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I like the professor's, close to home, love all the hands on learning. And the tuition isn't bad at all.
Recent grad here. Absolutely terrible school. I want my money back. I am not even qualified for entry level jobs. The instructors are ok, but the curriculum is just insufficient. They bend the rules just to keep making money. Students with TRA funds are lucky because the state pays for them. Maybe some calls into the state will suffice and straighten them out. Many students should have flunked, but the school cheated the rules for them. I can prove this. Poor education. Go somewhere else.
I graduated with a 4.0 GPA. The school is worthless. Career Services promises you job placement, but they failed me big time. The curriculum is not designed well enough to get you a decent job paying enough so that you can repay the student loans. One will not be educated enough or have nearly enough experience to get hired after graduation. I know many many students whom have missed way more school than allowed and they just shove it under the rug as if it never happened. They only care about the money they bring in. The Electrical program is a joke. They can kiss my ass! I plan on bringing a whole lot of attention about this wanna-be organization call New Castle School of Trades. They even went as far as blocking me on social media so I could not comment simply because I aired out my frustration. I WILL share my experiences in much more detail soon.
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Students a little to friendly and if u tell one Peron something the whole school knows
Staff was very helpful the cost is worth it just I come from a poor family so anything is hard to pay
Any hands on such as carpenters ,welding, machining
Goin to learn hands on welding very excited for the opportunity I'd like to eventually further my learning in welding bye joining welding engineer after I complete the combination welding course
Haven't made it but they have job placement all around the us
We are all adults and they treat u like one
The staff in the office was very friendly they talked to me like a person and helped get me enrolled asap
There are many reasons newcastle school of trades is a great school the convenience of it being ten minutes away to the staff who are very friendly the only thing that isn't great is the cost
As part of your education you get career shops and job search. Alot of people actually get hired before they graduate. If for some reason you dont find a job career services are open to alumni for life. They are very proud of there record of employed students
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