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The academics are great. There's also research opportunities if you are passionate about it.

The party scene at New is decent. Big parties are held in public areas, so the atmosphere seems safer. Substances on campus are adundant. There's a ton of safety resources. We have an amnesty clause that makes sure no student is disciplined for getting help. Talks are held about drug safety, especially for people who may experiment.

The downsides: New is a great school for people who are very passionate about one/a few topics. It's not great for people who haven't figured out what they want to do. I knew people who came here because they didn't have to choose a major right away. They had a hard time and most transferred. Also the classes are hard. You have to be interested in the topic to be willing to put in the work.
New College of Florida welcomes diversity, passion, and individuality. It allows you to tailor your education to your specific needs, and choose your own path to your degree. The narrative evaluation system allows you to be judged not based on the performance of other people, but on your own progress. The small size of the school allows each student to be given individual attention from professors and staff. The academics are challenging, and engaging. It's a good school to attend if you like learning!
I absolutely hated it here. The "no grades" gimmick attarcted me because I believed the campus would be one that inspired creativity and learning. However, despite all of the individuality the school claimed to support, I felt the entire school experience was like living in a bubble. With only a few hundred students attending, it was very easy to stand out if you did not fit the "New College" look. Learning, studying, and generally caring about anything was highly discouraged. Also, the drug atmosphere on campus was so ridiculous and rampant that it was hard to find anything to do on campus. Everything was highly overrated and I left as soon as I could.
Take into consideration exactly how liberal you truly are when you apply here. The people here are intense, there is literally one ideology at this school and if you don't believe in it they'll ostracize you. THERE IS NO DIVERSITY! The rooming situation is HORRIBLE, and there's literally nothing you can do about it. Personally, I had like the worst possible rooming situation ever, she literally made me feel unsafe. When I informed the head of housing they basically said that I had to deal with it. The main portion of campus looks pretty rundown. The only parts that are presentable are the bay side campus and the letter dorms. The positives of the school are the instructors, like I do feel like I have learned a lot from them and I'm definitely smarter than I was when I arrived. But with that being said the cons definitely outweigh the pros. Like I said in the beginning, reflect on how liberal you actually are, because if you're "normal" you'll literally go crazy at this school.
New College was a terrific education, and the personal relationships I developed with my professors resulted in letters of recommendation that launched my graduate work at Stanford and Harvard. After I received my PhD I came back and taught a course at New College just for fun and it was so rewarding to see the other side of the educational process there. I highly recommend this school for intellectually curious students who want to be challenged to grow beyond what they thought possible. In terms of my career path and return on investment, I received scholarships and graduated debt free and now have a job where I use my degree and skills and live (very) comfortably.
New College of Florida is a really small school. With under 1000 students, it is possible to form close, personal relationships with professors and advisors. These tight bonds lead to incredible opportunities that aren't always available at large schools. However, the small size also presents some disadvantages. Although the connections are very personable, unfortunately they are not quite at plentiful.
The people are super friendly . There's a lot of good resources on campus if you're willing to go and find them. CEO building has a new program called a life couch program. Its quite useful for a first year.
I highly recommend this school. It has small class sizes and professors encourage students to come talk to them about anything that would help them succeed in their classes. Written evaluations are great because students get to know exactly how they need to improve regardless of what level they are at. It's a great personal touch and much more useful than letter grades.
I truly believe that anyone that is familiar and understands the school understands its great value as a school
  • College Sophomore
  • 7 months ago
  • Value
The school is amazing however, there needs to be more and better housing as well as more students to help dilute some of the extremism that is prominent at New
New cCollege has nearly no assault and the one time I was close enough to witness the process, it was taken very seriously, though not as quickly as it should have been
It is sad that it is cheaper to live off campus and that its so difficult to live off campus
  • College Sophomore
  • 7 months ago
  • Housing
Don't have greek life and highly doubt the school would be able to handle the greek life
I am not particularly concerned but our sports are virtually nonexistent and though few of the current students are bothered by it, I think it would help diversify the student population if there were sports. However, our gym and pool is definitely good in my opinion.
my experience with the classes and professors is nearly immaculate
There really are no groups like this. LLCs are closest, and that's whatever.
Not much to say for NCF sports?
My review cannot be empty.
In a lot of ways it's wonderful, but before coming to this school, if you are unaware of pronoun usage and different identities, the reaction can be hostile. While the general impression is that the LGBT+ scene is open and accepting, I find that is only true if you look the part. People will judge your orientation based on looks alone, leading even to scathing comments. If you are a white cis male, prepare for a lot of abuse - or if you just look like one. If you aren't liberal, unless you don't like talking to people, I recommend not coming here. This school is so accepting it is unaccepting, which sounds ridiculously but I think most will conclude the same after attending. If you wear dreadlocks as a non POC, are otherkin, or plan on being a prominent member of New society, prepare for public and online abuse. New College students like to talk about privilege while being seemingly unaware of their own. If you don't look or act the part you won't fit in, and if you have any political beliefs aside from the mainstream (*radically* liberal) you will get torn down if you're vocal, even with people you think are friends. There are no opinions, only what the mainstream says. Other than that, it's great, if you can avoid these situations you'll never find a warmer, more welcoming community, which is why living here is so confusing.
I am not okay with the drug situation on campus, not for me, but the person next to me. While there is no direct peer pressure, the availability of pretty much any drug you could want is ridiculously high. There's always a friend-of-a-friend who can get you access. Heavier drugs like cocaine and heroin are Not. Safe. on this campus, due to the surrounding area of the school. Marijuana and mushrooms are the most common, I would say, which doesn't bother me, it's just the attitude towards heavier drugs that I find truly disturbing, almost encouraging. Students are quick to defend drugs like LSD as 'traditional' New College drugs. Policy enforcement has mainly wound up in the arrest of student drug dealers, which I find worse, as it means students are driven to find drugs in the surrounding Bradenton area which is just a terrible idea. It's the attitude that needs to change.
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