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I loved getting my education at NLU. I loved it so much that I’m going back to get my masters! The professors, advisors and other staff members are great.
I have had a wonderful experience thus far. The teachers are very understanding and mindful that you work full time and other commitments. They treat you as an adult and respect your time. As long as you put in the effort in your coursework, you’ll be fine.
National Louis Universty is such an amazing school. I love all the support I get from the staff. I really like the fact that we are provided with student success coaches, to help guide you on the right path. I love the environment of the school, the professors are amazing. So much support in every aspect at NLU!
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I love the two days a week for National Louis. It is helpful for people who have others things to do during the week such as support a family, work and or take care of loved ones. The Professional Harrison Program is also amazing with the price being so cheap with all the added support from your counselour. One thing I would like to see change is the school spirit.
It's my first year at the PACE program at NLU. I love it! It is the greatest experience I have ever had. Everyone is great, I have learned so much not only educational but about myself.
The faculty and staff are extremely helpful in getting/staying on track towards your degree. As someone who has delayed my college degree, I had a great deal of angst in moving forward, but everyone, including my fellow students, have really helped lessen my anxiety!
The experience at NLU is wonderful. The faculty and staff are pleasant and want each student to succeed in obtaining their first college degree. The staff and faculty at NLU are individuals that want each student to obtain their degree at the same time have a favorable experience at NLU. Overall, it was the best out-state, online, once a week class experience a person can ask for in a higher learning experience.
I'm going to be a student in National Louis but i really like how good the school looks I think that they will help me out and get a wonderful job in the future to help my mom out
Working toward a MAT in History....they let me tranafer 9 credit hours from NEIU. I began in September 2016 and will be finished in June 2017. The people at NLU run higher education like a true business and minimize the beaurocratic nonsense that abounds many Public Universities.
What I love about National Louis University is that it has convenient class hours. I am a mother of three and I like that there are online and night classes available. Another great plus about this school is that the cohort environment lets you enjoy class more because of the smaller class size. I feel that I get more out of my classes. Finally, I would like to add that it is very convenient that they have several campuses because there is one closer to my home than the others and with being a mom it is nice to be closer to home.
The campus is extremely diverse in ethnic diversity, age, backgrounds, etc.
No problems with drugs at school. It's a professional environment with mostly adult aged students.
My experience at school has been incredibly positive so far. My professors are passoinate, encouraging, and experienced. The courses I've taken as of today have been really informative and helpful in my career.
No sports at my school.
I feel safe and am not aware of any sexual assault issues on our campus.
My professors are professionals in the field and are great resources for us to be published and receive employment after graduation.
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Campus housing is not offered at National Louis University.
There is no Greek life on campus that I am aware of.
I'm currently taking two classes for the Spring Quarter. My classes have been engaging and fun. The information being covered is relevant and useful in my current work and will allow me to venture out in my career. So far, so good!
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