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It's like many schools. The diversity is high, the instructors care, and the campus is relatively safe. The city with which it resides (Corsicana) is small, like many 2- year colleges. But has just enough for the newly college student.
A solid community college. You won't be blown away by the campus or faculty, but that's not the purpose of the university.
I have attended Navarro College for three semesters. This school has helped me develop an ability for college-level work. The professors have been great!
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What i loved about navarro is that they are friendly helpful people that worries about you more than you do yourself and the staff is very helpful and very selfless i would like nothing to change about them.
I have vistited several schools.
Honestly this is the only school Corsicana campus Ive been to that doesnt show you around, and greet you, and tell you why you should choose them.

If you need help there isnt anyone to help you. You have to go find who you need on your own. Good luck getting Financial Aid to answer the phone when you call.

Again this is Corsicana Campus. I personally like Waxahachie Campus, but again no one greets you or anything, its just a smaller and nicer campus to find your way around.
Navarro College is very practical. It is a nice and simple way to earn an associates degree for a fraction of the cost that would be charged at a university. The staff is friendly and is always willing to help you succeed. I did not have any problems with making decent grades. It offers many majors and major types. The student body is friendly and very diverse. Although the academic aspect of Navarro is great, the college could use more organizations on campus to help incoming and current students feel more welcome.
Lots of opportunities available for a Community College. They partner with the local school districts to make affordable dual credit courses available.
Pretty great place to attend! the classes are small enough that each person can get the attention they need to make it! Most of the staff is super helpful, especially when it comes to tutoring for reading and math.
Great way to start your first two year of college if you dont want to go to a university. sorts is really good and the campus is good size
about to start college at navarro really like the campus and the sports they have. they have nice dorms
Navarro is a great school to go to. I was a commuter student, but did not go to the main campus. I went to the Midlothian and Waxahachie campuses. The past couple of years I attended, everyone was very nice. It is great if you want to get your basics out of the way and then transfer over to another college. Both campuses were good. I had no problems and enjoyed my first two years there.
Navarro College is a community college based in Corsicana, Texas. It offers a variety of degrees and certificates at a low cost. The campus is good, could have some more improvements though in the technology side of it. One convenient option is that a lot of the classes are offered online and they are fairly easy to complete. The staff at advising or at the student center are friendly and helpful.
I go to one of the off campus smaller schools. I find it to be amazing to get myself back into school before going off since I have done online schooling most of my high school term. Navarro is fun, has good teachers, and standards, and I have learned a lot. I recommend this to my family and everyone I know that needs to find a good college/community college.
Everything about the college is great. I met some wonderful friends and I couldn't be more blessed. I really enjoy the education. Just overall everything is great.
I applied to Navarro College my Senior year of high school because it was close to home, and, financially, it was the best option for me. This is my Sophomore year at Navarro, and now that graduation is around the corner, I look back at my time spent during my first two years here, and can truly say that it was the best school choice, and it was all worth it.
Navarro College is all about taking your money and they do it in many ways. They have this group that works for Navarro College and they say they help with planning events with the school and it is always free when they do the student events, but instead they will take the money out of your tuition and you will have to pay for it. Then for the students events they are limited to about only thirty or less items which is unfair when there's is more than thirty people attending the school. The housing office people are very rude and they are ready to make you pay a fine at any given moment, they have a solution where you can appeal the fine but majority of the time you will be tossed around like an handbag and eventually will have to pay the fine.
Staff and professors are very knowledgeable and make learning exciting. I'm a returning student at almost 50 yrs old and I appreciate that I have professors that I can keep up with.
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Great experience as a first year college student. Many organizations to choose from and fun activities join outside of class. Friendly staff and professors.
Navarro has been a great experience for me so far. I've been enrolled with them for a month so far and I'm a very happy student there.
It's a small school so you can get to know your advisors and counselors better. Very nice and the ciriculum is very well taught.
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