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National American University - Sioux Falls Reviews

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So far my experience has been amazing. Everyone has been very helpful from my advisors to my instructors. They have worked with me and have been so helpful though out the whole starting process and through out my classes. They really work with you and help support you to make sure you stay on track.
The staff is really good. They are always willing to help you when needed. They actually care about you , and the class sizes are too big. It's a great school and i would highly recommend going here.
Over all my experience with NAU thus far has been enjoyable. The technological issues could use some attention.
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I love this school. Someone is always there to help you. Sometimes classes can be a challenge since they are all online. But with this school there is always someone to call or interactions with your classmates that are online at the same time you are.
The staff are very friendly and helpful to their students and are driven to see them succeed in their education.
We have smaller class sizes, flexible class schedules, teachers that have or currently work in the field they are teaching.
The school has job fairs and anyone that has attended NAU is welcome to attend the job fairs.
We have different ethnic groups, both men and women, all different age groups, and pretty much everyone gets along.
I would choose to go to school here if I could do it all over because this school is so flexible for working parents.
When I was in my general classes I was able to find a way to have all my classes on one day a week.
There is a learning lab in the library with tutors helpful in different subjects.
The computers are slow, there are constant problems with computers working, there are issues with the printers working properly.
I have had a good experience with financial aid and they have been able to answer any questions I may have.
The online classes are great as far as getting your work done when it is convenient for you. As far as learning you really have to be able to teach yourself.
We only have a few teachers so we get to know them pretty well.
I really enjoy that we have a smaller class and we all get to know each other pretty well. The workload can be overwhelming at times but the time goes really fast. The teachers are all very nice and are always willing to help you understand the subject.
Being an online student allows me to be able to work during the day and work on my homework in the evenings.
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The courses are awesome at NAU and the online student portal is easy to navigate.
it is a good experience over all, and the workload is pretty decent.
The education I am getting is worth the money being paid.
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