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My experience at Navarro College has been alright. The administrative people are helpful and nice which is great. Some of the teachers that I have had are rude but a majority of my professors have been great. I would like Navarro to change their out of district fees. There are several campuses but if you don't live in Corsicana then you're hit with a four hundred ninety dollar out of district fee and if you go to the Midlothian you're hit with two out of district fees. It's ridiculous and not worth the money.
Navarro college is an amazing college go if you do not consider to join a university you can take you basics there for 2 years then transfer to the college you want to go to I’m actually attend Navarro next month and I am so excited that I’ve chosen this college to start my college education .
Horrible. Felt like a scam in a way. Professors were horrible. Nothing to do. Horible dorms. I gained nothing from going there
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I am really excited to hopefully go to college at Navarro after this last school year of high school.
I had a good first year in college but navarro can work on alot of things with housing and food and the professor can do way better of teaching and understanding students
I feel as Navarro is a place to help you reach your next destination nothing more. The school is a tool to help propel you upward, but if you don't put in effort and take advantage of opportunities then you won't go anywhere.
Class size is an appropriate size for learning. Knowledgeable teachers that are will to help where needed. Student population is diverse
Easy campus to navigate. There are 3 different locations. The professors are very helpful. The online classes are through canvas and its super easy to complete and submit assignments.
I really haven't been a full time student at Navarro but I have attended there college for testing and for advising. I believe Navarro has been such a great school for me. They help you get around and explain to you with enough detail for you to understand. I believe this school does care about their students career and I feel very comfortable.
The education they provide is worth more than what they charge. This college is a very good place to start if you have financial troubles but want to get the college experience. The faculty and staff are very friendly and do whatever they an to make sure that you get the edcation you deserve.
I'm about to transfer from Navarro College, but I had a ok experience there. I usually would just go to class and go back home. There's really not that much social life at Navarro besides the people I would sit by in class. I would recommend this college to anyone who is trying to get a associates or is trying to transfer to a 4 year university.
I enjoyed the easy access to resources and assistance from advisers to make your academic experience as productive yet painless as possible. Navarro College remained affordable and convenient throughout the entirely of my affiliation.
Its been very good at Navarro. I love that they have smaller classes because I get a lot more one on one time with the professors if I need it. I really wish they had more activities going on at my campus though, that would make it a lot more fun.
I like Navarro because it’s an affordable way to get prerequisites out of the way. I also like Navarro because it’s close to home. I dislike Navarro because since it’s a community college you don’t get the same experience as a four year college as far as friendships , but for a quick class it’s perfect.
Very nice and open campus, and has an intelligent staff of very nice people. If you are going for basics or otherwise, then I would one hundred percent recomend.
Navarro College South Campus in Mexia Texas is a friendly campus. The staff is very professional and helpful. It is centrally located, and the campus is clean and easy to access from the highway. They offer a wide variety of programs and courses. The counselors are always available to offer assistance and guidance.
Navarro is a very close-knit College, giving the 4-year experience with the junior college benefits! Much cheaper tuition than a university with a great student-teacher ratio! Glad to be a bulldog!
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I am still in High School but have been taking Dual Credits since I was a Freshman. I have had excellent professors and experiences with Navarro College. I would recommend it to anyone!
The campus is small enough for me to feel at home, and it's not far from Athens. Very welcoming, and not all that expensive. Navarro is a home for it's students, and has classes in which I can enjoy and really get into. Though, I would really like if I can take classes online.
Teachers at Navarro college are extremely nice, but the education needs to be harder! It’s too easy. They need to work on the WiFi as well because I always have WiFi problems in my dorm so I have to go to the library all the time. There library is great though. It’s a good place to study and do homework with no problems. It’s not totally diverse as well. People there are nice as well just a little shy. Overall the school is not that bad everything is average for the food, dorm,staff, and the people. Once you get to the people you see everything better than how it starts in the first day.
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