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Neosho County Community College Reviews

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was overall very good. instructor was great, time in class was very fun. dont think anything needs to change.
They are very nice and good people. The children get alone good. No drama or issues. It is a very hard working school. A lot of different jobs and activities.
I have had a really good experience at NCCC! I have had one instructor who never allowed me to quit or give up and she pushed me to finish! With instructors who never give up on you how could you not think it was a great college!
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It’s been a great experience! The STARS program has definitely made my time there way better than I had expected.
It feels like home here with the small town and small campus. I would like to see more things to do on campus.
I like how the campus is small and easy to walk around. I do not like how the majority of on campus students are only athletes. The food also needs updated in quality and taste.
I love Neosho, I do not regret coming to school here. I love the atmosphere, the teachers, and the athletics are pretty good. Everyone on campus knows each other and we all support on another.
I enjoy going to Neosho Community College I have almost been there for 6 months and plan to get my RN is Nursing. I like that the teachers are all friendly and helpful. One thing I would change is that they should be open for a little bit on the weekends like 3-5 hours.
Great school with great classes.
I don't have a lot to compare this school to, but it seems fairly normal to me. There are many international students on the Chanute campus, which is very cool. The faculty and staff that I have dealt with personally seem, generally, go care about their students. The curriculum is standard, and very easy for the most part, with lots of extra credit offered in most classes.
Neosho is great! Every week there are activities to get students to get involved on campus and to interact with peers. Teachers at Neosho really care about your success. If you are having trouble in a class or are not happy with a grade, the instructors will take the time to help you. Student support services on campus are very helpful! Peer tutoring is available.
I have not experienced much in this area.
There are alot of activities on campus and the library is a very good place to study.
There are alot of classes for my major but not alot of jobs/internships available or recruiting on campus that i am aware of.
There are not alot of class times to choose from but there are enough to work around a schedule.
The professors i have had have been good at teaching and seemed to care about the students. The curriculums have also been good.
My major is great at this school because there are alot of classes pertaining to it and knowledgeable instructors to help out.
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I think that online classes in general are not as good but Neosho has a good online program.
I think that overall, Neosho County is a good college and is fair priced and worth the cost of tuition.
It is a good way to start off instead of rushing into a university. They have a special center for athletes with tutor specialists. The campus isn't too big, so you don't have to rush to class.
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