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Job assistance once you graduate
I have had no issues and everyone is helpful
I have graduated and would like to return but the funds are not that easy to come up with for tuition.
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The frustrations I have experienced here include that there basically is not an advisor to explain what classes are needed and how to achieve my goals within a certain time frame. I have ended up taking some hours over in areas I didn't need and fell short in core classes because I didn't have anyone advise me of this.
I would chose this school again believe I have learned a lot here, but its been a long, hard road in order to do that.
Class size averages about 35-50 students. This can sometimes get hectic during lectures when some of the more "chatty" students like to take over the discussions. Most professors will clear the chat when its getting overran.
The recruiting to this college was pretty much non-existent. I researched the college on my own and called each time I had a question. I was looking at about 5 different colleges when I chose this one, but overall I am happy with my choice.
The workload is pretty intense! Tests are always given in essay format and have ten questions on them. Each class requires five fairly long written assignments and three exams throughout as well as regular attendance with the lectures to pass. I do feel like the standard is pretty high to achieve a high grade and maintain the grade throughout the program.
Most students attend the lectures as I do and actively participate with class discussions. The professors are very knowledgeable and always keep the lectures fun and informative.
This is a for profit college I am attending. The cost was pretty comparable to other on-line paralegal programs I checked into.
Most of the students attending this program have plans to attend law school once completing this program.
The curriculum is great, the work load is pretty intense, but you have to be prepared to work as a paralegal. Other students have also taken an initiative to begin study groups and outside groups via face book.
I have worked very hard for the scores I make.
Currently I attend classes on-line. The staff and professor's are very knowledgeable and eager to assist when I call or ask a question. For the past three years I have attended this college taking three classes each term. The program for the degree in legal studies is very intense and I feel prepared for continuing with my master's degree as my final destination.
As stated previously in another answer, the most unique feature is the courseware. The workload is flexible for even a busy adult to be able to devote time to their studies. If you can't attend a lecture, there are other options to receiving credit for participation/interaction. Registration process was smooth and if you're unsure about enrolling, you can request more information and receive a free two-week trial at no obligation. During the free trial you can see what it is like within the classroom and courseware. Professors are great and are available by email, some are also available by phone. In every lecture that I've attended there has always been an element of surprise/fun that makes it worthwhile. In the interactive classrooms, you can private message another student and exchange information for contact outside of the classroom.
Class registration is simple and is completed by contacting the admissions office upon being accepted into the college. To be full-time you will be required to take two courses at a time. The professors are great and are available through email and some through phone. The professors are well-educated and experienced within the field of law. So far, the professors have been very personable and approachable, even quite humorous. The college is a member of NALA and offers a free preparation course for the CLA/CP exams to students and alumni.
One of the greatest aspects of the school is the courseware. Courseware is offered for online reading with the capability to print it yourself for offline reading as well as to purchase from the "bookstore" instead of printing it out yourself. Courseware is included in the cost of tuition and is available for the majority of courses. Several courses do require books, however, you are allowed to purchase/rent from sources of your choosing as the school's "bookstore" only offers printed version of the courseware. Internship opportunities can be coordinated but will not be offered at the school. Job placement is also offered but is similar to internship opportunities in the sense that it will not be offered at the school.
Review National Paralegal College
All the courses are offered online. You are given several choices to choose from when you enroll and are allowed to choose your own courses, although it is highly recommended that you take the core courses first. You are even given a "free" introductory course with no time limit and all you have to do is read and take the exam; it is a pass/fail course. There are weekly lectures twice a week in which participation/interaction credit is given if you attend. If not, submitting an exam or answering the weekly interaction questions will also give you participation/interaction credit.
This school definitely requires self-discipline even amidst its flexibility. You are not given reminders to attend lectures or to complete your assignments/exams. It has definitely challenged me to develop greater self-discipline and I am learning a lot from my readings and professors who are experienced in the legal field.
When I first contacted the college, they were very forward with the fees and costs of attendance. I was worried that I would not have enough financial aid to attend, they assured me that they would let me know if anything was amiss and would not allow me to start classes if I did not have enough financial aid.
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