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I am so glad I chose to attend NCF. The professors are amazing and the classes are intellectually stimulating. The course load is intense and I know I have had to read more academically and write more essays than my friends who attend UF and FSU (I cannot speak on behalf of all majors of course). But I'm grateful for this and I feel well prepared for graduate school.

I was worried when I first came her that the atmosphere would feel toxic because of other reviews, but in my experience if you are polite and respectful you can have many interesting, stimulating, and eye opening conversations with all members of the student body. Just maybe not on the Forum.
I can't imagine a better school for me than New College. I went to two other colleges beforehand and neither of them can compare. The self oriented nature of the school is amazing (if you are self motivated, I've seen brilliant minds flounder here because they couldn't handle its mixture of freedom and rigor). The level of undergraduate thesis's produced here is truly impressive, some of the work my peers were doing my final year was absolutely top notch. My friend wrote an english thesis on the On the Temporal Effects of Colonialism in the Epic, another wrote a math thesis titled 'The Stability of Theories from Categoricity to their Spectrum'. Right now I'm working on publishing the results of mine.

The entire experience from start to finish was incredibly fulfilling. I feel like I've come out the other end a whole person.

Also B Dorm is sick. It's where New College's hottest redneck intellectuals congregate to split dip and share ideas.
New College has one of the most incredible social atmospheres that I have heard of in a college. The student body is small, and the school works to foster a sense of connectedness and community both within the school and within the local area. The biggest downfall is a lack of organization that makes it difficult to function at peak capacity, and a desire to expand with no real plan to support a higher number of incoming students.
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The student life and course selection is very well put together. I'm able to take the courses I am interested in and meet so many new people who make each day that much more bearable. Although the campus is not in a new design, it is still pleasing to look at - especially as you walk down to the bay.
New College provides the perfect environment for individuals who truly care about their learning. It is very independent and lenient. The social scene and size of student body could be better, as well as diversity.
New College of Florida is the best college for those who are actually interested in learning the material, rather than getting an easy A and moving on. The amount of students in each class is fairly small which allows for great seminar discussions on the readings we're assigned. The professors are also very considerate and appreciate actually interacting with students one-on-one. We have a really helpful Writing Resource Center where students who have taken Pedagogy in Practice are assigned as Student Writing Assistants; this helps students feel a lot more comfortable with sharing their writing because the SWAs are students too. Our Counseling and Wellness Center is so helpful for both physical and emotional concerns- they were actually part of the reason I made it through this year, the other part were the professors. There is also a huge LGBT+ and body positive vibe/culture at NCF that allows both students and professors to really be themselves.
It is great. The atmosphere is inviting and unity matters. The professors really care about the students and want to see them succeed in their future endeavors. The party life is exciting. The only negative is the food.
the housing is horrible. there is mold, water damage, and flooding (in the dorm and the entire campus) many of the pei dorms have small crevices were covered in dust and dead insects, even on the first day. the campus pretty much the same everything is basically rundown from underfunding. while i the professors are great, the rest of the staff is incredibly underwhelming. while this school claims to be very lenient on deadlines and very flexible and relaxed,there are many issues with the bureaucracy, mainly financial aid. the school claims to care for their students but they dont. My roomate, one of the top math students, was threatened to get kicked out due to some financial aid typo. I had many issues with receiving disability accommodations and having them be respected by my professors. while the LGBTQ+ community is vry large and well treated at the school there is not much diversity in ethnicity/ race but also in mindset. student life sucks. overall, I am glad I left this school.
It's difficult to gauge your own progress because there are no grades. The students have an odd culture and can be very judgmental. The teachers, for the most part, seem to be very good. There are no sports. The dorms are very bad. There is very little to do in the surrounding area.
New College is a very unique school; I love it here. I believe it is a very different experience here than at other colleges in both the academic world and the social sphere. I wish there was more tolerance of beliefs that do not align with the traditional young college liberal ideas; before I came here I considered myself a progressive liberal, although after living here for 6 months it is obvious that the political awareness on campus is directed towards social injustices in America. This may sound like it is not problematic, but the attitudes here are extreme. I have known friends who are people of color (Hispanic) and have been ostracized for straightening their hair and "denying their heritage." On the other hand, I have developed a close group of friends and am very happy with all the great people and interesting characters I've met.
The small campus lends a great feel to the whole experience, from social to academic. If you want to know everyone you see this is the college for you.
The social experiment that is New College has a multitude of flaws. For starters, there is a severe lack of interest by faculty and staff regarding college safety; the number of sexual assaults that were actually reported in 2008-2009 were met with dismissal and overall ignorance. Disgusting. The curriculum, however "diverse" it claims to be, is in fact incredibly narrow for freshman students (almost every class that can be considered a "core-requirement" for a major is intended for upper-level classmen). To top it all off, the grading system is pass/fail, meaning the success or failure of the individual student is entirely subjective to the personalized method of the professor. You want to go party? By all means, go to New College. You want an actual education that can lead to larger job opportunities? Go elsewhere.
New College is definitely a place for select individuals. I highly suggest taking a tour of campus and, if at all possible, get to know some of the students at the school before attending. They say that they are a very diverse campus, but they really aren't a diverse campus. They just attract individuals with diverse lifestyle choices.
NCF is insufferable. It's a toxic, negative, poorly kept, and regressive place where students find a lack of self care to be "cute" and "aesthetic". Jokes are often made such as: "if you're not severely depressed, you're not at NCF". In addition, it's a given that upper years will hate you on principal. They'll call you stupid and uneducated simply because you haven't spent time at the school. They'll also tell you that "you'll hate this place too after four years". The drug culture is rampant. Every 3rd person is tripping acid in public places. Self care is frowned upon and if you don't fit the aesthetic of being poor, hungry, sad, and dazed: you're not "new college" enough. No matter what admissions tells you about this "diverse and passionate" community: DO NOT CHOOSE THIS SCHOOL.
I can't imagine having gotten a better undergraduate education anywhere else! Sarasota is a warm beachside city with plenty of great shops and restaurants, and New College's beautiful campus sits right on the bay. Class sizes are small, education is individualized, and the narrative evaluation system keeps the coursework very rigorous. New College students work hard and play hard!
New College is both a great and terrible place. It helped me grow as a person and I found some of the best people while attending. However, the structure of this college is not for everyone. Honestly, it puts its students through unbelievable amounts of stress and will either break you and build you back stronger or just break you. Every single student I talked to was stressed out all the time. And that's even before thesis year when fourth years are supposed to balance health, studies, and thesis. Guess which one is forgone to counterbalance the load. New College hurts a lot. I wish someone would have told me that before I went.
The academics are great. There's also research opportunities if you are passionate about it.

