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Neumont is a new and reliable school. They provide you the opportunity to experience all of their degrees and what they have to offer.
I do not recommend this college for anyone who wants a serious education in software and game development. I'm a second-year student and I've barely learned anything about how to make games. The teachers are hired with little experience on what they are teaching and it shows. If you want to learn anything you need to research it yourself and that's how you learn.
I love the teachers and the expertise they bring with them from industry. The project based learning is amazing and fast paced so you dont have a chance to get bored of the classes.
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The educational experience we have as students is extremely valuable. Not only do we get hands on experience with the material, but we also get industry experience during our last year due to our Enterprise Projects.
If you can avoid getting sucked into the young crowd focused on video games, Neumont can be a great choice. If you own your education during your tenure, it doesn't take much to come out at the top of your class.
The school is a fast paced learning environment. I know students that have gone to other schools for computer science and they learned less in one semester of Intro to Computer Science there than five weeks at Neumont. And while you can get a job with a community college degree, Neumont's education on its own gives you three internships and a better preparation to enter the cs industry with a much better skill set than most other colleges. If you can stand the workload and challenge, Neumont is a great college to attend. There are a plethora of clubs that you can get involved in and get to know people with. The school is evolving and growing with the industry. The teachers are great and know what they're teaching, and are available to help you. The housing is the weakest point about the school. The options will either have low storage space, bad internet, or subpar utilities. Students do get a pass which allows you to use the public transportation for free.
There is a lot more practical use of the projects and classes done. More real life like work than just simple theory and what ifs.
Neumont is a fast paced school. The school approaches teaching a little different but better prepares you for industry after graduation.
Been here for a year and not very happy with it. Classes are really easy, and most of the other students don't know what they're doing. Like they've never used a computer before.
I just started last fall and it's been a disappointment. The instructors are always unprepared and mostly part time guys that don't really know the subjects. Reminds me of most of my substitute teachers in high school - ha ha! Neumont lost its accreditation last year, so I want to transfer to another school. But none of them will take my credits (because Neumont isn't accredited as a real college). So mad. They were totally dishonest.
Instructor credentials: Most instructors I had there were temporary or imported from somewhere else. I had two instructors that were employees from the University of Utah. As for the permanent instructors, you can find all of their credentials on the Neumont website. The instructors are just that, they instruct you. They are not professors and are not academics. They are people who have worked and decided to teach on the side. I later find out that some of the teachers' education does not match what they are teaching. My business and information systems instructor has a bachelors in microbiology and an MBA from Western Governors University, an online college program that has a center in Salt Lake. One instructor has a bachelors and masters in business yet teaches about servers. Three other instructors have never studied anywhere except for Neumont.

It also doesn't help that the accreditation firm that the school uses has just been removed from the Department of Education's roster.
I lover every thing and nothing needs to change. I mean you can take billiards as you gym class. Oh and there are no sport teams so there is no stress of being told you should join.
Anyone with a Computer Science degree can get a job pretty easily, it doesn't really matter which school you go to. Neumont career services is a joke. It's like one guy that also teaches classes so he's not always available to help students. Employers that come to campus are mostly smaller local companies, not the big tech companies you would expect.
Since they only have one degree, they don't have much variety in classes. Don't expect anything unique.
Career services is lame, it's just one guy and he spends most of his time teaching classes. I guess they figure anyone with a Computer Science degree can get a job, so why spend time trying to help them. They have career week, but most of the companies that come to campus are small local businesses. None of the big tech companies come, which is a bummer.
Professors are really disengaged and seem overworked. Lots of the professors are part-time/temporary teachers that work for Neumont as a side-gig (they already work full time at other bigger schools). Overall, the professors just don't care that much, but I've had a few really good ones.
Anyone that has a Computer Science degree will get a job in today's economy, regardless of what school they attend. Real colleges/universities have better-developed career service departments. At Neumont its just like one guy that helps students look for jobs, but he has to teach classes most of the time so he's never available. What a joke.
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Tech classes I took at my community college were better and harder. The professors at Neumont seem very disengaged with the students and don't seem to care. The facility is small, not enough classrooms.
Neumont isn't at all what I expected. It's really just a career college for people that couldn't get into a real university. I don't know how they can put "university" in their name and only offer one type of bachelors degree that isn't even recognized by most other schools. Now they're doing cheesy "boot camps" for career-changers. Doesn't feel like a real college.
Poor instruction by mostly part-time faculty that don't care about the students. When I met with the guy in charge of all the teachers he didn't really listen to my concerns and told me that I just needed to work harder. I really like the project based learning, but the school lacks a lot of hands-on tech gear. Their marketing talks a ton about how immersive the school is with tech, but it really falls short in reality.
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