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It's truly a wonderful college, and I strongly recommend going here if you struggle with payments, or even are afraid of going in debt. This community college is affordable and contains many teachers that teach from different colleges around the state of CT.
It is very organized and has many different clubs and majors to choose from. The staff seems very helpful and nice. This year will be my first year here, but I know people who went here and enjoyed it. I went on many tours here to have a look inside the school and get a feel for what it's like to be a student here. I'm happy to say that I'm excited to go to school here.
I have had awesome professors that truly care about your success. They have made registration an easy process and offer a really good variety of class times and options.
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NVCC is great if you're a person who wants to stay locally because it is very affordable, the professors are wonderful with students and try to help each one the most they can and it's a school that helps you achieve what you are looking for, you just have to put in the work that is necessary.
The professors are helpful and the counselors help keep me on track. If I ever have any problems I can contact my professors and they will reply in a timely manner.
I personally love Naugatuck Valley. Everyone there is extremely helpful, tons of clubs and activities to join in.
The school offers a wide variety of classes as well as flexibility of times for classes.
Variety of online options as well. Affordable education
I love this college because the diversity of the classmates make the college culturally plural and interesting
Terrible teachers and rude staff. Banner is often broken and no one responds to emails. They have ridiculous policies in place. Seems like the teachers want to fail you to get more money for the school.
NVCC has been a good experience so far. What you make of it is what you take away. There are resources there but you have to seize them for yourself.
Naugatuck Valley Community College is an affordable school with excellent professors. The students are very nice and the professors are always willing to provide extra help when needed. Aside from succeeding academically at this school, I have made some very good friends. I highly recommend this school for anyone looking to obtain a degree at an affordable price and then find be able to find a job afterwards. The school has a job placement center and helps its students to find work in their area of study after they graduate. If that isn't a wonderful college, then I don't know what is.
Helpful professors and counselors

Watch due dates
Use if only necessary

Preferred to take in class
Simple add/drop process

Watch for due dates
Associate degrees helpful for higher degrees
Easy CT state college transfer process
Great communication systems

Give timely responses
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Professors are top notch for CCs

Great vibe here
I'm able to balance my schedule with my job and family. I'm able to work full time while still taking my classes and attending college. Transferring credits also has not been a problem because many of the courses are transferable.
The Center for Job placement and college opportunities offers: job search, career planning, Employer connections, internships and resume writing and interview skill.
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