The party scene at New is decent. Big parties are held in public areas, so the atmosphere seems safer. Substances on campus are adundant. There's a ton of safety resources. We have an amnesty clause that makes sure no student is disciplined for getting help. Talks are held about drug safety, especially for people who may experiment.

The downsides: New is a great school for people who are very passionate about one/a few topics. It's not great for people who haven't figured out what they want to do. I knew people who came here because they didn't have to choose a major right away. They had a hard time and most transferred. Also the classes are hard. You have to be interested in the topic to be willing to put in the work.
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New College of Florida welcomes diversity, passion, and individuality. It allows you to tailor your education to your specific needs, and choose your own path to your degree. The narrative evaluation system allows you to be judged not based on the performance of other people, but on your own progress. The small size of the school allows each student to be given individual attention from professors and staff. The academics are challenging, and engaging. It's a good school to attend if you like learning!
I absolutely hated it here. The "no grades" gimmick attarcted me because I believed the campus would be one that inspired creativity and learning. However, despite all of the individuality the school claimed to support, I felt the entire school experience was like living in a bubble. With only a few hundred students attending, it was very easy to stand out if you did not fit the "New College" look. Learning, studying, and generally caring about anything was highly discouraged. Also, the drug atmosphere on campus was so ridiculous and rampant that it was hard to find anything to do on campus. Everything was highly overrated and I left as soon as I could.
Take into consideration exactly how liberal you truly are when you apply here. The people here are intense, there is literally one ideology at this school and if you don't believe in it they'll ostracize you. THERE IS NO DIVERSITY! The rooming situation is HORRIBLE, and there's literally nothing you can do about it. Personally, I had like the worst possible rooming situation ever, she literally made me feel unsafe. When I informed the head of housing they basically said that I had to deal with it. The main portion of campus looks pretty rundown. The only parts that are presentable are the bay side campus and the letter dorms. The positives of the school are the instructors, like I do feel like I have learned a lot from them and I'm definitely smarter than I was when I arrived. But with that being said the cons definitely outweigh the pros. Like I said in the beginning, reflect on how liberal you actually are, because if you're "normal" you'll literally go crazy at this school.
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