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I’m actually at the Chicago campus! It’s a very friendly- oriented yet professional. This is my dream school. Everyone has such a drive to learn and earn their bachelors. I have feel right at home!
National Louis university is a very accommodating university! I firmly believe this institution definitely shows appreciation and importance to every individual attending. Class sizes are a minimal of 15 students which allows the instructor to interact with students and get to personally know them as well. It definitely makes an individual feel at home because being that it is a small class size- you meet all classmates and become comfortable with each other. Moreover, National Louis university is very diverse. It’s an amazing experience to meet new people and as you build friendships- you learn about each other other cultures! I wouldn’t change anything from this university, I believe they operate very well!
I recently transferred to National Louis University for my fourth year of college and I really love everything so far. The professors are very nice and helpful, the work is mostly online and convenient. The financial aid office is very helpful and my academic advisor is always available to answer any questions I have. The environment is very open and students have been very nice as well.
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I like National Louis because it's very Affordable. The schedule is very easy, especially if you are working or have a child. I would add a cafeteria, sports, and the campus dose not have dorms. It also has limited amount of majors because the pathways program is fairly new. If you are looking for the college experience I would not recommend this school but it is easy to stay focused and graduate quickly here.
A very good college, excellent early childhood education program, very diverse and the professors are excellent in building a supportive professor/student relationships to make sure the student succeeds in their academic growth.
I'm taking online courses so some of these items dont apply to me. Thus far, my experience has been great. Looking forward to more courses. It is very difficult to work full time and go to school. NLU has been good to me. They keep me focuses and motivated. I needed someone to push me and they did. I'm very happy to be continuing my education after so many years. It is time to look towards the future.
The communication is great and the environment is friendly. I always received follow up emails and they worked with me very well on getting me back enrolled. I do like that they offer online classes that gives me an opportunity to finish school without the commuting.
Great University!I'm a student here and absolutely love it. Highly recommend checking this institution out. Very affordable, flexible, professional and supportive undergraduate experience. I will definitely be coming back for my masters at NLU.
National Louis University is a great school! I am an undergraduate student and even though I am still unsure what to major in the coaches and staff are great and give me a lot of support to choose the right career.
This is a terrible university filled with corruption! They do not appreciate accomplishments or contributions made by students for the mentality of several administrators is that lack of a high end degree is the equivalent to lack of knowledge/learning ability. They also discriminate against those with special needs. Plus if any kind of emergency happens where heaven forbid families need to be informed, well in that kind of scenario each and every president in the schools recent history will cover things up and demand no notification get sent to families! They have an incredibly high acceptance rate due to the fact they want your money yet a terrible retention rate and an even worse graduation rate! They pride themselves on being a school whose background is in education but you are more likely to go into debt choosing that field in this school. This school will not even forgive student loans in the case of bankruptcy.
The Chicago location is tiny and I wish it had a bigger library with more computers so students can use them to work on homework calmly.
Great experience! From the minute you enroll and speak with an Advisor up to all communication with Fin Aid department. The instructors are amazing. Really make you feel comfortable and help you understand the material easily.
I loved getting my education at NLU. I loved it so much that I’m going back to get my masters! The professors, advisors and other staff members are great.
I have had a wonderful experience thus far. The teachers are very understanding and mindful that you work full time and other commitments. They treat you as an adult and respect your time. As long as you put in the effort in your coursework, you’ll be fine.
National Louis Universty is such an amazing school. I love all the support I get from the staff. I really like the fact that we are provided with student success coaches, to help guide you on the right path. I love the environment of the school, the professors are amazing. So much support in every aspect at NLU!
I love the two days a week for National Louis. It is helpful for people who have others things to do during the week such as support a family, work and or take care of loved ones. The Professional Harrison Program is also amazing with the price being so cheap with all the added support from your counselour. One thing I would like to see change is the school spirit.
It's my first year at the PACE program at NLU. I love it! It is the greatest experience I have ever had. Everyone is great, I have learned so much not only educational but about myself.
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The faculty and staff are extremely helpful in getting/staying on track towards your degree. As someone who has delayed my college degree, I had a great deal of angst in moving forward, but everyone, including my fellow students, have really helped lessen my anxiety!
The experience at NLU is wonderful. The faculty and staff are pleasant and want each student to succeed in obtaining their first college degree. The staff and faculty at NLU are individuals that want each student to obtain their degree at the same time have a favorable experience at NLU. Overall, it was the best out-state, online, once a week class experience a person can ask for in a higher learning experience.
I'm going to be a student in National Louis but i really like how good the school looks I think that they will help me out and get a wonderful job in the future to help my mom out
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