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National University College - Bayamon Reviews

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I have been studying with them for several years and they give me everything I need to be a complete professional
Is not a good college, is the biggest for profit university in Puerto Rico who has been linked to an institution called ( the banking and commerce institute) its said that; this institute acreditations were revoke, because of fraudulent behaviour and lack of administration and now is linked to this university. Not a good diploma to work in the USA.
This university was a horrible experience! Student service is non existent, financial aid NEVER answers the phone or returns calls. It has been a year and a half since I graduated with my associates degree and still I have not received my diploma (ONLY a piece of paper as a certificate) although, I have paid for it already. The few times that anyone has answered the phone I have received RUDE service and my problems are never resolved! University keeps students loan/disbursement funds with the excuse that they have not been approved for over six months! Nobody knows what they are doing... just transfer you from one department to another. My name is Jorge Inostroza, graduated from Network Technology and Application Development (Dec. 2017). DO NOT RECOMMEND AT ALL...BIG MISTAKE. SAVE YOURSELF THE TROUBLE!!!
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The opportunity to study online bring me the chance to have a degree when I'm a full-time mom. They make the admission an easy process.
Well the expirence I had is great full I love National and all the service they has my practice was a wonderful experience. I don't change national for other university !
The people who work there are very friendly and the professors are amazing. I used to study in another university in Bayamon and I made a transfer to this one and changed majors. I do not regret it! Being in this university is definitely one of the best things I've ever done!
The due dates are set dates, you have a short window past the due dates to turn in assignments. They do not take away Points for late submissions.
You're more organized, can check your courses, assignment, and grades anytime and have access to your professor and the college in case of any concerns.there is also the availability to keep track of your finances and payments as well.
I don't know of any
Friendly community, but the sound of notifications from some professors are excessive, unrelated, and unnecessary.
I do not believe a college is what should determine a person"s importance. A Degree is a degree and as long as students have the proper knowledge in what they should do in the carer path they chose then it shouldn't matter the college. What matters is they person and what they do with what they know.
NuC is a great college. There is a lot of interaction and individual help for students that don't learn as fast as others. If you are unprepared alternatives are used so you aren't left back. The professors care about the success of their students and are passionate about what they teach. They reassure all their students that they belive they are able to succeed, graduate, and make a difference.
One of the best in the world
My experience is a good one and a unique one.
The quality of everything is 5 stars
My programs and facilities are the best on my country , the programs are unique.
The best college with online college system and great professors.
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You can expected to never get a full disclosure of information. The counselors are not professionals and usually do not care about the student. The curriculum has a lot of unwanted surprises since the recruiter lied his way, but once they got you is too late. Assignments are expected every 3 days. Nurses are required do 52 hours of community serviced in a placed that they have to find and later be approved by a teacher after a lot of paperwork that many places won't bother to do since it's to long, complicated and ambiguous. After graduation you have to pay for the diploma and wait a full year to received it.
It is a great college but need to make some improvenment in students services .
The financial aid dont cover all tuition so I need students loans. Is a high tuition.
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