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My experience thus far has not been that great. I would like to see all their courses more user friendly and not so confusing. It would be nice it there was access to all your assignments in a course on one page, rather than having to click 2 or 3 times to reach the area that you need. I think their transfer student policy is unfair to those who didn't have a choice in transferring to their school. It's different if I made a choice to transfer to another school, but when a school closes and transfers their students over I think it's unfair that the policy require for students to attend 25% of their classes with them before they graduate, especially if the student is close to graduating. Taking an additional 25% of classes will delay the student from graduating as scheduled. This require should only apply under certain conditions.
I have had problems lately with financial aid not contacting me. Just need to know about if classes are paid.
I like my classmates and we have exchanged social media and have planned to go out for fun outside of school. My instructor is always prepared to give resources for coursework. It's pretty cool class, maybe this class was my favorite as far as sparking new ideas.
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I can't wait to get started as a Registered Nurse.
I get a good understanding of subjects with one on one class time. They open up conversations to no just your opinion.
Being as I have just started my preclass for nursing (BSN). I am very excited to get into the meat and potatoes of the degree. The student services does offer job placement while in school which I don't need right now but it's there for me when I am ready.
NAU has great teachers and office staff are supportive. Love the location and we have great discussions in class. Haven't got much into the core classes yet so I cannot give much opinion. I've been a Nurse Assistant for nearly 20 years and I'd love to be able to do more. NAU teaches nurses the same passion.
I don't have much to say about NAU but, it's just a good school.
I chose this school because of the online classes and the fact that I am a mother that has a full-time job.
I would choose this school again. I like the nursing program, it is a new program and they have to learn the ins and outs of everything
When I achieve my degree, I wan to open my own business.
Online classes allow me to work when i have the time.
I really don't have a "student body" at my school because its online.
Tuition is pretty average to other schools and financial aid has been easy and a life saver.
They show me lots of different options.
Im going to school for business marketing. It's awesome, Im learning new things everyday.
There are a lot of classes to choose from and the counselors help you pick the very best ones for you.
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I am doing online schooling. I love the fact that I can work at my own pace on my own time.
I attend National American University and I love it. I'm trying to receive the medical billing and coding certificate. The classes I attend online are great. I've learned a lot about the body (Anatomy and Physiology) and Computer Information system. I believe in advancing and taking action to the next level. Going to a college institute such as NAU will teach you independence and critical-thinking. Everyone's learning process is just minutes away with proper education. National American University u rule!
I really like the online classes because it works with my family and wk schedule.
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