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National American University - Tulsa Reviews

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This is a very great school. The staff and advisors, are so helpful and want to make sure that if you need anything or have questions, they are there for you at all times. The classes are easy to understand. The teachers, make sure they are personally there to help you learn. Just an overall Great School.
It just took a few extra steps to get the 36 hours transferred.
I wouldn't have it any other way
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I understood the class course takings from a previous visit from a counsler to be 4 classes less than the next counselor told me which makes me pay another 5,000 and 6 more months
I think online college is too expensive. They have no overhead and I'm paying the same price or more if I were to drive to a classroom.
I feel like the homework/weekly assignments are fair.
If I had known that it was this flexible, I would of started years ago
they have great quality of their career center very friendly
Some many people that are all willing to help another
Was scared when i got there but it was great everything question answered and everyone was friendly
I havent seen alot of this stuff but what i have seen is great
A little Confusing at first but once you get started its good:)
So far everything had been great and everyone had been so helpful
So far the school is easy going and very helpful!
so far they have what i want and alot to choose from
so far im gonna love it. its my first time for taking classes on line
so far i love it....
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i am new here but seem a litte high but they are easy to get a hold of.
im going online and have not been to my school yet
The online professors have been wonderful. Even in coding classes, they offer live web sessions, so that we have access to a live professor for questions. The curriculum is good-I believe by the time I finish all of my classes I will be more than enough ready to work in this field. The class registration process was done by phone, e-mail, and fax, and the advisers made it very easy for me. For my major, the workload is heavy, but I expected that. The library is available online, so for research papers we can use that. And, my advisers are always available if I have a problem or a question. NAU is a very well-rounded school academically, and is fully accredited.
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