a phone call or email away. The response time is excellent. The instructors are very helpful and reachable if you have any questions.
Great online program! Content for classes is very relative and educational. The discussions provide great insight into what others are doing in the applicable industries. Advisors are very dedicated, helpful and accessible. The online portal and very user friendly. They have a enormous database in which to perform research and helpful guides on how to cite your research. The 8 week course content is packed with useful information that has been helpful in my current position. Overall, it is a really great school!
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So far my experience with New England College of Business and Finance has been phenomenal! I have never participated in online schooling before but with the help of the professors at the school, the transition has been extremely simple. Everyone at the school is ready to help the students succeed. I believe that online schooling is the future and that everyone should get involved especially with New England College of Business and Finance!
This school is a waste of time and energy. Professors don't help you and the staff doesn't offer any solutions either. Can't get in touch with teachers outside of occasional email and even then they MIGHT get back with you. Thought this would be a good chance for me to continue my education. Its not.
I haven't started classes yet but I gave the 4 of 5 rating because I have already taken a practice run at how the classes will look and "feel". Classes are easy to pick out.
Although I have not experienced the class structure yet, I am aware that the school is relatively small and the students who attend are career-oriented and have jobs and families.
Wish I could have given accurate review in regard to the professors but I haven't started yet and NECB has been so helpful and caring in my desire to continue my education. They have gone above and beyond in helping me with the finances, classes, transcripts, etc. I have gotten a very warm welcome and my advisors are awesome and easy-to-reach anytime I have a question or concern. It is affordable and easy to transfer credits from a previous school. They have been very encouraging and I have never had an issue with getting the help or tips I need. Definitely will recommend the school out to someone who is considering an online education. Thanks, NECB.
Working towards my degree at NECB has been very convenient. I have gotten school work done during down time at work, while traveling/vacationing and late at night when needed.
I prefer online courses over course held in the classroom. The peer-to-peer interaction is fully focused on the topic we are learning that week. The professors are also usually very involved through-out discussions.
I haven't hear much about a career center or job prospects being an online student.
Online courses make college do-able. NECB is constantly making updates to make sure their online program runs smoothly.
Since my courses are 100% online, I do not visit a campus. They do have many online podcast that assist with future opportunities though.
I am majoring in Business Administration, concentrating in Accounting. The best thing is the amount of resources available to you, especially within the mathematical courses.
NECB made returning back to college possible, when I strongly believed that I wouldn't. Best opportunity I have ever taken advantage of!
I love my experience so far, I especially like being able to attend classes at a time that is convenient for me.
I've seen a difference in my ability to communicate through literacy.
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I love how the professors constantly communicate with you, know you by name and seem generally interested in your success at the college.
I have had professors that were very involved, responsive, and committed to teaching. Unfortunately, I have had a few that weren't so good. One professor could seem to get my name right. That was extremely disheartening considering it was an online course and my name was displayed right there on the site. That was only one instance, but it has stayed with me.
Sometimes I feel like the professors are not fully invested in teaching. The workload and curriculum are good.
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