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Very nice and open campus, and has an intelligent staff of very nice people. If you are going for basics or otherwise, then I would one hundred percent recomend.
Navarro College South Campus in Mexia Texas is a friendly campus. The staff is very professional and helpful. It is centrally located, and the campus is clean and easy to access from the highway. They offer a wide variety of programs and courses. The counselors are always available to offer assistance and guidance.
Navarro is a very close-knit College, giving the 4-year experience with the junior college benefits! Much cheaper tuition than a university with a great student-teacher ratio! Glad to be a bulldog!
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I am still in High School but have been taking Dual Credits since I was a Freshman. I have had excellent professors and experiences with Navarro College. I would recommend it to anyone!
The campus is small enough for me to feel at home, and it's not far from Athens. Very welcoming, and not all that expensive. Navarro is a home for it's students, and has classes in which I can enjoy and really get into. Though, I would really like if I can take classes online.
Teachers at Navarro college are extremely nice, but the education needs to be harder! It’s too easy. They need to work on the WiFi as well because I always have WiFi problems in my dorm so I have to go to the library all the time. There library is great though. It’s a good place to study and do homework with no problems. It’s not totally diverse as well. People there are nice as well just a little shy. Overall the school is not that bad everything is average for the food, dorm,staff, and the people. Once you get to the people you see everything better than how it starts in the first day.
I liked it very much. I like it very very very very much. I loved it a great school. The housing is great. The food not so much, but its tolerable. The classes are very much so easy. Navarro college has changed me so much. Its a shame. Not in a bad way, but in a good way. It had taught me so much in life. I feel like I am going to be so successful in this world because of that amazing school.
I liked the flexibility of the classes. What I would like to see change is some of the professors were very monotonous and I would like to see them get more involved in the class.
My first year attending this college and I love how the teachers are able to work with all student in their class. I love how they take their time and make sure we understand the assignment or anything that they're teaching. The dorms are amazing I just don't like how they're so strict with us and they've people driving around watching us. I don't like how we don't get enough freedom like we should because we're adults. They treat us like we're still in middle school but other than that the school is pretty fun.
I really loved the class size and the one to one connection with the professors. Navarro is truly a great college to start at.
Navarro College is a great starting point for a great education and occupational future. Obtaining my basic prerequisite classes at an affordable rate, while being educated by superb professors, allowed me to achieve my degree plan at a fraction of the average cost.
It's like many schools. The diversity is high, the instructors care, and the campus is relatively safe. The city with which it resides (Corsicana) is small, like many 2- year colleges. But has just enough for the newly college student.
A solid community college. You won't be blown away by the campus or faculty, but that's not the purpose of the university.
I have attended Navarro College for three semesters. This school has helped me develop an ability for college-level work. The professors have been great!
What i loved about navarro is that they are friendly helpful people that worries about you more than you do yourself and the staff is very helpful and very selfless i would like nothing to change about them.
I have vistited several schools.
Honestly this is the only school Corsicana campus Ive been to that doesnt show you around, and greet you, and tell you why you should choose them.

If you need help there isnt anyone to help you. You have to go find who you need on your own. Good luck getting Financial Aid to answer the phone when you call.

Again this is Corsicana Campus. I personally like Waxahachie Campus, but again no one greets you or anything, its just a smaller and nicer campus to find your way around.
Navarro College is very practical. It is a nice and simple way to earn an associates degree for a fraction of the cost that would be charged at a university. The staff is friendly and is always willing to help you succeed. I did not have any problems with making decent grades. It offers many majors and major types. The student body is friendly and very diverse. Although the academic aspect of Navarro is great, the college could use more organizations on campus to help incoming and current students feel more welcome.
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Lots of opportunities available for a Community College. They partner with the local school districts to make affordable dual credit courses available.
Pretty great place to attend! the classes are small enough that each person can get the attention they need to make it! Most of the staff is super helpful, especially when it comes to tutoring for reading and math.
Great way to start your first two year of college if you dont want to go to a university. sorts is really good and the campus is good size
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