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My experience so far at National Holistic Institute -Ontario has been excellent!! I am only a week in.. and the atmosphere is unlike any other campus I have attended in my time as a student. My time there has already helped me gain unsurpassed knowledge.. by helping me get comfortable with other students and myself. There is a lot of self reflection and time too work on your own energy as a practitioner, which is amazing. I really feel that the way they approach teaching with Auditory Visual and Kinesthetic is the best way to help the student retain the information & help incorporate it into different parts of their life. I am very excited to continue my journey & commit my time at National Holistic Institute!
Well I am still going here. I am about to go into my senior in about a month. I really like this place. Good teachers always willing to answer questions. Very helpful.
The best thing about NHI is the size. I love that it is both a small campus and that the class size is small, intimate and interactive in nature. I get a definite sense that the staff and faculty care about the students as individuals and do everything possible to make sure they succeed on all levels! The students at each level reach back and pull those behind them forward.
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I'm sure I'll find adequate employment
They make sure you are genuinely interested it's not about just taking your money. I am concerned a out how late into the session they are adding in new students.
They give breaks every 50 minutes so I find myself not being over loaded with informatio.
Pushes you out of a comfort zone while creating a safe place for learning such a vulnerable subject as massage.
I am enrolled in the distance learning program. It is an excellent program with good support.
My school was the first nationally accredited massage therapy school.
Being a small/medium size trade school... with up to date, quality, well kept facilities... class sizes (around 30 or so) that fostered relationship and collaboration... and teachers who are passionate, kind and at the top of their fields... made for a very unique, invigorating, wonderfully challenging, and inspiring environment!
NHI has a great track record of alumni networking... as well as a very diligent, dedicated and skilled teacher and staff who help create very useful skills aimed at entering the job market... as well as aiding in nurturing and developing opportunities for job options and opening.
Incredibly diverse, motivated, friendly and team oriented Student Body of a wide array of ages... makes for a fantastic collaborative learning environment!
This program is top notch! Adding to that is the fact that the cost and time involved is VERY reasonable... and the financial aid process (both loans & grants) was made even easier with their knowable and supportive staff.
From day one (visiting the school prior to enrollment) forward I felt valued by the staff, exhilarated by the facility, and inspired by the educators!
Small, but VERY nice, vocational school... with few extra curricular campus items/events.
Only one major/discipline of study here... which is why I chose this program. Couldn't be happier with every aspect (listed above) with this program!
Couldn't ask for more. Always interesting, engaging and innovative!
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As much as possible both the teaching and admin staff strove to make the learning experience fun, cutting edge and manageable!
While I miss the face to face personal and collaborative interaction with teachers and students, I do greatly value the flexibility of the learning process. In my experience, the curriculum, materials and resources have been top notch!
This school is hands on, it opens yours eyes to many new, exciting things. It can be life changing attending this school.
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