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I would have to say when I was starting off by attending NU it was great! Everyone was welcoming, understanding and helpful. I was going to start my BS online and I was nervous because it was the first time I was going to have to teach myself. However, the NU staff showed me that I wasn't alone. I would recommend this school to anyone!
All of my classes were online and I thought it was going to be the most stressful thing I did. I was use to doing hybrid classes at my community college. When I started taking all my classes online and seeing how many other people were doing it too and how many people were there to help you along the way, it was amazing.
National University online has been very easy to follow, professors are very clear with assignments and lectures, and very flexible as well. Everyone is still trying to learn how to teach/learn online so there are some hiccups at times but it always gets fixed in a timely manner.
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National University is a very flexible and great school for people who are currently still working full time jobs or looking to pursue a secondary degree typically. Personally, i transferred here from another four year institution and found the transition to be very smooth. Advisors are very responsive and always make sure that you are being taken care of which I absolutely love. Unfortunately with the time I have spent at National it has all been online so I have yet to explore the campus and classrooms, but hopefully soon I can!
The school as a whole is not well managed. Even the online library is horribly designed and hard to utlizie. The only department that somewhat knows what they are doing is financial aid. Had I known this is what I would be getting, I never would have started my MPA with them
I did my MPA online through an accelerated 12-month program and it has been the biggest waste of money! I have not learned anything and the courses are poorly designed; there are even spelling errors on the assignments and exams (in a master's program!). The instructors have no control over the course and most of the time don't know what's happening, they just grade and attempt to lecture each week. I have had so many issues with incompetent instructors it is unbelievable. I never would have started this program had I known it was like this and will never refer someone else to it. I did this because I wanted to have a focus on nonprofit work and yet all we ever talk about is government jobs or police jobs. Giving this school one star still seems like too much.
Classes are accelerated, making obtaining a degree a quick process. Majority of the advisors are not very helpful so you must be ready to be your own advocate
Online learning has been wonderful! I’ve been able to complete my entire degree while working full time and on my own time.
Now that we are in covid times, we are all online. There have been some bumps but it has been good so far.
The management at the LA campus is lack luster but the San Diego campus is amazing. I have had some issues with veterans affairs and payments being allocated to pay for my extra classes needed to graduate the program. It is good overall though.
National University provides courses online and is great school for those majoring in education. Being able to take new courses every month is something I do prefer to cut down the time needed to graduate.
I have taken a few online courses so far and my experience has been positive. The instructors as well as my peers have been supportive and helpful. Taking classes online has been incredibly convenient especially during the pandemic.
Staff and Professors are amazing. They give you plenty or real-world
situations and tasks. They are also very helpful in leading you in the right direction.
The class was excellent and so were the Professors. The classes are very informative and the professors are more than willing to help if you have any question what so ever. I really enjoyed my time at National University.
I have taken all my courses online and it can get challenging to keep up with the work, but for the most part professors are usually available by email for any questions or concerns. The due dates for assignments are known when the course starts so I can plan ahead and make sure I get it done on time.
I like how we just focus on one class at a time and that they're only 4 weeks. I like the flexibility of doing online school because I can do it on my own time.
It was okay. Professors were used to doing things online, so everything was smooth. The online application used was fine, no hitches in using it.
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It was okay. As a university for adult learners, you have to be independent and resourceful. Scheduling, however, was very messy and could be improved.
The staff is very helpful. I was grateful to find such a thorough sports psychology program completely online.
Living in a different state, being able to do the entire degree online was important. The faculty was accommodating and provided numerous resources.
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