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Nebraska Wesleyan is inclusive, and strive for diversity. They believe in making connections on campus as well as with the community. There is strong ties and opportunities created by alumni.
I love it, it is such a pretty campus. The student to professor ratio is perfect to get the hands on and one on one experience. It really helps students grow into great adults.
I love it here at Nebraska Wesleyan. I am a sophomore and I transfered last year from the University of Lincoln after my freshman year. Class sizes are perfect. I have an average of about 20 students in each class, which allows me to be more engaged in class and comprehend the information. The class size also allows for lots of hands on learning which helps solidify the knowledge learned even more. I've also been able to get to know and connect personally with every single one of my teachers. The education is amazing, the campus size is perfect, and everyone is friendly. The only downfall is the cost of going to school, it is very pricey.
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I love that campus is in a big city but you still get personal attention from professors! You get the same opportunities as kids from other schools but you get to know your teachers on a more personal basis which I like a lot. The campus is also small so you will not get lost as easily as you would at a big campus. Everyone is super friendly and is willing to help with any of your problems.
I enjoy going to school at Nebraska Wesleyan University because it is a welcoming environment. Every person on campus is there to help whether it is a professor or a fellow student. I have already made meaningful connection only being a student for one semester. I can honestly say I do not think there is one bad thing about Wesleyan! I love everything about this University.
Being a freshman I have felt welcomed and the experience has been the best. I would welcome anyone looking into colleges to put Nebraska Welyan on their list.
This school is real amazing. The advisors work with you and try their best to help you. The professors here actually take their time to help you.
Nebraska Wesleyan drove me into the career field of Chiropractics. I began my journey as an athletic training major and upon graduation, my advisors saw my determination in owning a practice one day and drove me to the path of Chiropractic school. Now only 4 weeks away from beginning my doctorate, I can certainly say that Nebraska Wesleyan not only offered top tier education, advising, and career building skills, but also grew me as a healthcare individual that is determined to help his community and all those seeking medical attention.
My Son was injured (two concussions) while playing football at the University.
He was unable to complete all of his class during this injury. My Son tried to complete his assignments while simultaneously completing his rehabilitation. I think more from the college should have been done.
I like some of the professors here and their teaching methods as well as some of their side activities for students however, I dislike the atmosphere in the college’s student body.
The campus is small and beautiful. The professors are really student oriented and will help whenever.
I took classes at Nebraska Wesleyan through the Adult Advantage program. It was a mix of online and on-campus classes. I thoroughly enjoyed the instructors and all the classes.
Nebraska Wesleyan does a great job of offering so many opportunities to succeed in the community of Lincoln, and have the one on one connections with teachers that I know I wouldn't have if I went somewhere else.
Small classroom sizes and professors who truly care about you as a person. Understanding of the juggle between career/family and finishing school.
I just started at this university and already I know that it will be a good fit. Everyone from the first contact has been very knowledgeable and helpful.
Really great school with wonderful educators and resources for learning. It is a bit expensive, but they give out many scholarships.
I like the campus and the curriculum. One thing I wish was different was their general education classes because they aren't like others so they don't transfer to other colleges if you choose so.
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I love how personalized Nebraska Wesleyan is. They have small classrooms with lower student to professor ratios than those of larger universities. They are constantly holding programs intended to help further the career of the students.
Love the atmosphere and friendliness of all the teachers. Great Professors. Great theatre program. Very expensive.
I learned that the teachers are very open with you when talking to you about your intended major. I learned that they are very nice to you and want the best for you. They genuinely care for you and you could go in and talk to them whenever their business hours are. They have a very beautiful campus with a lot of squirrels running around. Everyone is friendly when you walk around campus. The teachers make time for you unlike many other colleges. They have a nice Greek life and they don't call it rushing, like other colleges do, because they want you to love the house you get into and how everything works. Everything about Wesleyan is what I was looking for in a college.
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