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it was great, learned a lot. food is not good in campus. instructors are really good. was able to learned a lot about planes. love the fact that you can practice your proyects before testing.
The number one things that was distasteful and disgusted my classmates as well as myself was the financial aid and upper management in the school. If you are going to the school using VA benefits be warned not to allow the school to receive your tuition funds directly have them mailed to you directly, the school overcharged the VA the amount promised and signed by the student. The school claim as much money from the VA as possible, if you are planning on using your VA benefits to go to this school stay away it's a scam.
I am soon to begin my Aviation Maintenance Technology course, and the staff has been absolutely professional, personable, helpful and knowledgeable when dealing with them and learning about what is to come.
The facility is fabulous, in size, depth of the hands on work we will be doing, our break room is inviting and it is always superb in cleanliness.
Overall, I have no bad things to report.
Everything is in such high standards and it shows in the staff, students and facility.
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I would like to see much more upgraded equipment for the heft tuition I have to pay. A lot of the equipment is outdated or broken.
Since the aviation industry is growing at such incredible rate this line of work has so many opportunities to offer. The National Aviation Academy can help you get on the right path to becoming an aviation maintenance professional. The school is demanding but it needs to be to train the best mechanics in the aviation industry. This school has such a good reputation and they are always looking for more men and women to choose this school and career to train. The instructors have many years in this industry and have so much knowledge to share Stay focused and work hard and you will succeed. The only one holding you back is yourself.
Very helpful staff. Breaks every 50 minutes. Fast paced learning environment. Hands on learning, taking apart and reassembling engines.
Very willing to help you after you graduate
I like how the classes are small and classmates are friendly
Everyone was nice and inviting and willing to take your money.
Mostly self taught. They give you books and you read and teach yourself. Things are gone over once and that's it during a presentation.
You only do 1 hours worth of work a day and sit there for 6 hours. Sometimes the teachers dissapear for a while. You don't get what you pay for. They have a lot of resources that they don't utilize. I do not recommend this school.
I haven't had any issues with any of the above topics.
It allows you to work full time and do your work at your own pace.
There are many employer recruitment events for students.
The course work seems like it would greatly prepare me for my career.
The academy offers lots of employer recruiting event.
The classroom time is long. It's about 7 hours a day.
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I have nothing but good things to say about this program at this academy. The staff are very professional and it was a great choice.
With seven hour night classes for five days a week it's tough to work and go to school, but you got to do what you got to do
No real online classes, but the app to study for your FAA tests are very helpful
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