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This college offers a great basis in your belief and understanding of the Bible. The two year residency program they once had was amazing. It prepared students for the reality of working in the church and opened students up to the world outside of the Nebraska Christian College bubble. Although I enjoyed my time their and he people I met, I was not comfortable with the direction the college took. I believe our Lord still uses this college to bring up great leaders in his church and we should continue to expect great leaders to emerge. The most recent focus however has seen a shift to a more “traditional” college. They have also been some aspects of facility playing favorites when a rather disturbing issue surface years ago and was not handled well. Good college but has just lost focus over the last few years.
Great college if you’re looking to expand your love and knowledge of God. Requires you to be on your toes when it comes to academics but the professors really try to work with you.
I love Nebraska Christian College! It is just outside of the city of Omaha, so there are a lot of things to do and see. The college is small, so it is easy to get to know professors and other students. The professors care about each student. One even invited the entire school to his house for a Christmas party. We filled up his entire house.
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I love all the people here. The staff are great and you feel really connected to them. You can pretty much become friends with everyone here. The only thing I dislike is the location of campus. Everything else is great.
I love this school. It is small, so you have great relationships and attention from your professors. They truly care about you as a student and your success.
For me Nebraska Christian college has been perfect for me. It has not been a typical college experience, but has challenged and taught me a lot. I feel prepared to be on my own, and look forward to getting a full-time job in my field I have been studying.
It has not been a problem on campus.
The faculty looks out for the students best interest.
The Dorm Parents help out great when it comes to specific health issues.
We don't have varsity sports but intramurals are popular.
The suites are really spacious, enough room for everyone.
It's always pretty windy because we are not surrounded by buildings.
Everyone is super awesome and a Godly person that would be awesome to hang out with.
I have no idea no on campus is involved with the nightlife, unless we are going to the Omaha Jitterbug for some swing dancing. Even in this case everyone drinks water.
We really have the best students and staff, and I'm not just saying that. I remember the first time I visited campus I instantly felt at home. I have loved being here and am excited for the next three years to continue growing academically and as a person.
It is super challenging and the work load can be a lot at times, but its not something a little hard work can't take care of. We have top notch professors who genuinely care for us and want us to succeed. It is not unusual to spend and afternoon with a professor and his family. They always give us the best information they have to help us. Our curriculum can be difficult some semesters, but it is good experience for when we graduate and go into full time work.
Our food is good and we have a buffet style that helps keep our options open. Vegetarian once again is hard but we do have salad things prepared every meal.
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We really do have some great cuisine in the area, but the only thing I think a person would struggle to find is a vegetarian establishment. This is Nebraska though so that should be understandable since we are in the middle of beef country.
We really do accept everyone from any sort of diversity. Being a Christian college I'm not for sure, but I would say that someone with a different sexual orientation would not be accepted into the school. We would still love them and wish them the best, but something they have chosen for their life is something we can not accept.
We are starting a new thing where every person will be entered into a "house" on arrival. This is not exactly like a Fraternity or Sorority, but a group of students you can rely on. When it comes to Greek stuff I understand the question, and we don't have a Greek life other than our awesome ancient Greek classes. Bible college it's incredibly important to be able to read the language the Bible was written in.
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