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The Dean is always there for me. Everyone is so nice. There is always someone there when I need help. The classes are online and when you do have a class on campus it is a small class which is wonderful for an older student like me.
Many NAU students are successfully working in their career. There are always workshops so you can build a resume, open job opportunities, and volunteering options.
My instructor response back very quickly. I love that they give you a learning plan that's easy to follow.
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There's always something going on for students whether it's tutoring or volunteering.
Finically aid really goes above and beyond for your funding.
I like that we start off with two class so the workload is manageable.
Their are multiple tutors available when you need help.
I love NAU because they care about their students and our education. The staff are very helpful.
The student body at my school is very involved, very diversed, and the staff motivates you every step of the way.
We have a wonderful career directior who helps find jobs after we get our degree. We also do an internship at the end of every degree before we are allowed to get our degree. This opens up opportunities to get a job where you are an intern.
I could go on forever how much I love my school. I am not sure if I would even be where I am today if it wasn't for the people there who helped push me in the right direction and help me be able to stay in school. My favorite experience was how excited I was for my Human and Anatomy 2 exam on the heart. This is a big deal because I hate exams, but here I am excited for one. It is one of those schools that you just try out and find out you love.
Tutoring, Study groups, library, available staff. The academics committee will take time out of their busy schedule to help you answer any questions you may have about your program even if they aren't sure they will send me to someone who is.
I work a full time job and all of my required classes have been either in the evening or on the weekend. This is the best thing in the world because without this availablity, I would either, not be able to work and pay my bills, or not go to school. And we can all guess what I would have to drop.
Every student I have met at my campus is not only focused but works hard at their degree. I have found that the other students are wonderful people to be around to help you study (I had made a study group with a couple gal's and now we try to take our classes together!) they are also not judgmental in the least!
There is a wonderful career adviser who keeps in touch with students constantly. She keeps us updated on jobs we can acquire while going to school, advice on a job we are considering, or information for jobs after your degree.
Yes, I am paying a lot of money for school. Though it could be cheaper, I have been getting high grades in my classes since I had left my old, run down, cheap, no good school that had no support for me or any of my peers who were also suffering. At this school you have only one financial aid adviser, though they both know every student by name and keep active in their lives to help see if there is another way we can pay for our schooling.
There are so many wonderful resources to help you with any academic problems you have. That is because you will have a hard time with the nursing program. It is difficult for a wonderful reason and that is to make sure we know how to best care for people. They have very high standards when it comes to this degree.
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There is a wonderful team to individually help you through your learning process. You don't have to compete with thousands of other students for one-on-one conversations with your financial and academic advisers. There are tutors, study groups, and teachers will even stay late or come in on a day that you don't have class all to make sure you understand.
I like the school and the instructors are down to earth and accessible.
I have not checked this out too much
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