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I really like how the school cares about you and making sure they do not stay behind. As of right now, going into college, they’re always making sure all the requirements are in for the colleges to see your application and hopefully get accepted to the you want college. Lastly diversity is a very big thing in the Danbury campus.
Education in general is average. However, there is a "group-think" of Liberal indoctrination that is pervasive. Anyone that has a different point of view is shut down. Critical Thinking is steered towards ALL liberal values. I don't call this Education, I call it Indoctrination.
It was a decent school for the area. The staff are alright, the traffic getting on and off 84 is ridiculous.
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All of the professors have a genuine interest in the content they are teaching their students. They strive to keep their students involved not only in their area of study but also by reaching out the the community and encourage them to get involved in "campus clean up" and other community service efforts.
I am proud to be part of a college that takes students from all over the world. Since I started college I have meet wonderful classmates from India, China and Mexico. I have learn a little bit of their culture and traditions and at the the end I have realize that we share something in common that we are the first in our families to finish High School and are enroll in college. As soon as you walk to campus you feel welcome by the security and employees. The classrooms are big and secure for all students and staffs. What I really enjoyed about my college is the help and time that I get from my advisor , there are always there when I need any help. They are constantly reminding students about any new classes or any extra help that there is for us. I am very proud to be part of a college that has no boundaries when it comes to help their students to achieve their academic goals.
I like the involvement the school and most professors have. for the most part it is quick and easy to get things done there.
I love Naugatuck Valley Community College! The campus is really good and very resourceful. I made a lot of friends here, especially for those who are in the Digital Arts Technology department of the campus. Even though that the Digital Arts department at NVCC is really small, it is considered my personal escape, and the classes are really fun! The staff is really nice! They will do anything to help you succeed, and they want you to succeed! Currently, I am studying in Film, and am taking two film classes. Besides my Digital Arts class, my other favorite class is English because my professor is really nice, and he makes the class enjoyable for his students. Overall, NVCC is a great launchpad to start, after graduating High School! You will save a lot of money in the long run, by coming here.
I like that the school is very helpful in academics. I am an athlete looking to play any collage sport in a division school. (undecided sport and school) My main downfall is academics, school work is a bit tough on my own. Naugatuck Valley offers plenty of help in between any class and makes sure it is known were students have to go to seek that help. easily to find location and T.A's available as well
NVCC isn’t a bad school but it does have a LOT of room for improvement. With the right connections and consistent communication, you can go a decent length with NVCC
It was some work getting started, but once I had all my information they were very helpful with getting my stuff submitted.
Wonderful college with helpful professors. All professors take the time to help you understand the material and make you feel like an individual.
I enjoyed the tutoring program, the career center, and theater performances, I enjoy all the trips and activities they plan for the students aswell.
I started going to Naugatuck Valley when I was 18 for about 2 years before I took a long break. I completed many, many general education classes, such as Biology, Psychology, English etc. When I came back, I went through no troubles picking up where I left off. The Professors are great and the various staff in the bursar, registrar, and counseling areas are terrific and helped me immensely.
Naugatuck Valley Community College is a very well organized school and has a nice environment. Professors that I have had so far have been easy to make appointments with or contact. There are a range of all different classes available to take and the centers such as the career center help assist students with managing their credits and degrees.
The people here are friendly and willing to help. This college has alot to offer. Everyone is judgement free. It is cheap and many friends to make here. As well as activities for students to do in campus and out.
NVCC was a great start to my college career. I was able to attend school part time. I was most happy with the fact that my courses were taught my professionals in the legal field. This gave our learning a real world connection and helped me to grow my understanding and connect with people in the legal field.
Good college for completing general education requirements. On the downside, does not offer a lot of online classes and many on-campus classes are scheduled for times that do not allow for the attendance of working professionals. Difficult to complete degree requirements
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I never thought I would go to a community college but in doing so, I have gained so much. It really is a community, a family. Many people look down on community colleges, saying that they are not "real colleges". Sure, NVCC doesn't have athletic teams or housing, and they don't offer degrees higher than an associate's. Yet, that doesn't make it anything less. The campus may be small, but it is beautiful. Did you know that they have 14 gardens? And they just opened a new building for nursing students. The professors are also your friends, they care about you here. I may not have planned on attending a community college, but I am so glad that I did.
This is a great starter college. It is affordable and local for most residents of Connecticut. It offers a great education with professors who care about you and want to see you succeed.
Naugatuck Valley Community College is great school to go to if have yet to know what you want to major in. The staff and most of the students are very friendly and kind. Most of the professors go beyond to help students out with understanding a subject. It is also affordable and you get more interaction with your professor in class. The campus is easy to get around. There is a free tutoring center with awesome tutors to help a student out if they are struggling.
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