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we do not really have online course that I know of.
None of my credits from my previous college did not transferred over to my current college
I really love that the campus offers morning classes and evening classes
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The class size is to a minimal 12 students. I think that is very helpful, that gives each student the time for each student.
They offer an career center, basically they google and search for job opening for the degrees the campus offers.
Typical student at my campus is a younger single parent. I believe in my program I am the only student that does not have any children. My campus offers morning classes and evening classes. Very helpful for the parent that are trying to further their education. My campus has a mixture of ethnicity and I actually love that it is not just one group of individuals I feel like its a advance that will help in the future to understanding one another.
The lady is in financial aid office is very short. I have tried to go in there to ask if she knows of any scholarships available for my degree and she basically told me to go on the internet. I know she is probably busy and over worked, I just highly disagree will her financial aid advise. I even tired on a not so busy day and still had the same out come. I could be upset with her, instead I went looking on my own.
They do offer post-grad services at my campus. I'm under the impression that when my class is doing clinical that is similar to an working interview and if I show my skills and training that they mite look into hiring for open positions.
Starting off was amazing it was hard but very satisfying in the end. I was never a book worm, but the Teacher made it interesting to study and lecture we on point very interactive and knowledgeable. Than we went to the lab portion of the program and that has been unsatisfying. First the program lost a few instructors and I know that makes thing a little harder to maintain a steady flow of education. As of this moment we finally have an instructors that is good at lecture and even more amazing in lab and practical aspect. For the program we definitely have supplies and instrument. I was very surprise to see all that the school provide and if we don't have one physically on campus, then the instructor will look for one on the internet or instrumentation books, very helpful I mite add. I'm an hands on learner. So I do have to say is that my campus does have the proper equipment and instrument available.
The workload is good not too much but not so little that you feel like you can slack off and not worry about classwork. We do fare amount of practical in our labs so if we don't have classwork we are in the lab learning.
The campus tries to get together and do activities must of the students do not attend any events. I think if the school was more involved as one, not separate by degrees this would go smoother.
A Perfect Time – The class flexibility is nice since classes are at night. If you work during the day or in my case a stay at home mother, the timing is great. I have not transfferd an of my credits yet but place to one I am done with school. I have heard from pervious students that in most case not all credits will transfer, which is alright with me.
More Jobs Please – The career center is helpful in the sense that it will let you know when there is a job opening. I stress the "A" part since they only post jobs every so often. In which case they will send almost an entire graduate class to that one job site. I have not completed my classes yet but my sister-in-law has and this is what she is dealing with. I am hoping they will be able to devote more time to more diverse job placement but the time I am done with school.
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