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They have fantastic teachers who pays more than enough attention to you and your work. The classes are the perfect size, there is no need to worry about class size.
My overall experience at Nazareth College has been very good. I love the small classroom sizes and the size of the campus. The college staff encourage the students to get involved with the array of clubs and activities that they have to offer. I love the small town of Pittsford and that Nazareth is with in close proximity to the city of Rochester.
Nazareth is a great campus and you get to meet a lot of wonderful people and start a new chapter in your life. They have a great education program. I would like to see the food change however.
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Think twice...and twice again before investing your child's future with this college. Be more informed and spend your time and money in another institution that will actually give you (or your child) a degree. Under qualified professors that don't know how to teach (aka profess) but think they do. They are not flexible in reviewing their academic methods used, even when a class of 30 students has 20 students that don't pass a test. I'm not speaking of one academic department rather multiple.

BEWARE...they'll gladly take your money for years but never grant a degree!!
Nazareth College is an excellent school to attend for an undergraduate degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders. There is a live clinic on campus which allows students to get hands on experience at the undergraduate level. The clinic also promotes interdisciplinary practice between Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Music Therapy, and Art Therapy. Within the Wellness and Rehabilitation Center, all these disciplines work together to help improve client's and student's experience of care.
Nazareth is a small school allowing for small class sizes and a close knit community. Nazareth is a very student driven college; students needs always seem to be on the top of the list. Nazareth College is a great choice for anyone interested in studying Communication Sciences and Disorders.
Nazareth College in an amazing school all around. I enjoy the diversity that is found on the campus and the spiritual life that you can engage in on campus. I have found Nazareth to be extremely accepting of everyone including people of color, the LGBT community, and people of any spiritual or religious background.
The first thing I tell people about when speaking of my college, is the scenery. The campus is beautiful and well kept, and the location (in the center of Rochester) is perfect. It's a very small school, which is nice during classes, but since there are at least 4 other colleges within a 15 minute drive, there's always something to do. One thing that I think everyone should know about this college is that there is such a skewed gender ratio. In all of my classes, I have been one of maybe 5 (at the most) males with the rest of the students being female. I personally don't mind, but there are a lot of my girl friends who are annoyed by it. Overall, it's a cute little school with a lot of really good people, both students and staff, and I would recommend it to anyone.
Being a second-year student I can tell you that Nazareth College is an amazing and ideal institution, especially for the "homebody" type of individual.The environment around campus is also quite small so, this ensures safety. While all at the same time the city of Rochester gives you a big city atmosphere feel, but you can still find your way around, finding many activists to do. Academics here are are one of the greatest in NYS. Consisting of a small student to teacher ratio, allowing students to achieve the best possible and personal attention in a classroom setting. Also, the athletics here are competitive and fun! However, if your one who doesn't want to feel like they're stuck in high school... Meaning you dint always want to see the same faces and know everyone in every class, i'd say this isn't the school for you.
I love Nazareth College, it is my second home. Although not everything about the college is perfect, it has still been the perfect fit for me. The campus is small but beautiful, the academic programs are phenomenal, and the faculty and staff have been so helpful and supportive to me, especially when I went through the process of changing majors. I love the people there, both students and faculty/staff, they are like family to me. I appreciate all of the resources and opportunities that are provided to students. I love all of what Nazareth College stands for: respect for all persons, interfaith dialogue, and the importantance of experience being a part of education. I am so happy that I chose to attend Nazareth College.
This past semester was challenging, we had a lot to learn and our knowledge was constantly evaluated. The professors helped every student- based on their needs- to understand the material and develop-, no matter what learning style was the best for them. They were encouraging and enthusiastic when it came to providing the best, they could.
Nazareth has become a home away from home for me! I had a difficult academic semester but fared well ending with a 3.7; the hard work and class atttendance paid off. I enjoy the commnuity feeling of the campus and the surrounding areas of Rochester are welcoming to the students. I also have found that I enjoy the fact that the school offers variety and diversity. I beleive that the school is dedicated to their students' "wholeness, health, and overall well being". It is not ALL about your academic success but your overall growth along with personal maturity and life preparation. The advisors are truly dedicated to insuring you are on the right path and advise instead of tell.
I am thoroughly enjoying my studies, campus life, community programs and clubs, as well as the on campus activities.
I am grateful to be part of the Nazareth family.
I love the small class sizes and friendly faces around campus. Everyone is so friendly and it becomes super easy to make friends when you seye them every other day. The food service is good and very attentive to what students want. They send out surveys which will enter you for prizes which is really cool. There are many different activities to get you involved around campus. My favorite activities are the Grocery Bingo(playing bingo to get free groceries) and our amazing tickets for shows and concerts around the Rochester Area($5, if you can out run everyone for a ticket). I have made so many memories and amazing friends while attending these events and others. Nazareth was the perfect pick for me! :)
I like that the campus is small and the class sizes are not more than 32 students typically. I like how friendly the staff always are and how they're always willing to help you, if you need it. I'm in the nursing department and it is a tough major but the staff are always going above and beyond to make sure that you'll be successful in the program and their specific class. They all always want what's best for their students and they'll be straight forward and honest with you if you really need to hear something. Also, they're great to go to with non school related problems since they're all mostly RN's in my department and are good listeners. What I would like to see change would maybe be the the communication between some of the faculty members regarding some of the academic material. Also, I would like to see that the view of the nursing program be changed since people tend to say it's "easy" when in reality, it's one of the hardest ones at the college.
People here are very welcome, but they will try to form clics. The teachers will also work with you too succeed
Nazareth college has provided me with the most incredible opportunities. I chose this school because of its condensed six-year physical therapy program. The classes have been rigorous, thought-provoking, insightful, and rewarding. The professors are engaging and enthusiastic about their fields. My professors know me by name, and never once have I felt like "just a number" at this school. I have enjoyed being a part of the a cappella group "Fermata Thin Air", a part of residence hall council, and physical therapy club. Nazareth offers many employment opportunities for students. I have worked as an RA and as a fundraiser for the phonathon. The college emphasizes diversity, inclusion, and safe spaces, and promotes dialogue on controversial issues through group activities and guest speakers. Finally, I spent the last semester studying abroad in Ireland. I have learned from students from all over the world, and I have had experiences that I will never forget for the rest of my life.
Overall, this college is great. If you want a party you can find one, but if not it is easy to say in your dorm and hangout with friends. Unfortunately any party you want to go to is miles off campus.. no houses within walking distance. Faculty and staff are wonderful and really want to help. Of course, like any school there are a few professors that are frustrating. Small campus, but the most beautiful I've ever seen.
Nazareth is nice, it's a beautiful campus with wonderful professors that care and are invested in students lives. Unforunately it's not a very diverse crowd, but is fairly accepting and comfortable.
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The professors are passionate about what they teach. The class sizes are not too big or too small. There are many courses to choose from which is good.
I do not know much about this topic because I am only a freshman but I head from other people that it is good.
I feel very safe on this campus and there are saftey services I know I can use if needed.
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